Women obeying husbands.

I owned an insurance agency once, and all my employees, initially, were women. It was interesting; however, not once in my three years of owning it did I have to worry about disagreements between the women employees. It didn’t happen. That was because women are very good at avoiding tensions with each other when there is an acknowledged male authority. But, when there isn’t, women tend to squabble incessantly. This explains a lot of the tensions that occur between women in the church and the common oppression that happens in churches with women teachers. When women don’t respect God’s command to stay silent in the churches, there frequently will be a lack of respect for their brethren as well. Just like a child who disobeys their parents will often disobey other authorities. My best-performing salespeople were always men.

Of course, I had to deal with male and female differences constantly. Women are naturally passive, and in sales, that does not work out well. It worked well in customer service, as the women were outstanding at addressing angry male and female complaints and fixing the problems. But, because women naturally want to please in sales, this is counterproductive. People often don’t want to buy something, but a persistent man will not quit but will politely keep offering reasons to buy and will eventually persuade the customers to buy. This is very rare in women. At Allstate, the top sales agents were nearly always men. Why? Because men are aggressive, risk-takers, and are unafraid of challenges. These are not traits that God designed in your average woman. So, the average person who says, “No, I don’t want to buy,” most women will want to please them, especially if it’s a man, and they will graciously say, “I understand,” and let it go. With me, if someone told me no, I’d keep probing. If I found they had a better product and didn’t have a need, I’d let off, as I never wanted to sell someone something they didn’t need or that didn’t benefit them. But, many people said no out of ignorance because they didn’t understand or didn’t have all the facts.

That’s why women reject God’s command to stay silent in the churches and obey their husbands because older women never taught them the beautiful advantages of this. Also, it’s hard for a man to state these truths after decades of being ignored and to remain calm and not get angry. Of course, losing one’s cool and becoming angry is nearly a 100% guarantee that a person will never be convinced.

It takes a mature woman to obey God’s commands to stay silent in the church and to obey their husbands because these do not come naturally to women. Especially in today’s culture of poisonous feminine “empowerment.” Women have been trained that obeying their husbands and staying silent in the churches means they “don’t have a brain,” “you’re a robot,” “You’re a slave,” “ you don’t have a mind of your own,” “you’re stupid,” “you can’t think for yourself,” and a host of other lies that the serpent has fed women to get them to eat the poison feminist fruit and to speak in church and to refuse to obey their husbands.

Abraham told Sara they had to leave their families and friends, and he didn’t know where they were going. Most women today would have a bit of a problem with this, and that’s putting it mildly. But, Sara obeyed and called Abraham Lord. She even obeyed him when she didn’t need to, like when he told her to call her his sister so that he wouldn’t be murdered by Kings who wanted to take the beautiful Sara for their own wives.

It’s never too late to be what we should have been. God has amazing rewards for the women who obey their husbands and stay silent in the churches. Only by trusting God and obeying will they ever acquire these treasures.

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