Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

DOJ watchdog finds Comey defied authority as FBI director.

Dems great hope: Newsom vs. Cox in CA governors race. 

Trump issues new pardon based on Kardashian meet.

$119 billion: trade deficit with China hits new record. 

Obama admin secretly gave Iran access to U.S. financial system. 

Lila Rose: Planned Parenthood covers for abuse.

Warner: Athletes can no longer play nice. 

Start of exodus of rich New Yorkers and Californians after tax changes?

US house prices are going to rise at twice the speed of inflation and pay: Reuters poll

Prostitute scandal hits Mexico world cup squad. 

Troubling U.S. Navy review finds widespread shortfalls in basic seamanship. 

Man kneels at celebration of America event at White House. 

Rudy: Kim got on his hands and knees and begged. 

Lawmakers press FB on Chinese data sharing. 

New details of Dykstra arrest emerge.

California Primary: Voters Recall Democrat Josh Newman over Gas Tax Vote

Exclusive — DeSantis: If House Leadership Wanted Answers on FBI Scrutiny of Trump Campaign, ‘We’d Get Them Very Shortly’

DeSantis: Comey Said McCabe Stood Tall — Now McCabe Wants Immunity Because He Knows ‘He’s in Jeopardy’

Walsh: Millennials are selfish and entitled because their parents were selfish and entitled.

Domenech: Why it’s absurd to pretend the Enlightenment is responsible for slavery. 

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Illegitimate special counsel Mueller says Manafort attempted to tamper with witnesses.  His purview was Russian collusion, and he is completely off the trail. 

Next up at Supremes: State attack on Christian Florist. 

FB gave data access to Chinese firm deemed threat by U.S. Intelligence

Mueller demands jail for Manafort, for his trying to “tamper” with witnesses. 

Spade kills herself with a scarf.

Trump taunts Eagles players after nixing White House visit. 

Geert Wilders to spearhead Tommy Robinson protest in London.

Nancy rages at SCOTUS ruling: Bake that cake Evangelicals!

Coburn: How to restore the U.S. Constitution to it’s rightful place. 

Victor Davis Hanson: Elites value Mellifluous illegality over crass lawfulness. 

Trump effect hits Europe: Let’s Deport. 

Prager: The idiots and ingrates at Google.

Rep. Dave Brat: When red states go blue. 

Dunaway: 5 tips for life for grads and others. 

Lebron: No one wants an invite anyways.

Franklin Graham: There’s an agenda to lure children into promiscuity.

Walsh: The huge absurd lie that liberals are telling about the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. 

McConnell cancels Senates August recess.

Hersh: Anti-Trump FBI is the missed story of all time.

Moore: 6 reasons to still hate Obamacare.

Iran just threatened to murder 9 million Israelis again. 

Lowry: Christian baker 1, Officious bureaucrats 0

SCOTUS ruling: Broad enough to matter.

Shapiro: Are Dems blowing it?

Sessions announces new push to crack down on violent crime and illegal immigration.

Massie: Are Kanye and Roseanne really conservatives?

The very wide narrow ruling

Gingrich: President Trump has paved the way for a free speech comeback.

Philly Mayor taunts “fragile egomaniac”

California primaries take top billing as voters in 8 states head to polls.

Half U.S. homes overvalued in April.

The one topic Democrats don’t dare bring up in today’s SoCal primary

David Koch steps down from company, political groups. 

U.S. said to ask OPEC for 1 million a day oil barrel increase. 

The U.S. Navy is developing mothership drones for coastal defense. 

Apple unveils ways to help limit I-Phone usage.

World’s oldest person is 129 years old. 

Wild brawl erupts at funeral home in NY, cops beaten. 

How Jesus died: Rare evidence of Roman Crucifixion found. 

London crime wave: 1 year old baby, woman stabbed in broad daylight. 

Trump impatient for DOJ IG’s report on FBI.

Matthews: Democrat Elitism Nauseauting.

Graham: DoJ’s IG Report Not an ‘Adequate Substitute’ for Special Counsel — McCabe, Comey Need to Be Worried

Giuliani criticizes Gowdy, Nunes for breaking with Trump on spygate. 

Seth Macfarlane compares not baking gay wedding cake to discriminating against black people.

