Solutions To The Porn Crisis

Solutions To The Porn Crisis

The stats on porn-watching are horrible:

  • 40% of men believe they are addicted to porn.
  • 80% of men 18-30 watch at least once per month.
  • 50% of divorces are related to porn addiction.
  • The average age of first exposure to porn is 11 years old.

Ease of availability to porn is the #1 reason for why porn is so ubiquitous. Porn addiction is much lower in China where it is illegal. Although some still find a way, it is much more challenging to access.

But in the West, even little children have access to porn. 11 years old is an average – many children much younger get exposed accidentally.

Should the government interfere? Absolutely. But until then we need another solution.

Short-Term Solution To The Problem: Overcome Addiction

  1. Porn-Blocking Software: The first thing one must do is limit access. If extreme steps are necessary, then Clean Browsing, Safe Eyes, or other anti-porn software can be installed on all devices, with a spouse or close family member or friend having the password.
  2. Accountability: Porn-addicted people cannot overcome it on their own without help. One must find someone trusted if at all possible and entrust them with holding them accountable. An alternative but less effective way is to join an online accountability group such as or other groups, maybe on social media, or another place. There are also accountability apps – but avoid the ones that charge you if you mess up. However, a live, trusted, human accountability partner is much more effective.
  3. Time with God: Time with God every day, reading the Bible, and praying daily, as well as spiritual fasting in secret, are some keys to developing the spiritual self-discipline to overcoming addiction to pornography. When you spend time with God and develop spiritual discipline, God will provide you the strength to overcome, especially when combined with the other 2 methods.

If nothing else works you could always move to a place without internet and live off the land, but let’s be serious, that is not realistic. The above 3 points however are an effective way to break addiction.

Long-Term Solution To The Problem: Eliminate Porn

If we had godly men in power, here is how we could eradicate this porn plague from our lives:

  • Criminalize pornographers (not the watchers). It will be quite easy to ban the making of pornography and arrest and hang the pornographers for crimes against humanity.
  • Mandate search engines to no longer deliver porn sites.
  • Seize the domains of all porn sites.
  • Force Hollywood and film and media companies to disallow nudity and elicit scenes in movies and shows, and force all originals to be removed.
  • Purge all torrent sites and third party sites of pornography. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. I am for internet freedom (even piracy) but not internet pornography.
  • Make lobbying for pornography or nefarious tactics around government influence treason and a crime punishable by death (this is important), and take immediate action.
  • Make owning pornography on one’s device a crime with a stiff fine (but not a crime that goes on one’s record) as a strong deterrent against owning pornography.
  • Hire malware hackers to create anti-porn malware pushed through all antivirus programs, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS, which will detect and delete all known archives of pornography.

And fix the real-life demoralization by:

  • Make abortion illegal – a felony as Capital Murder of a Child.
  • Make sodomy a severe crime again.
  • Make promotion of sodomy a crime again.
  • Make birth control and condoms illegal.

Will this eliminate porn? Even if it were done, it would not eliminate it entirely, but it would eliminate the vast majority of it – perhaps 99%. Only those with advanced technical knowhow or archives would be able to access it through the dark corners of the internet.

Of course, the government having and using this power is really dangerous. This power could be used for other nefarious purposes. But which is worse? The pornography industry or government overreach?

Without the demoralization of pornography, sanity would return, and, I argue, God’s wrath may be lifted from our nations – and God is stronger than any government. We suffer today because of demoralization, not just because of corruption. I believe God’s wrath is on our nations because of demoralization.