Letter to Sacramento Mayor and City Council on their constant attacks on the First Amendment, and their encouraging and enabling brainwashed/paid audience members to do it too.

Dear Mayor and City Council,


First, it is necessary to review a few principles that a wise person would do well to learn,


“If anyone tells you that a certain person speaks ill of you, do not make excuses about what is said of you but answer, “He was ignorant of my other faults, else he would not have mentioned these alone.”

― Epictetus


So when others wrongly accuse me of a host of the Cultural Marxist lexicon, none of which is true, this is what I think. All of you have to shout out these conversation-stopping slurs because you are incapable of a serious conversation where your existing beliefs are seriously challenged. A person who has the truth has nothing to fear from criticism, for either it is false, and the error can be easily pointed out, or it is true, and we need to adjust our own viewpoint. Only the evil and wicked are afraid of criticism, for the truth poses a great danger to them.


“If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.”

― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,


It’s quite sad that fellow American citizens cannot sit down and have a discussion about their disagreements. The City Council meetings were designed so that all citizens could come and voice their opinions, and the best ones would prevail, as they could be defended with logic and reason. That’s not what’s happening in Sacramento. You are silencing me and others and trying to suppress dissent, which is tyranny. You can libel and slander it as ‘bigotry’ and the rest of your Cultural Marxist slurs, but it’s tyranny, no matter what you say.  




This piece regards the article written on May 23rd, the last time I attended in person, over two months ago.


Everyone ought to know the reason why I’m not attending is that your non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and media are running cover for you and have seduced, deceived, and likely, in some instances, paid young activists to harass, threaten, intimidate, and coerce us into silence. These are the tactics of Communists. The audience is not made up of hard-working citizens of Sacramento. Those who constantly harass and interrupt me likely have never had a steady 40-hour-a-week job in their lives, are badly deceived and accept the gospel of social media while understanding little to nothing of real history.


Instead of using these thugs, hooligans, and hoodlums, you ought to be correcting them and helping develop their minds into their highest potential. Right now, you are using them as useful idiots, and you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I’m primarily concerned with the Mayor and Ms. Kaplan, as they are the hardliners, especially the Mayor, a career politician who has ruined California and Sacramento while turning himself into a millionaire and living in a palace. At the same time, thousands are reduced to poverty and homelessness in the streets of Sacramento.


For the rest of you, though you are indoctrinated, especially the younger ones, there is hope. Indeed, there is hope for even the Mayor and Ms. Kaplan, for history will reveal their corruption, and your memory will not be thought upon happily by any wise and virtuous person.


Proverbs 10:7


The memory of the just is blessed: But the name of the wicked shall rot.


Ms. Valenzuela, Ms. Maple, Ms. Talamantes, and Ms. Vang, you all obviously have been deluded by the media and schools. I’m not mad at you. Where you are now, I once was when I was 33. I, too, was loved and praised by society and actually was making $500,000 a year. But, when I saw the evil that was going on, it sickened me enough to do something about it, no matter what it cost me. And it did cost me; distracted from my duty by internal and external evils, I failed a test not really relevant to my job, and lost my insurance agency, was forced to sell my home, had my car re-possessed, and was nearly homeless. For three years, I slept on a couch with no shower or stove. But right makes might, and a man who knows he is in the right cannot be overwhelmed with evil. ‘Adversity doth best discover virtue, prosperity doth best discover vice,’ as Bacon said, how true. On the topic of Bacon, he also said ‘If a man will begin with certainties, he shall end with doubts, but if he will be content to begin with doubts he shall end in certainties.” When you read this, it would be wise to keep an open mind. Ask yourself, ‘Is there a chance that Ryan is right and I am wrong’? That’s what good listeners do.  


What is especially sad to me is Ms. Vang is the oldest of 16 children, and she supports homosexuality. Ms. Vang, if your parents had supported that when they were younger, likely most of your family wouldn’t be on earth right now. I’m the eldest of 18, so I can relate.  


As for Mr. Loloee, Mr. Jennings, and Mr. Guerra, I believe all of you are well-meaning, and had I had your experiences, I likely would be doing something close to what you are doing. But every man comes to a moment in his life where he must decide on what is right or what is wrong, and that is his destiny. Your life will never be the same after this. You have all reached a fork in the road. You see tyranny in front of your eyes, and you must decide, do you take the road of courage or cowardice. Sure, you might lose everything if you speak out, but you lose your honor and soul if you stay quiet, which is worse than what any human can do to you.


 ‘There is no witness so dreadful, no accuser so terrible as the conscience that dwells in the heart of every man.’ Polybius


Lastly, for the Mayor and Ms. Kaplan, I am not an anti-semite, criticism of groups of Jews does not make one an anti-semite, and if that’s a definition you want to pervert, then you both are Loxists and Antarians and have a hatred for people with European backgrounds. Goes both ways. I’m getting tired of defending myself from lies from the Mayor and City Council. I shouldn’t have to take nearly my entire two minutes to defend myself from interruptions and a flurry of falsehoods spread about me by my detractors. And I should have my whole 2 minutes without being interrupted.


If you believe your experience is all that matters in the world, you will have subjective truth; if you believe that truth is objective and is true for all times, places, and circumstances, as I do, and it takes work to find it, you will discover ideas different from the ones you currently have.


