Another letter to Sacramento City Council

41,000 views for the mayors stunt last Tuesday.

I don’t agree with condemning all Jews. But, the Talmud is a pretty hateful book.

The mayor and Ms. Kaplan aren’t even real Jews.  You aren’t blood related to the original 12 tribes, you are likely Ashkenazi imposters, and you definitely don’t obey the Torah, which has severe penalties for homosexuality.

So even if you are Jews, you are massive hypocrites.

The lies about me being “racist,” “bigoted,” and “anti-semitic,” are inflaming your thugs, hoodlums, and hooligans at City Hall, mayor, and soon they are going to be exposed.

When they unleash violence and murder at City Hall, as they’ve been threatening, you are going to be blamed for it.

And lastly, stop trying to silence the truth, Mayor. It isn’t bigotry to suggest that the Federal Reserve and money is controlled by Jewish bankers, it’s a fact.

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