Response to a deceived and lying college graduate fraud from Arizona

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

“Formal education”

That’s why you are so deceived.

Your formal education was worthless. You can’t respond to facts, can’t answer questions, and are nearly illiterate, but you think having a “formal education” means something?

“Educate the mind and not the morals; you create a menace to society.”
Teddy Roosevelt 

You’ve been trained to spit on truth and to cherish your brainwashing.

You probably haven’t read a single book since leaving college. That’s from your own words, where you boast you only read the Bible but still think you’re an authority on virtually everything.

Then, when your deluded worldviews are smashed to smithereens by books loaded with facts you don’t know, you simply turn up your nose and say you don’t bother with “conspiracy theories.”

“ Metaphors, parables, and analogies escape you”

Truth escapes you. Don’t worry about anything but the truth; until you get that right, nothing else matters. You are a terrible listener, which is why you are a terrible conversationalist. You ignore what is being said and keep repeating your deluded beliefs as if only your thoughts matter. You are a lying and arrogant man, but at least you have a “formal education.” That piece of paper makes it alright. 

“ You fear and condemn that which you don’t understand”

Your lack of self-awareness is stunning. You’ve just been bombarded with half a dozen books, dozens of facts, none of which you can refute, yet, you calmly lecture me I “fear and condemn that which you don’t understand”

Unbelievable blindness. Indeed the worst case I’ve ever seen. It’s bad enough when it’s a young person, but you are likely 40+, possibly in your fifties. That’s scary.

“ Unable to comprehend the deeper meaning and wisdom of what you read, you embark reflexively upon jeremiads of damnation and judgement.”

That is literally what every humbug and charlatan says and does. Makes pretensions of higher knowledge and wisdom when everyone with common sense can easily see they are a fraud.

Thank you so much for forgiving me! I really appreciate it; maybe worry about getting forgiveness for the hundreds of lies you’ve filled the website with, you deceived liar.

“ And together, it is my hope that we can reconcile our polarized viewpoints, and from a thesis and antithesis, combine them and form that proverbial Hegelian synthesis. It is then, and only then, that we can achieve a beatific synergy of mind and spirit.”

Whatever that mumbo jumbo means.

We are never getting along until you stop lying and do serious research.

No one likes a lying fraud.

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