The threat of “White Supremacy”

We all remember when “Islamic terrorists” flew those airplanes into the twin towers, and we remember how the American people were united around defending the American way of life against “violent extremists” .. we were in such great danger, and the ZOG agencies had to receive billions in funding, and they had to pass the “Patriot Act” .. this allowed the State to increase surveillance, and censorship.. in order to protect Americans! The agencies were forced to monitor our phone,text, email, and mail communications.. this was all done to prevent another 9/11! We have far less privacy, and freedom of movement now, and everything that we do is tracked, and archived , but at least we were able to defeat the threat of terror.

After the State defeated violent jihadists, another threat reared its ugly head, and that was the threat of WHITE SUPREMACY.. the media warned the American people for several years about these genocidal Nazis, but the problem was that the Americans looked everywhere, and they could not find any Nazis! And so, the State had to take action.. where there was no threat, they had to create it.

That is exactly what they did, they reached out to the ADL, and said.. “Dear ADL, can you find some Nazis for us please” , and so the ADL began to look through the IMDB records, and they identified a few mostly White actors, & rappers, they then reached out and said “How would you like to be a Nazi” .. and a few of the actors responded with “DOUBLE ROMANS”!

Today, when the MSM speaks about the {new} greatest threat to the American way of life, they have real Nazis to show them.. they say, look at them, they are just as advertised, they are wearing tropical shirts, standing in front of Synagogues, and they are screaming at “innocent” jews to get back in the ovens.

They print newspapers, they make blog posts, and they have their talking heads repeat the same lines all the time “Never again, means never again” ..

And of course in order to defeat this threat like the last one, the ZOG agencies, and also the ADL all require billions in funding, and they are forced to pass new censorship laws.. they will start with a few of the larger states, and as these states push through the new laws, it will be normalized.. and then the laws can be Federalized, and each State will be forced to comply, or else risk losing their Federal funding.. and the main fight will be on the internet.. the ISP providers will be forced to censor Nazis (all pro White people) , and all of the social media companies, as well as Cloudflare, and the cloud hosting providers will be made to comply.

When they have successfully passed laws that match the Hate Speech laws in Canada, and Europe, 99% of the Americans will do about as much as they did about the “Patriot Act” .. they will reason that it does not effect them personally, and it is for the good of the American way of life.

If they have any doubt, they will be shown clips of Nazis calling young Black children “expired farm equipment” or scenes of Nazis telling elderly jews to “get back in the oven”, or they are mumbling incoherently about “baby penis”.

Once the job is done, the actors will disappear from the public scene, and many of the pro White activists that are not paid, will be silenced, killed, or they will rot in jail.

But.. at least we had some good laughs from it, am I Right?

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