Let’s learn everything about the insane Jewish custom called “Kapparot” (or kaporos). Kapparot is a ritual where a Jew swings a live chicken over his head several times to somehow transfer his sins to the fowl which is then beheaded, or sacrificed, to the Jew’s god below. Much like every other, weird, Jewish custom it’s rooted in the Jews’ perennial war on God.

Find out the dark, satanic history in this video from a Jew’s own mouth.

Most often, usually on the day preceding Yom Kippur, a rooster is selected for Jewish men and a hen for Jewish women. The bird is taken in the right hand and circled three times over the heads of the participants while these verses are recited: “This is my substitute, this is my exchange. This is my atonement. This fowl will go to death, and I will enter upon a good and long life”; and thus, in the warped devil summoning mind of the Jew, transferring all sins to the fowl.

Afterwards, the bird is slaughtered. By doing this, the Jews think they have fooled God or at least rebelled against Him like a demoralized teen.


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