Delusional Taylor Swift criticizes those who oppose homosexuality. 

Policy allowing children to identify as transgender without parental consent reversed. 

Tracinski: The Supreme Court’s Masterpiece Majority want’s to kill freedom softly. 

Pullman: Melinda Gates bashes white guys, say’s she will discriminate against them.

Davidson: A footnote in the SCOTUS Masterpiece ruling bodes ill for religious liberty.

Marcus: Trump shouldn’t punish patriotic Eagles for PC Bro Chris Long’s antics. 

Maitra: Campus suppression is so bad that academics are holding conferences in secret. 

Payton: The Joy Reid Saga proves there are different standards for liberals and for conservatives. 

Del Arroz: It’s time to fight until the left follows the same rules they force on the right. 

Toplansky: New Jersey and Gun Control.

Religious Liberty Takes the Cake

Barr and Bee: What Do They Really Represent? Trevor Thomas

Are We Fostering Food or Famine? Viv Forbes

Waiting for the Next Religion Christopher Chantrill

Western Liberals and Religious Tests for High Office Ojel L. Rodriguez

Howard Schultz resigns as Starbucks chairman, may run in 2020

A closer look at SCOTUS’s gay cake decision

‘Sticks and stones’ in the age of PC

How Christians fight back on wedding cakes

Conservative America’s mainstream media war

The very wide narrow ruling

Goldberg: If arrogance were a crime, a lot of journalists would be in jail. 

Miss America pageant axes swimsuit competition, will no longer judge on appearance.

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Trump: I can pardon self. 

STD’s rampant in America, particularly in liberal California.

Watch Video: Free Speech under attack in California!

Breaking: SCOTUS rules for Colorado baker who refused to bake cake for homosexual wedding!!!!

SCOTUS scolds Colorado for showing hostility to religion. 

Political violence in the streets of downtown Portland as Antifa battles Patriot Prayer Group. 

Italy’s Salvini: “The good times for illegals are over.  Get ready to pack your bags!!

Klukowski: Sitting presidents cannot be prosecuted or forced to testify.

Heather MacDonald: Rage and Race at Yale

Jesse Lee Peterson: Roseanne’s lynching is an insult to blacks.

Ludwig: Erotic manias and disappearing fathers. 

Rail: Cleaning up after Obama and Hillary.

Kashuv, Grant, Devlin: Five tips for young conservative activists. 

Knight: An Orwellian gagging of the media. 

Of course Obama’s race protected him from negative media coverage. 

U.K.: 40% of terrorists jailed in last decade will be back on streets by end of 2018. 

Billy Jeff interview gone ugly.

Broaddrick: Why didn’t NBC ask Bill about when he raped me?

Democrat rep: Mark Zuckerberg lied to Congress. 

Bernie attacks Disneyland.  One man who believes in socialism fairytales attacks one of the biggest producers of fairytales in America. 

Kirchick: The roots of Russian aggression.  Don’t blame the West.

Victor Davis Hanson: California and Conservatism.

SCOTUS throws out case of illegal alien right to abortion. 

Chuck Norris: My Commencement speech address.

Bill Clinton: I don’t owe Monica an apology.

Schlichter: Conservatives must build their own culture, or be exiles in their own society. 

Morefield: To avoid a 30 year old squatter, teach your kids the value of work. 

Blackwell: The internet sales tax: a threat to federalism and small businesses.

Jacob: The First (and most important) First Amendment.

Haskins: California’s newest assault on religious liberty (and adoptions)

Henry: Why MSNBC doesn’t fire Joy Reid, even though it’s obvious she is a liar. 

Boyd: The HuffPost ruined an entire family for one person’s tweet.

Gleason: No evangelicals don’t want the Middle East destabilized to bring about Armageddon. 

Manheimer: Three Climate Change Questions

Marcus: Life with father, a dying breed.

Sullivan: Socialism begets Socialists.

Curtis: The question of genocide

Showalter: Google up to it’s old tricks, Nunes has a bead on them. 

Moran: Bill Clinton: If it were a Democrat president, impeachment hearings would have started. 

Lifson: Italy’s government battles Soros. 

Klavan: the Democrats descend into farce.

