Why have school and mass shootings increased so much in the past fifty years?

If you ask this question to a Democrat, they nearly will universally tell you its the fault of guns.  But anyone who knows our history knows that is absurd nonsense.  We had a Tommy Gun in 1919 that shot 1,500 rounds per minute, and had no issues with mass shootings in schools.  Johnny had far more access to his fathers shotgun in 1940 and never dreamed of taking it to school.  We didn’t even have gun regulations until 1934.  So why did we have far more guns percentage wise in 1776, and the Founders wanted to give us the 2nd Amendment to give us guns, and now the Democrats desperately want to disarm us?  The difference between conservative Christians and deluded Democrats is Christians see something and believe it and liberals see what they believe.   Just look at gun toting Switzerland, which hasn’t had a mass shooting since 2001Here are 6 gun control myths you commonly hear.

So what is the problem?  Is it because of technology?  Can’t be that, we had the same technology 99 years ago.  So what has changed in the last fifty years?  Well, porn was just illegal in 1969, drug use was far less prevalent then, and Islam wasn’t a major factor in America then either.  Take out a notebook and write this down.   Every last major mass shooting since Columbine has one or more of the following three factors in common.  The First is porn use that has escalated.  The second is psychotropic drug use.  The third is Islam.   The first argument against this is that not all psychotropic drug users, porn users, and Muslims are mass shooters.  Of course they are not, but all drunk drivers don’t get in crashes either, but we still ban drunk driving.  Drunk driving impairs judgement short term, porn, psychotropic drugs, and Islam impairs judgement long term.  Here are 36 school shootings that included psychotropic drugs.   Here are the effects of porn on the brain.  It makes men and women desensitized, and makes it easier to kill, harm, or do violence to another human, as it disables the conscience.   David Kupelian had an insightful piece on it.    If anyone tells you we need to take away guns to stop mass shootings, ask that person if they have read five biographies of the Founders of America.  Hint:  they haven’t.  90% of Americans haven’t and so have nothing to compare media and school lies about the Founders with.


I’m at the JFK library here in Vallejo, and in a city of 120,000 people, there were less than five perusing the library shelves for books.  That’s pretty frightening, as they aren’t at home reading often.  They are often on the internet, FB, Google, and getting brainwashed.  Ask yourself, if slaves weren’t allowed to read books so they could stay enslaved, then what does that make us if we voluntarily read books on our own?  It makes us slaves, in case you are wondering.  And the books written in the last fifty years have far less quality than the books of past times, why?  Because the hellivision, internet, porn, and drugs have given Americans the attention spans of gnats, and they can’t focus like they used to.  They will try to justify their intellectual laziness by saying, “But, Ryan, we have the internet, we are in new times, and in the best of all worlds”.  Not really, tech means nothing.  Greece and Rome were the tech leaders of their day, and are in ruins right now.

Here is a condemnation of hellivision from a secular viewpoint.    And from a Christian perspective.   Here are some frightening stats about kids and the internet, cell phones, and television.    I’m going to be very blunt.  GIVING YOUR KID A CELL PHONE BEFORE 18 IS CHILD ABUSE, AS THE RISKS FAR OUTWEIGH ALL THE ADVANTAGES.

Finally, we are suffering the devastating effects of the wicked 1925 Scopes trial that put evolution in schools, and the Bible has been out for decades.  Benjamin Rush, a Founder, was right. 

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