Obscuring the Jewish Issue in Media #3 — PragerU

Dennis Prager. Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, we examined the ways in which Jewish media companies censor and suppress online views of the covid phenomenon and vaccine issue as presented by natural health doctor Joseph Mercola and Children’s Health Defense, and the way in which online journal Global Researchmanaged to hide the fact that seven of the eight banking dynasty families that founded the Federal Reserve were not only Jewish, but also almost thoroughly intermarried into one all-powerful Jewish banking clan

PragerU on Slavery

Now we will look at a video documentary released by PragerU, featuring the Black conservative Republican Party spokeswoman Candace Owens. I was interested to see this bit of what appears to be reverse propaganda, since it was titled “A Short History of Slavery.” This was first released in August 2021 when we had much worse to contend with, as the covid vaccine roll-out accelerated across the nation, to some extent under compulsion. Yet we always have the issue of racism to contend with in our post-Civil Rights era, and Candace was going to set us all straight. Her video currently has 3.3 million views.

Slavery didn’t start in 1492 when Columbus came to the New World. And it didn’t start in 1619 when the first slaves landed in Jamestown. It’s not a White phenomenon. The real story of slavery is long and complex. Candace Owens explains.

I found the knowledge (as far as it went) conveyed an excellent counter-point to the “woke” liberal narratives on the complex story of slavery. Such simplistic story-telling as 1619 as the beginning of slavery in America, and Columbus the first White man to enslave Caribbean islanders are thoroughly debunked by Owens, who explains that slavery is many thousands of years older than that—going back to the foundations of civilization 6000 years ago—and that Caribbean islanders were busy enslaving each other long before Columbus arrived. (In a strange development, Owens herself lists her “ethnicity” as Caribbean, as we will see.) Owens does not only extend slavery to all other races beyond Whites, but even praises White people as the only ones who ever officially ended slavery—for moral reasons (here, Chap. 7), and even notes that Whites have been victims of slavers, such as Muslim Arabs.

Jews Were the Slavers

The reason this otherwise honest depiction of slavery is a form of limited hangout (revealing part of the truth in order to forestall a search for further truths) is that it obscures the Jewish Issue. The best honest history of the Jewish role in the Transatlantic slave trade comes from the first volume of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (using the Yandex search engine, I got a hit for Archive.org, but it said no longer available due to violation of terms of use) by the Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims in America). In a synchronicity, a subscriber to my Substack site Taboo Truth recently sent me an over four hour video documentary titled You Are Amalek — The Hidden War Against The European Bloodlines. It contains a sermon by Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, referring to the Secret Relationship book he holds in his hand, and then a display of the many advertisements for the sale of Blacks by Jews presented in the book.

Columbus a Jew?

Today we see a surprising (or not) number of mainstream official sources questioning whether Columbus was a Jew. Many of them are Jewish sources, such as The Times of IsraelMy Jewish Learning, and Jewish Telegraphic AgencyTo the extent that CNN and HuffPoare also Jewish—a large extent—the view that Columbus was Jewish is now official doctrine (but not on Wikipedia, which details other theories). In scanning all these sources, it appears Jews are claiming Columbus for their own in the same way they claim great scientists such as Einstein and Oppenheimer to boost Jewish pride and trick the Goyim into thinking Jews are responsible for great advances in Western culture. Owens does something similar in the documentary “A Short History of Slavery,” without identifying Columbus as Jewish. Essentially she exonerates him as a slaver by indicating that the Caribbean islander tribes were already enslaving each other before Columbus arrived. We can speculate that PragerU was not ready to out Columbus as a Jew as yet, still focused on White-washing him and all other Whites of the exclusive sin of slavery.

The PragerU Story

What of PragerU itself? It defines itself in this way:

We promote American values through the creative use of educational videos that reach millions of people online. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Prager University Foundation (“PragerU”) offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education. Whether you’re searching for a deeper understanding, a new perspective, or a way to get involved, PragerU helps people of all ages think and live better.

To learn “The PragerU Story” and “How It All Started” see the documentary “celebrating PragerU’s first 10 years in the mind-changing business. Don’t miss it!” (emphasis added). I would not dream of missing this informative presentation on the PragerU story, so I watched all sixteen minutes of it. It begins with a brief profile of the narrator, Amala Ekpunobi, a young at least part-Black woman with long Black braids. Yes, then we learn that her father was a “Nigerian immigrant” and her mother a White American. Amala’s mother was in tears of joy when Obama was elected, which taught Amala that “skin color was important.”

