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Arizona: When I knew DS he had six kids. I found him to be harsh and dictatorial with a short temper which many in Phoenix adopted and became harsh and oppressive after he left for Prescott Valley.

TD: Yet, how would you define Merie? Have you listened to her classes? When we consider what is a brawling woman, and I’m not suggesting Merie consciously was one, the definition of brawling is “the act of quarreling.”

What is quarreling? One of the definitions is “To dispute violently or with loud and angry words.”

1 Peter 3:4-6 tells us [4] But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.

[5] For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands:

[6] Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.

Do Merie’s public classes sound meek? Or does she sound loud and angry? How can a woman who is out of her place and teaching men in public ever be meek? Won’t she always be loud and angry, and if she isn’t publicly, won’t she often be privately? Without the intellect and reason God gave men to guide and lead, what does a woman have left to rule with but her emotions? How reliable are emotions in teaching, leading, or instructing others with? What does the Bible say about anger? Is it ever associated with wisdom? Besides righteous indignation, which would be for upholding Godly causes, and women teaching publicly is NOT a Godly cause.

What is meek?

Webster defines it as: “Mild of temper; soft; gentle; not easily provoked or irritated; yielding; given to forbearance under injuries.”

Sara obeyed Abraham and called him Lord, and when she didn’t obey Abraham and Abraham yielded to Sara, big problems happened because Abraham had a son with Hagar, which led to Islam, which is still problematic today. However, it’s far better than Talmudic Jews.

Notice Merie did not convince or reason with people, predominantly. She used emotions, and powerful ones at that, to guide people to mostly righteous decisions. But emotions are temporary; reason is eternal, and that’s why we don’t study emotions to learn the Bible. We study the Bible, and it reasons us into righteousness. Yes, she used scriptures but ignored those that commanded women to be silent in the churches.

The effects aren’t good. Imagine when Goliath was facing Israel, if David had suddenly remembered that his grandmother was sick. He told everyone, “Hey guys, this Goliath character needs to be dealt with, but my grandmother is sick right now, and I need to go take care of her. When she is better, I’ll come back”. Would God have been pleased with David’s priorities? Likely, when Goliath and the Philistines had destroyed Israel, they’d have shown up at David’s house shortly afterward, and then where would David’s grandmother have been? So, too, today. God tells men to care for the church, the widows, and the fatherless. But didn’t David care for the widows and the fatherless when he destroyed Goliath? Who would defend the widows and the fatherless against Goliath if David and the army didn’t do it? No one, that’s who. Unfortunately, Merie’s doctrine of nonviolence, which has been largely completely absent from Christianity for nearly 2,000 years with a few exceptions like the Quakers, is causing severe problems. Because now, when men ought to be up in public speaking out against the evils of Talmudic Jews, and men ought to be opposing the violent and evil criminals who are running wild, the men are trained to be docile lambs, to care for women and children when the real threat is rampaging shamelessly in full view of everyone!!! Are men neglecting widows, the fatherless, and their families when they publicly oppose evil? No, they sure are not.

This is why women aren’t to be leaders; they are easily emotionally deceived and terrified, leading them to influence men to take stances that God never commanded men to take. So, a woman’s fear disables the very men God designed to protect her. Does a man love God when he allows women to take a leadership role in the church and to speak in public? I’m afraid not. No matter how much a man loves his wife or how much he loves any woman, he has to love God first. God commands women to be silent in the churches, so if you love God, that is what every man who loves God stands for. There is no compromising that. In the end, the men who disobey that command end up harming their own wives and children because now, with men’s intellect compromised by women’s easily manipulated emotions, they are disabled from protecting and providing for the women.

Also, marriage came before the church. So, a Christian husband’s first duty is to provide for his wife and children, even before the church. With women teachers, this creates all kinds of problems, because the wives who don’t speak in public are now under the control of the women who do, which is entirely against God’s design. SINCE WHEN SHOULD A WIFE WHO OBEYS HER HUSBAND BE SUBJECT TO A WOMAN WHO DISOBEYS GOD AND SPEAKS IN THE CHURCH? Yes, there ought to be women who teach other women and children, and these are the women who obey their husbands the best, don’t speak in the churches, and so they can teach other women how to love their husbands and to teach their children.

It was never God’s design that a husband care for women in the church he isn’t even married to while neglecting his wife and children. Do you think a wife and children of a man will be attracted to a church when the husband places the women in the church above his own wife? Not likely. A man’s time should first be devoted to God, and then it should be devoted to his wife and children, and then it should go to the church. Anything other than that order is OUT OF ORDER. Women teachers have often broken up marriages by distorting these priorities.

DS did the best he could in an environment ruled by women teachers. It’s not easy to see through all the chaos of the free love sixties, and I’m grateful to have been given a childhood of peace and purity that gave us opportunities our parents didn’t have. DS has done far more good than otherwise and deserves very high praise for his remarkable work in an environment where the Godly roles of a man were under severe attack.