Malor: SCOTUS’ missed opportunity with Masterpiece cakeshop decision. 

Bill Clinton: Metoo?

Billy Jeff say’s he wuz the real victim. 

Clinton book backfire. 

Woman rejects taxi driver’s offers to come in her home, he rewards her by lighting her doormat on fire. 

Sunday June 3rd, 2018


New browser created to hide your personal details. 

The Muslim Authoritarian Mentality. 

Rudy shocker: Trump has power to pardon himself.

Growing forces oppose presidential subpoena

Adams: Politically correct child molestation. 

Federer: More evidence we are a Christian Nation.

Devin Nunes warns Google may need to testify if Anti-GOP search results keep showing up.

Devin Nunes hammers Twitter for censoring Drudge Report.

White House moves to head off historic subpoena.

Tommy Robinson and our free speech rights.

Portland bakery fires two employees for refusing service to a black woman after closing time.

Oklahoma becomes 8th state to be banned under California’s ridiculous and absurd travel ban based on nonsensical sexual orientation.

James Clapper: A lying charlatan.

Curtis: Harmony and discord in Italy.

Talgo and Jarratt: Government can’t cure our education problem, only parental choice can.

Trump to host Ramadan dinner.
Islam: A religion of peace.

New Italian government vows to create jobs, deport migrants. 

May Jobs reports great for everyone – except Democrats running for office.

Britain says militant Islamic threat to stay high, may rise. 

Dowd: Obama is just too good for us. 

Turnoff: Netflix popularity plummets among Republicans.

NASA chief Bridenstine: China pulling ahead of U.S. in some aspects of space race. 

Santorum: Obama exacerbated racism in America.

People are seeking overthrow of entire regime in Iran. 

Trans student invades boys bathroom: “because I can”. 

California clears way for personal flamethrowers. 

Hunter: Liberals (once again) exempt themselves from the rules.

McCullough: That time we lost our First Amendment right to free speech.

Raleigh: Tommy Robinson’s arrest shows it’s time for Britain to save itself from PC culture.

Bialosky: Intolerance of the left blossoms under guise of attacking Trump for intolerance. 

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Saturday, June 2nd, 2018

Help stop China takeover of America’s biggest port!

Williams: Capitalism vs. Socialism

Freeloader Kim: America needs to pay for my hotel!

McAlister: The real reason the FBI had a spy in the Trump campaign.

Google labelling Republican state senator a “Bigot”!

Sad!  Inside a porn addiction clinic with patients as young as 8!

Limbaugh: Story of decade being suppressed.

Mattis warns of consequences if Beijing keeps militarizing S. China Sea. 

Federer: Prime enemy of our civilization still a threat.

Hougham: America’s peculiar institutions: Abortion and slavery. 

Strong again!  Atlanta Fed boosts 2nd quarter GDP forecast to 4.8%!

Sour grapes Nancy: Strong employment numbers mean little. 

Wolves in sheeps clothing.  Joel Osteen church has $90 million annual budget, 1.2% goes to spreading the gospel. 

Was LAPD fatal shooting of 14 year old Jesse Romero justified?

Defending the Constitution means defending biblical morality. 

What are Islam’s claims to Jerusalem?

“I think Facebook is dead”: An interview with street artist Sabo.

A view from the inside of Trump’s 2016 victorious Presidential campaign.

How to reduce healthcare costs by 92%.

Reddit overtakes FB to become third most visited site in America. 

Sweet and sour diplomacy: How Trump’s “maximum pressure” is forcing Kim to the table. 

Nolte: the degenerate media gleefully trampling on morality. 

Weinstein’s new rape allegations may be on camera. 

Continetti: The world as it wasn’t.  Obama’s delusional view of the world.

Goldberg: Great oaks have deep roots.

McCarthy: The Papadopoulos case needs a closer look. 

Bush economist: Economy just getting revved up!

Pedophile who raped wife (his wife went on to commit suicide), and threatened to kill President Obama, is now running for Congress, thanks to Virginia Democrat governor McAuliffe’s allowance of felons to vote and run for office. 

Crouere: Democratic midterm hopes are crumbling. 

Gaffney: Free Tommy.

Driessen: Speculative climate chaos v. indisputable fossil fuel benefits. 