After a mercifully brief rap dance by Amala, we come to the actual origins of PragerU in the persons of Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin. After displaying the development of PragerU as a successful online educational platform, we come back to another brief rap dance by Amala, then Estrin says “When people hear the truth, they start to wonder about everything they’ve been told.” It claims to have all the right enemies, including “big tech” which censors PragerU online. Dennis Prager equates a United States under censorship to the Soviet Union, and we see a headline flash: “Starving Ukraine,” (11:36) obviously referring to the Holodomor. The video even quotes Stalin saying “Utter destruction to the German invaders!” (11:21) a reference to Operation Barbarossa that began the war in the East.

Then Marissa Streit, the pretty blondish apparently White woman, CEO of PragerU, says “I think the story of Amala Ekpunobi is the story of many Americans.” Depicting the mulatto Ekpunobi as representative of “many Americans” is all part of PragerU’s “mind-changing business.” Since those most engaged in the “mind-changing business” are invariably Jews, I went searching to confirm that at least Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin are Jews. Radio Islam shows a long list under “Who Controls Millenial/Modern News?” and their racial heritage. Under PragerU, all three, including Streit, are listed as Jewish!

Marissa Streit, Prager CEO and Mossad Agent

I doubted that Streit is Jewish and so searched further. Her biography page at PragerUstates she “was born in Los Angeles and moved to Israel at a young age, where she completed her primary education and served in military intelligence unit 8200 of the Israel Defense Forces.” Unit 8200 is notorious as the Mossad’s cyber-intelligence department in charge of digital spying, censorship, private tech start-up affiliates, information hacking and other digital warfare, including especially in the U.S. The Israeli Unit 8200 agent Marissa Streit is CEO of PragerU.

Allen Estrin is Jewish

Estrin is harder to confirm. The only clue on his PragerU biography is that he “directed the highly-praised documentary, ‘Israel in a Time of Terror,’ 2002.” The Wikipedia entry on Estrin provides some more clues.

In 2002, Estrin was denied life insurance because he traveled to Israel, one of the countries subject to U.S. State Department travel advisories. Because of this, he sued 14 insurance companies. This led to some insurers changing such policies, and to a bill in California to outlaw such travel restrictions on policies.

A Jew is most likely to respond to a denial of life insurance with this kind of lawfare, especially if it involved beloved Israel.

Also, Jewish Journal published a brief review of Estrin’s and co-author Rabbi Joseph Telushkin’s 2004 book Heaven’s Witness, a murder mystery that incorporates a theme of the afterlife. What business two Jews have writing a novel referring to heaven is the real mystery, until we read in the Jewish Journal review: “The book… is peppered with talmudic and biblical axioms…” As for Estrin’s co-author, “Rabbi Joseph Telushkin has done his part to keep the Jewish people, well, literate, by publishing such erudite tomes as ‘Biblical Literacy’ (William Morrow, 1997) and ‘Jewish Literacy’ (William Morrow, 1991).” Is there any point in checking if William Morrow is dominated by Jews? We should be willing to confirm Estrin as Jewish given these references.

Dennis Prager So Jewish

Dennis Prager is openly Jewish. He “was raised in an orthodox Jewish home” in Brooklyn, attended a Yeshiva there, where he even befriended Estrin’s future co-author and future Rabbi Telushkin. A short Google entry on Prager (p. 402–3) labels him a “Jewish talk show host and author,” “who has often interpreted Judaism for a wider audience.”

His books The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism (1976) and Why the Jews? The Reason for Antisemitism (1983) surely do not deal with issues like whether Jews committed ritual murder of children, or whether Jewish behavior toward Gentiles generates antisemitism. Nine Questions became a best-seller and “popular in all the major American Jewish movements.” Question #3 is “If Judaism is supposed to make people better, how do you account for unethical religious Jews?”. I haven’t read the answer, but I would bet some serious money it is not that Jews have a racial proclivity and cultural training toward unethical behavior. Question #8, “Why shouldn’t I intermarry?” reveals Jewish racial separatism, supremacism and bigotry, while powerful Jews today promote White race mixing.

Why the Jews? attributes antisemitism to Gentile dislike for the quirky Jewish religion.

