Letter to the Jewish News, Emma Goss, correcting her journalistic errors.

Dear Ms. Goss,

This regards your article included below.


I’d really appreciate it if you’d stop libeling me.

I’m not an anti-semite, and it’s hard to define that word.  Just because anyone criticizes any Jewish wrongdoing does not mean they hate all Jews.  That’s irresponsible of you to say that.

Second, I’m not a White Supremacist.

I object to evil of all races and religions.  Just because I object to Jewish evils committed doesn’t mean I hate all Jews and love all Whites.

Also, as a journalist, it’s your duty to contact all parties involved instead of writing whatever emotions fill your mind with.  You don’t do your job correctly.  There are two sides to every story, and you certainly never investigated my side.

Also, my comments are not “hate-filled.” You didn’t post a single sentence of what I said, nor did you post my complete remarks.  Please let your readers decide for themselves, and please stop thinking for them.

Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth.

Please issue an article correcting your libels of me, or, if any harm comes to be because of your deceitful and malicious remarks, you and your newspaper will be sued.

You are badly unaware of what is going on, because I don’t agree with racial slurs or profanity, and have strongly argued with Minedeo and thousands of his followers.  So I’m disgusted when you say I’m aligned with them, as I’m very clearly not.

Please research better,


Ryan Messano 

(707) 580-1849


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