Sobieski: Opening the White House to the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Gottfried: By what right do you judge?

Israel vs. Iran.

Marcus: the passing of my father, the Reverend Dr. Lloyd E. Marcus. 

Skurkiss: Are Democrats becoming the stupid party as well as the evil one?

Torossian: Left wing intolerance.

Friday, June 1st, 2018

Kupelian: Why mllions of college kids are mentally disabled. 

Breaking: DOJ Inspector General says investigation into FBI misconduct during the 2016 Presidential election is ongoing.

Crouse: Is sex work “pro woman”?

Toplansky: Does gun control lead to genocide?

May Jobless rate at 3.8%: 18 year low.

Black unemployment hits record low!

Trump has cut federal payroll by 24,000 jobs!!

Number of employed American’s hits 9th straight record under Trump. 

Tommy Robinson drew attention to grooming gangs, Britain persecuted him. 

Keyes: Hamilton and the ongoing crisis of the presidency. 

David Limbaugh: Roseanne, Trump, and the ongoing myth of conservative racism.

Buchanan: Is America’s racial divide permanent?

Why studying the classics is crucial to  understanding the human spirit and western civilization. 

White privilege has become a religion, complete with church ladies. 

Taking down atheists “Treaty of Tripoli” absurd arguments. 

Monopoly in America. 

Kim K: Trump Summit.

Starbucks training: employees forced to watch video after video of white cops attacking blacks. 

Chinese silent killer lasers can eliminate aircraft, as tensions with America soar. 

The Mexican Mafia’s iron grip on California jails.

Illegitimate Mueller investigation wastes $10 million in 6 months. 

Samantha Bee defends calling Ivanka debauched word. 

Trump….Why don’t they fire her?

Shapiro: Many in Hollywood, media defend Bee’s vile comments about Ivanka Trump.

Prosecutor’s grill Comey as U.S. attorney’s “seriously” weigh charging McCabe.

Comedy today: Bash Trump and his family in offensive, crude rants, make $$$$

Walsh: Hey #Metoo, Planned Parenthood has been covering up assaults and child rape for decades.

CNN’s May primetime ratings plunge a whopping 25% compared to 2017 ratings. 

The astonishing folly of CNN.

Enforce the 2nd Amendment.

Why Johnny (and Suzy) can’t write.

SPLC’s sinister plan backfires spectacularly.

Susan Rice’s son chooses Trump over mothers policies. 

Judicial Watch in court over DOJ’s FISA communications

Unhinged: Dem candidates ad compares Trump to Bin Ladin. 

Ex employees reveal Planned Parenthood as an abuse accomplice.

Liberal activist judge’s rulings disrupt inauguration riot trials. 

Mercer: Liberals brains are pickled, take it from liberals.

Trinko: Roseanne Barr and the death of mercy. 

Curtis: Dancing bears and  snowflakes in academia. 

Voshell: The therapeutic courtroom.

Showalter: What we learned from Ben Rhodes: Obama thought he was entitled to rule, and anyone who thought otherwise was a bitter clinger.

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Trump to pardon D’Souza!

1934 study by British agnostic anthropologist J.D. Unwin holds the key to America’s future. 

Watch: Black Stanford Student dishes on BLM for neglecting black fathers.  “I’m off the plantation, bro”!!!

Desperate times call for desperate measures, Part 1 (Part 2 link included)

Pornography is a root cause of school shootings!!  GOP REP Dianne Black!

More drivers killed by drug use than alcohol use!!

What Ireland’s abortion vote taught us about democracy!

Victor Davis Hanson: the Carnivores of Civil Liberties.

French: the Educated Elite isn’t educated and isn’t elite. 

Elder: Roseanne is out?  Explain Maher, Sharpton, and Olbermann? 

Google listed “Nazism” as ideology of California Republican party!!

Drug dealing dean shot student for not selling enough weed. 

The end of Sears?

Dying shopping malls rotting away.

See film about Gaza riots censored by YouTube.

Student’s debauched  acts in classroom with teacher present lead to teacher’s resignation. 

Disgusting libertine openly views filth on plane, and commit’s open masturbation, with female passenger right next to him!! 

Flashback: Sexual Sabotage!