The authors find the root of anti-Semitism not in racism, xenophobia, the need for scapegoats, economic depressions, or any other universalizing factor. The occasion for the hatred of Jews they find in Judaism itself.

Prager and co-author Rabbi Telushkin state: “the Jew carries the burden of God in history and for this has never been forgiven.” Definitely a positive spin.

The following account of Prager’s Jewishness is summarized from the Google entry on Prager(p. 402–3): In the same year as his first book publication, Prager became Director of the Brandeis Institute, and brought in Telushkin as education director. “During his tenure [Prager] succeeded in influencing many young Jews.” For ten years Prager hosted a TV talk show on KABC discussing “religion,” and wrote a syndicated column for newspapers nation-wide. By 1986 he divorced his wife, nee Goldstein, and suffered a mental breakdown. Soon after Jewish-controlled President Reagan appointed Prager as U.S. delegate to the Vienna Review Conference on the Helsinki Accords. His weekly show on religion expanded to five hours every Sunday night. Prager’s Judaism then took form in 1992 in his joining the Steven S. Wise Reform Synagogue, and in his continuing education classes taught before hundreds of students at University of Jerusalem. In 1994 he hosted a nation-wide TV talk show. By 2000 Prager switched his show to KRLA, a “conservative Christian group,” but he “often serves as scholar in residence at synagogues throughout the United States.” The entry concludes: “he is considered one of the leading socially conservative Jewish political spokesmen.”

Prager remains thoroughly Jewish since his founding and operation of PragerU, a main component of Jewish control of current right-wing conservatism in the U.S.

Candace Owens, Acting for Jews

In late July 2021, researcher and author Eric Striker published “Rising Republican Party Influencers Got Their Start At Talent Agency Run By Israeli Pornographer” on the National Justice platform. It is essential reading to begin an understanding of Jewish control of conservative politics in the U.S. Striker identifies eight “household names in the world of Republican Party politics as being actors or models” groomed by the named Israeli pornographer.

Number 1 is Candace Owens. “who began producing professional conservative content months after launching her Explore Talent profile in 2017.” Explore Talent is the talent agency of Israeli-born Amiram Moshe Shafrir, who amassed wealth running a phone sex service and a number of online pornography sites. Later Shafrir’s porn customers were shifted into his new online dating sites to pad their numbers, including the Jewish-only site J-Date. Other Jews brought suit against Shafrir and his now ex-wife Sarit, including accusations of wiretapping, blackmail of military personnel, bribing police, credit card fraud and even trafficking of drugs to minors.

This is the man—Shafrir—who went on to found Explore Talent, where Candace Owens was “discovered” as a conservative spokesperson and wound up narrating the PragerU video on “A Short History of Slavery.” According to a Backstage investigation of Explore Talent:

ExploreTalent.com over has 7 million members and is the Internet’s largest resource for talents, with over 40,000 Roles & castings currently active. That is 10–20 times more than any other competing site.

Candace Owen’s “Acting/Modeling Profile” from Explore Talent is preserved on Archive.org. This is where she lists her ethnicity as “Caribbean.” I wonder if she is descended from Quadroons or Octaroons, mixed-race slaves, many likely part-Irish, descending from  Irish slaves in the Caribbean. She has the look. Irish were particularly enslaved on Barbados working the sugar plantations. Owens lists modeling, dance, film acting, music videos and other performing arts for which she is qualified to be hired. Hosting PragerU’s video on slavery is well within her job description.

Lead With the Money

The Daily Dot features an essay titled “PragerU is conservatism for the youth—brought to you by old billionaires,” updated in 2021. It’s subtitle states: “They’re old, they’re rich, and they want you to think just like them.” This source for knowledge on the funding of PragerU commences: “In one short decade, PragerU has become an indoctrination powerhouse.” It goes on to denounce PragerU from every Progressive “woke” perspective, suggesting it is misogynist, racist, Christian crazy, classist, stupid and above all greedy.