Arizona: At my first command in the military, I had to work for an E-8 who was harsh and merciless and would mock me at morning quarters, one day I turned in a chit and in front of the division he took it and wiped his behind with it and dropped it on the ground. He told me that I would never have to worry about taking the advancement exam as he would never recommend me for advancement, and he never did. Two years went by and I attended my C school and went to my second command and had to work for a different E-8 who was so harsh and cruel that he made the first E-8 look like a nice guy in Comparision. I didn’t think life could get any worse then it got ten times worse. I didn’t realize how good I had it at my first command. When I made E-5 then life got real difficult, as I was no longer allowed to take leave. As an E-5 I was the military and was expected to be a workaholic like all the other men E-5 and above and they would brag about how many days of leave they lost every year some lost 30 days every year as they seldom took leave and when they did it was only a few days.

TD: I’m glad you shared that; my experiences in the military were equally colorful. However, it appears we view life differently. I view my problems as mostly my fault and recognize that God has given me everything I need to succeed and that any failures are largely due to my errors in judgment. It doesn’t appear to be clear that you believe that you were given an equal chance at success as every other human on earth. However, once you recognize that life is 100% your responsibility, vision improves tremendously. Of course, other humans will mistreat us; that is part of life. The issue isn’t how we were mistreated but how we respond. The Stoic Philosopher Epictetus said: “Who then is invincible? The one who cannot be upset by anything outside their reasoned choice.” Antisthenes said, “It is royal to do good and to be abused.” Since the American standing military is unconstitutional and has been run by Jewish bankers since they took control of our money in 1913 and created the standing army, it will be a harsh environment. With cruel masters, you can expect every leader in the organization to be a tyrant, which was largely the case in my experience. Thankfully, I had many kind men along the way who were very helpful and understanding. I had one fellow recruit who was well-thought-of and got great test scores in the Nuclear field. He was relentless in teasing, and it probably wouldn’t have bothered me if I was humbler. He would call me “Jew” because I was good with money, but we had a decent relationship, and it ended well. Look all over the internet for the men I was in the Navy with, and I can barely find them. And many were very brilliant, as the nuclear field was the top enlisted field in the Navy. Whenever most men in the Navy heard of a Nuke, they would say “F***n Nukes” out of envy because few could qualify for it. One became a Master Chief, which is the top enlisted rank in the Navy. He was best friends with Monroe, the antagonist I just mentioned. Monroe was a wiry guy and would not have lasted long in a fight, so his friend Ed would be his bodyguard to protect him when his mouth was constantly writing checks his body couldn’t cash. I had one very severe drill instructor in Boot Camp, Petty Officer Grubbs, and he was stern. One recruit made the mistake of falling asleep on our Sunday off time, as we got about 4 hours on Sunday off, our only time off for the whole week, and we had to go to church for an hour in those four hours. You could do quite a bit during those four hours, but, though we got 6 hours of sleep for three months, and sometimes not even that, you were not allowed to sleep at all. Well, one recruit tried to hide it and tried to pretend he was cleaning under a bunk. So his body was half in and half under the bunk, and he was soundly sleeping. Well, Grubbs was passing by and happened to notice, and after making sure he was indeed asleep, Grubbs quietly crept up next to the bunk so he could get directly next to the recruit’s ear. Imagine, all of the roughly 100 of us are now watching in the division. Some are laughing at what’s going to happen. Sure enough, Grubbs bellows at the top of his lungs, “M*****A WAKE UP.” He sure did wake up, let me tell you. His head popped up, instantly struck the bottom of the bunk, which had metal cross-rails, and after clanging off of that, banged back down on the floor for a double whammy. The worst part was that the whole division was laughing at him. You’d think we’d be sympathetic because we were all sleep-deprived, too, but no, for some reason, I laughed a ton in bootcamp, and I wasn’t the only one. Part of the reason I had such a great time was that there was no time to get into trouble, and the truism became very obvious. It doesn’t matter how hard your adversity is; if you aren’t doing wrong, you’ll often look back with fond memories. My commander on the Submarine, USS Florida (Gold Crew) was Thomas Buchanan. As luck would have it, he attended a private Catholic school in the very city of Vallejo I grew up in. He and the other officers were very disciplined and relatively virtuous. They treated me very well, and he eventually became Commandant of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, a prestigious college where the Navy trains its officers. I’ll never forget they took me on a relay marathon they ran from Mount Rainier, Washington, to the Pacific Ocean. Unforgettable experience. I ran on two legs; on one, it was the only time in my 44 years that nature called when I was in the middle of nowhere with no restroom in sight and was in the middle of a run. A very distasteful experience, let me tell you. It was the part of nature that isn’t easily remedied either. I had to think quickly to get myself out of that situation without too much humiliation and mortification.

Arizona: My last three years I saw 15 men leave the military from my division only three got honorable discharges which I was one. I saw E-9 over 26 go awol for several months get caught and court martialed busted down to E-1 and given a bad conduct discharge, I saw an E-6 over 17 get busted for drugs and kicked out, I saw E-5 over 10 go awol and get caught several months later court martialed and given a bad conduct discharge.