Coulter: Harvey Weinstein and the Clinton protection racket. 

Southwest flight for LAX makes emergency landing after passenger smokes joint in lavatory. 

Planned Murderhood caught performing abortions on 12 year old girls, not reporting sexual assault to authorities.

New Sexual assault allegations against Milpitas teacher. 

P.E. teacher arrested for sexual relations with a student.

Porn use is commonly defended by porn addicts, who defend their addiction under cover. 

American health care workers are committing suicide in unprecedented numbers. 

Somali Muslim gang storms American park.

Constant alerts from smartphone can affect brain chemistry. 

Car salesman sues boss for office flatulence, molesting male subordinates. 

Liberals worst nightmare: A second Trump SCOTUS pick. 

Feminazi Greer: Rape is just bad sex.  Usual leftist nonsense.  They are supposedly for women, but find rape to be not so bad.  Unbelievable hypocrisy.

This strike could bring down the Mullah’s in Iran, but the media is ignoring it. 

Full Fascist: Ireland may ban praying in front of abortion clinics.

NY Slimes called out by Trump for pathetic lie, issues retraction.

Unlike Obama, Trump fights for human rights in Iran.

Hypocrisy: Oakland, suing oil companies over climate change, fined by EPA for polluting SF Bay. 

Cruz surging in Texas.

The dark underworld of anything goes sex. 

NBC’s Joy Reid praised blogger for rant calling for Ann Coulter to kill herself. 

Drudge: “New Low” for Ambien maker to mock Roseanne while they “drug a generation”. 

Yes the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign when it spied. 

Defeating the top five obnoxious liberal argument cheats. 

The media would happily destroy you. 

Samantha Bee’s foul mouthed rant. 

3 reasons Rod Rosenstein’s special counsel appointment was illegal

College freshman’s reports of psych disorders has doubled since 2010.

Trey Gowdy didn’t even see documents he claims exonerated FBI on Spygate. 

McCann: The permanent adolescesce of the American left. 

Prentice: The new and improved stupid party. 

Brodow: Little Miss Chelsea has a tantrum.

Jones: Is liberalism a victim of it’s own success?

Isaac: Debunking the Decriminalization Delusion.

Imani: Islam is incompatible with liberty. 

Moran: California Republicans slide into irrelevancy.

“Harsh and direct disagreement places thought under pressure. That’s its point. Pressure can be intellectually productive: being forced to look closely at arguments against a beloved position helps those who hold it to burnish and buttress it as often as it moves them to abandon it. But pressure also causes pain and fear; and when those under pressure find these things difficult to bear, they’ll sometimes use any means possible to make the pressure and the pain go away. They feel unsafe, threatened, put upon, and so they react by deploying the soft violence of the law or the harder violence of the aggressive and speech-denying protest. Both moves are common enough in our élite universities now, as is their support by the powers that be. Tolerance for intellectual pain is less than it was. So is tolerance for argument.” Paul J. Griffiths

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Roseanne Barr: The Ambien.

Flashback:  70 million Americans on psychotropic drugs.

Flashback: Having seven personalities is tough.

If it wasn’t for double standards, the liberals would have no standards at all. 

Inside jail housing Tommy Robinson, supporters fear price on his head. 

Grassley: Fusion GPS leader testimony likely a blatant lie. 

Trump in Nashville: Smash Identity Politics

The NY Times is a leftist shill. 

Netflix Executive who brokered $50 million deal, was a big Obama donor. 

Embattled Missouri governor resigns. 

Disney fires Roseanne, but hires this bigot. 

European “Christians” no longer identify as the faith.

SCOTUS affirms abortion restrictions!

Google, Facebook and the attack on the First Amendment

Star Parker: End federal government involvement in family “planning”. 

Facebook a neutral platform?  Hardly.

Gorsuch question is key in unlocking Masterpiece Cakeshop decision. 

Legalizing abortion is an attack on a free and safe society.

How America can start winning wars again. 

Obama said “There is not a smidgen of corruption” in his administration.  So what are all these? 

What’s Hillary hiding about her health?

Haven’t the Obama’s made enough money?

2018 America: Bifurcation. 

Soros warns of major financial crisis. 

DOJ: 83% of prisoners re arrested within 9 years. 

