Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Roseanne Barr: The Ambien.

Flashback:  70 million Americans on psychotropic drugs.

Flashback: Having seven personalities is tough.

If it wasn’t for double standards, the liberals would have no standards at all. 

Inside jail housing Tommy Robinson, supporters fear price on his head. 

Grassley: Fusion GPS leader testimony likely a blatant lie. 

Trump in Nashville: Smash Identity Politics

The NY Times is a leftist shill. 

Netflix Executive who brokered $50 million deal, was a big Obama donor. 

Embattled Missouri governor resigns. 

Disney fires Roseanne, but hires this bigot. 

European “Christians” no longer identify as the faith.

SCOTUS affirms abortion restrictions!

Google, Facebook and the attack on the First Amendment

Star Parker: End federal government involvement in family “planning”. 

Facebook a neutral platform?  Hardly.

Gorsuch question is key in unlocking Masterpiece Cakeshop decision. 

Legalizing abortion is an attack on a free and safe society.

How America can start winning wars again. 

Obama said “There is not a smidgen of corruption” in his administration.  So what are all these? 

What’s Hillary hiding about her health?

Haven’t the Obama’s made enough money?

2018 America: Bifurcation. 

Soros warns of major financial crisis. 

DOJ: 83% of prisoners re arrested within 9 years. 

Tommy Robinson gag lifted after worldwide outcry. 

Democrat denials on campaign spying on Trump are pure hypocrisy. 

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