To be clear, I am not afraid of any of the 8 billion humans on earth, though I am prudent when there are young people who are running around with threats, and who often use drugs, and have no moral compass. These are dangerous people to be around. Wise and prudent people minimize their exposure to these types, who are menaces to society. You are actually far more culpable than they, for you enable and encourage their violent and irrational behavior to protect your racket.


The Mayor and Ms. Kaplan have interrupted me and others and stopped City Council meetings. It’s all recorded, we have all the evidence, and we are working on filing a lawsuit against you. If we had decent lawyers, you’d have already been sued for millions for your obvious and repeated assaults on the First Amendment rights of the citizens of America. Your opinion of me is irrelevant. You may believe I’m a ‘fascist,’ a ‘bigot,’ an ‘anti-semite,’ etc., all of which are false and malicious lies, libels, and slanders spread about me by the malevolent who do not wish their wicked deeds to be exposed. None of your false beliefs justify you in interrupting my time to speak or in your allowing others to interrupt repeatedly. You don’t allow your favorite speakers to be interrupted, but you allow your critics to be interrupted—complete tyranny.


As elected officials, you don’t have to agree with everyone who speaks. You were not elected to police other people’s speech. You were elected to listen to all citizens and to STOP VIOLENT CITIZENS FROM THREATENING AND USING VIOLENCE TO SILENCE THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS, a job you are intentionally and deliberately failing to perform.  


If a citizen wants to get up in public and note that Jews are overrepresented in government, that’s a fact, and it’s not your right or duty to interrupt them and to scream ‘hate,’ ‘anti-semitism,’ ‘bigot,’ etc. Listen to all your citizens, consider what they have to say, then make your decisions. By silencing some citizens, you are sending the very dangerous message that you believe free speech is only for people who agree with you and not for those who disagree. Besides, Mr. Steinberg and Ms. Kaplan would be in jail under the Torah. You aren’t blood-related to the original 12 tribes, and you are fake Jews. You don’t obey the Old Testament at all. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David, Daniel, Isaiah, and the rest of the righteous men of the Old Testament would have detested you both. He would have denounced you publicly, as I’m doing today.


Here you can find a man in Walnut Creek who eloquently denounced city officials who tried to police free speech. The gentleman didn’t even know me, and he told the truth. We need millions more like him. Because when ONE American’s free speech rights are attacked, ALL 330 MILLION Americans’ free speech rights are attacked, including YOURS. What you deny others can easily one day be denied you. No one has interrupted you from speaking, I’ve never threatened you or any of your violent supporters, and indeed, no violence has been done to you.


Council Woman Kaplan stopped one meeting because she felt afraid. Have you been followed to your car late at night after council meetings, Ms. Kaplan? I have. Have you had thugs come up to you in meetings and challenge you to fights? I have. Have you had thugs violently shove men who attended with you, who were peaceful? I have. Have you been constantly interrupted when you are speaking? I have. Have you had your Zoom call cut multiple times by a Mayor who zealously silences speech he doesn’t like? I have. Have you been called a ‘bigot’ by a mayor who is bigoted against opinions he disagrees with? I have.  


Here is the article.




Ms. Kaplan comments on Twitter saying:


“As a Councilmember, I don’t feel safe in our meeting. It is appropriate to recess meeting.


I am Jewish & have been offended & disturbed each time the anti-Semitic has spoken publicly- specifically turning my back when he speaks. Tonight he brought more proud boys- I did not feel safe w them in the audience (period).”


Now, you blatantly call me an ‘anti-semitic,’ which is a lie; disagreeing with you, the Mayor, and other groups of Jews does not mean I hate all Jews. I called you to correct that, and you couldn’t hang up the phone fast enough, letting me know, ‘Buddy, I don’t have time for this.’ When will you have time for the truth, Ms. Kaplan? You act like a petulant and spoiled child by turning your back; it’s juvenile and immature behavior one would expect of a child, not of an adult, and indeed not a member of a City Council. Jeff Perrine is not a Proud Boy; as for the others who came, whose Roman Salute and paraphernalia I have always disavowed and always will; I had never met them before; they said they were coming to support free speech. For the record, when I told them to stop throwing up Hitler salutes and wearing controversial symbols, I was challenged to a fight. So, I police my ranks. Will you police your ranks and rid the City Hall of those who are violent and use intimidation tactics and coercion to silence ideas they don’t like? 


Ms. Talamantes then commented on Twitter:


“Council gets disrupted sometimes. Usually it’s for no more than a few minutes. Tonight, our council meeting came to a halt due to the hatred of a few anti-Semitic and racist individuals. Our city and our council is no place for hate of any kind.”


You just libeled me as hateful, anti-semitic, and racist. All is not true. If any violence is done to me, you and the others on the City Council will be liable for whipping up violence with your malicious lies. 


It would be nice if you would all apologize for your past conduct in libeling and slandering a man simply telling uncomfortable truths, as it’s better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie. It would also be fantastic if you would stop interrupting remarks yourselves, and also if you would use the police to escort those who interrupt other speakers out of the council chambers and to begin doing your jobs. ALL citizens deserve a fair hearing at these public meetings, not just some. Whether you accept the truth of what is being said or not, God’s truth is marching on with or without you. You can either oppose the truth, and that always fails long term, or you can support it, and you can restore the dignity and honor you lost due to your current path.


Ryan Messano

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