Tommy Robinson gag lifted after worldwide outcry. 

Democrat denials on campaign spying on Trump are pure hypocrisy. 

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Exclusive: German populist MP wants to help grant “political” prisoner Tommy Robinson asylum.  “1984 is now”.

Tommy Robinson jailed for 13 months for reporting on pedophile case involving Muslims. 

Worldwide mass protests over Robinson arrest. 

The Long March: Reckoning With 1968’s ‘Cultural Revolution,’ 50 Years On

…‘Roseanne’ Canceled at ABC Following Valerie Jarrett Tweet…

…Lemon: Trump, Roseanne ‘Traffic in Racism’…

CNN Blames Trump! Van Jones: ‘Moral Collapse’ in WH Emboldened ‘Rank Bigot’ Roseanne

The second coming American Civil War?

The repeal of Ireland’s abortion ban marks a new paganism.

Why it’s very difficult for men and women to be just friends 

People told me to live my dreams, but never to dream of having kids.

Why Ireland’s affirmation of abortion reflects badly on America. 

Viral video: Here’s the heroic act that earned a French immigrant his citizenship.

Farrakhan issues Sunday call for an end to white men. 

Televangelist seeks donations for $54 million jet.

When President testified: People in room recall Clinton’s 1998 interrogation. 

Negative Yelp review turns life into nightmare. 

Porn is rewiring our brains to accept immoral behavior. 

Homo tyranny is upon us!

Ramadan Rage:  Islamic terrorists kill at least 207, wound at least 322 in first ten days of Ramadan!

2020 Poll: Oprah, Michelle O lead for Dems. 

Hillary bundles up like an Eskimo for sweltering Memorial day Parade. What is wrong? 

Goldberg: The racism liberals don’t recognize -their own. 

Buchanan:  What is America’s cause in the world today? 

Victor Davis Hanson: The Post War Order is over.  

McCarthy: The Obama Administrations hypocritical pretext for spying on Trump campaign.  

McCullough: Marijuana: Big Tobacco 2.0.  

State sues to stop illegals from reshaping Congress.  

New video explodes major lie of homosexuality.  

Flaherty: How to fail today’s Starbuck’s racial sensitivity training.  

Cashill: A bloody new stage in Ireland’s Self-Mutilation.  

DeAngelis: Barack Obama’s “World as it should be”.

Sullivan: As Ireland aborts it’s soul, America seems poised to salvage it’s own.  

Trinko: The big abortion lie.  

Saving Tommy Robinson and English Civilization.  

Soros: Spending heavily to defeat law and order candidates.  

Watch: Gaza kindergarten graduation features children staging mock military attack, hostage taking, and killing soldiers.  

Pro Life coalition: If you oppose racism so much, stop supporting abortion.


Monday, May 28th, 2018

Obama’s spying scandal is starting to look a lot like Watergate.

Flash floods hit Baltimore.

Robinson Muffled.  Silenced for “breaching the peace”.  Same offense the New Testament Christians were frequently charged with.  The entire reason why the Founders gave Americans free speech and the First Amendment was to prevent this.   An English judge apparently doesn’t realize this.

Teen robbers run over and kill female police officer in Baltimore.  

Supreme Court to soon decide cases on baking homosexuals cakes, gerrymandering, and unions.

Algerian blogger appeals ten year jail term.

Trumps Memorial Day Proclamation: We revere those who have died in noble service.

Report: Star players considering sitting out season if Kaepernick, Reid not signed.

MSNBC’s Mitchell: NFL “hypocrites” for requiring players to stand for anthem, as many fans don’t stand.

Photos: 1 million bikers ride into D.C. to pay homage to the fallen.

Media double down after N.Y.   Times gets busted peddling fake news.  

Do you have a sexless marriage? 

In the age that gave us Memorial Day, Abraham Lincoln explained why the fallen fought.

Schlichter: Real conservatives refuse to kneel before their liberal overlords.

Why children are necessary.

The rules for a long and happy life.

It begins: church sued for refusing to host homosexual event.

Town sued for collecting three tickets per hour, day and night, collecting millions.

Jesse Lee Peterson: Democrats don’t want blacks to be moral and law abiding, because you can’t control moral and law abiding people.