TD: It was unfortunate. I couldn’t understand why some got into trouble. On my first Boomer trip out to sea, our submarine had 24 nuclear missiles on board; at least, we were told there were 24 tubes. We usually stayed out for three months, then returned for three months on land with almost no work while the other crew took the submarine to sea. Well, on my first trip out, we had a scheduled stop at Pearl Harbor for three days right in the middle of it. I was looking forward to that. I had a very memorable three days. I visited the Polynesian Cultural Center, where the 7 Polynesian cultures are featured. Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, etc. It had a breathtaking finale with a man juggling burning torches and a woman not hard to look at doing the hula dance. I will likely not ever view that again unless it’s in a marriage. Far too risque, though I honestly hadn’t known what it would be beforehand.

I visited North Beach, the only time in my life I went to the beach in the daytime. I told myself I’d look at the sea and sky; that didn’t go too well. I also visited, by myself, the USS Missouri, “Mighty Mo,” which was hit by Japanese Kamikaze planes in World War 2 and was where the final peace treaty with Japan was signed to end World War 2 hostilities with the Emperor. However, on my first day there, two of my fellow machinist mates want me to give them a ride to a place of ill repute, not an actual brothel, but a strip club is very nearly as bad. So, I did, didn’t go myself. On the way back, they are both crying about how wonderful it was, and they are too wasted to be able to drive, so that’s why they had me do it, though I would never do it again. The next day, one of them gets drunk again and becomes suicidal. He’s a Navajo and is 250 lbs, and as we are walking along the ocean, he keeps threatening to climb in and drown himself. This is pretty terrifying to hear when you are a non-swimmer like yours truly. Saving him would be rather tricky if I could swim, impossible since I couldn’t. I managed to talk him out of suicide and back to the submarine. Very stressful. On another occasion in Washington, we are all told not to go to raves in Seattle. Sure enough, some young man goes to the rave, is caught, and is kicked out of the Navy. Being in this environment, I was viewed as a virtual saint, but not with delight. Nothing angers others like a good example. Now, I wasn’t perfect; I just understood my weaknesses and didn’t advertise them to others, as I wanted to get rid of them, not publicly enjoy them.

Arizona: These were not junior enlisted getting kicked out but senior enlisted. In my last year in San Diego I picked up a booklet called Put up thy sword by someone named Merie Weiss and read it and though it seemed rambling I agreed that a Christian could not be in the military which required men to kill.

TD: Read the same booklet. And it was what caused me to get a Conscientous Objector. In retrospect, military service is wrong, but that’s because the standing army is unconstitutional. That said, I’m convinced, and Alexander Campbell, who it’s pretty clear Merie never studied, also concurs that self-defense of your family is entirely scriptural. We are not to war for worldly causes, but Campbell said that opposing the death penalty for wicked men who deserved it was immoral, and I agree. He said you cannot love good and Godly people, and allow evil people to harm and kill them and think of yourself as a loving person. 1,000% agree. No one wants to harm or kill anyone; I know I don’t, but if opposing evil becomes a duty, with force, then here am I, Lord, send me. Merie, like nearly all women, lacked a thorough understanding of history. She was very susceptible to Satan’s deceptive lies, one of which is that we don’t need to use force against evil. The Cross never abolished the moral law. Christ died to end the ceremonial law and forgive the penitent sinners’ sins. Still, you never see the death penalty for murderers or homosexuals being lifted by Christ, and the death penalty for those was in force when Christ walked the earth. Our society is in such terrible shape today because gun control is being spread everywhere; nearly every time, there is a Jew behind it because they want everyone disarmed so their Communist mobs can start slaughtering anyone who opposes them, as they did in Russia and China, murdering 100 million. The Russian Orthodox Church was every bit as strict as Stanton, with a few differences, like infant baptism, yet Jewish Communists quickly demolished it. Crime is at an all-time high in America because of lax punishments for criminals.

Arizona: I ended up in Phoenix working with a Christian man and I asked him where his church was he told me and I showed up that Sunday uninvited and got taught. I found DS no different than the E-8’s I had to work for in the military and suffered depression for many months. I thought with a new teaching preacher thing would get better and they did for a short time, but people are people and sin is sin. I realize today that religion is not a utopia but many times a dystopia and if I am to learn anything I must learn on my own.

TD: So fascinating. I was withdrawn from unscripturally for 14 years, and DS had a part in it, but I forgive him. My response to it hurt me far more than the withdrawal did. Adversity is a test. Humans are like tea bags; hot water shows what you are made of. If you fail a test before, and I did, be watchful; life and God keep bringing that test until you pass it. It’s true; we are only responsible for our thoughts, actions, and words. That’s all we can control. It’s hard enough to control those, never mind trying to control another human, too. Those who rule themselves best often are sought by others for help in ruling their own lives. However, there are many who desire power but don’t realize that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” as Lord Acton said.

Lastly, I use Grammarly and highly recommend it. I can edit your comments if you like.