Before we are advised of the funding sources, we are offered a short list of “presenters” who are “fresh-faced millennials,” including non-Jews, presumably because PraegerU is basically a mission unto the gentiles. These are Ben Shapiro, Steven Crowder, Candace Owens, Will Witt, and Charlie Kirk. Shapiro is of course Jewish, and we know the Jewish influence over Owens. Charlie Kirk’s Wikipedia entry states he is “Evangelical Christian,” which means Christian Zionist. The accomplished commentator on Zionism Brandon Martinez claims “Charlie Kirk Basically Admits That He’s a Jew,” and while Kirk comes close, he essentially identifies himself as a zealous Zionist and philo-Semite. Will Witt is PragerU’s “Man on the Street,” and conducts spontaneous interviews with people, asking them questions probing their knowledge of relevant issues. See his “Who Was Anne Frank?” video, interviewing mostly young Blacks on Hollywood Boulevard about “one of the most important historical figures of all time.” One young Black man answered, “An actor, right?” Witt says “No,” but in fact the interviewee was correct. See the review of the recent book on the subject, “Review of “Unmasking Anne Frank, Her Famous Diary Exposed as a Literary Fraud,” something Witt and PragerU will never read but we all should.

Finally we come to the “old billionaires” who fund PragerU.

The poorest, Michael Leven, has an estimated net worth of $11 million; Lee Roy Mitchell, the next poorest, is worth a quarter-billion dollars. Three—the late Sheldon Adelson and brothers Dan and Farris Wilks—were/are billionaires.

Leven is featured on Amazing Jews as co-founding a Jewish donation program inspired by “his love of the Jewish people and Israel,” in the report “Michael Leven: Visionary Philanthropist Who Co-Founded the Jewish Future Pledge.”

Amazingly, Lee Roy Mitchell was a kingpin in the ownership of movie theaters, founder and CEO for twenty years of Cinemark, but is not Jewish, in an industry overwhelmingly dominated by Jews.

Dan and Farris Wilks’s parents founded their own church in 1947. “The church is not Christian, believing that Yahweh is the only god and that Jesus (whom they call Yahushua) is a separate entity.” By 1982 the church became

…the Assembly of Yahweh (7th day). Currently the Assembly of Yahweh (7th day) is a conservative Jews for Jesus-type congregation. It teaches that “the true religion is Jewish (not a Gentile religion)” and its members celebrate the Old Testament holidays rather than those related to the New Testament.

Farris Wilks “is the current pastor and bishop of the Assembly of Yahweh (7th day) near Cisco” Texas. He and his brother Dan are the epitome of Christian Zionists who worship Jews as Yahweh’s Chosen People and revere Israel above all nations. Their funding essentially identifies PragerU as the most prominent outlet for Christian Zionism allied with Jewish power. The Wilks brothers also funded Jewish conservative presenter Ben Shapiro at the Daily Wire.

Sheldon Adelson was a known Jewish Israel-Firster Zionist and multi-billionaire casino owner who may have connections to organized crime through defrauding his business partners, prostitution at his casinos, and bribery of Chinese officials to establish a casino in Macau. Adelson donated so much money to so many Republican candidates and campaigns, including both Trump campaigns, that he is called “Kingmaker.” He also funded Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Milekowsky) campaigns, as “Kingmaker” in Israel. Much more could be explored about Adelson as a devout Zionist and billionaire Jewish media influencer, and in this case as a major funder of PragerU. In 2013 Adelson famously said:

“What I would say is, ‘Listen. You see that desert out there, I want to show you something.’ …You pick up your cellphone and you call somewhere in Nebraska and you say, ‘OK let it go.’ And so there’s an atomic weapon, goes over ballistic missiles, the middle of the desert, that doesn’t hurt a soul. Maybe a couple of rattlesnakes, and scorpions, or whatever. And then you say, ‘See? The next one is in the middle of Tehran.’ So, we mean business.”

Adelson’s death in early 2021 came long after his financial support and content influence upon PragerU.

Of the five major donors and funders to PragerU, two are Jewish, and two are devout Christian Zionists. Rather than follow the money, we must lead with the money to understand PragerU’s objectives in the “mind-changing business.” They are pro-Zionist and pro-Jewish through influence on right-wing conservative U.S. politics. They also help incite the intense political divide as part of the divide/conflict/conquer strategy which a tiny Jewish minority inflicts on the much larger U.S. population to keep it distracted fighting each other rather than identifying its common enemy, the Jewish Power Elite (on both sides of the engineered mainstream political divide).

Conclusion: PragerU is Obscuring the Jewish Issue Bigtime

PragerU appears to be doing good work in distributing educational material counteracting the Left’s “woke” narratives and promoting American conservative patriotism, as exemplified in its “A Short History of Slavery” with young Black conservative spokesperson Candace Owens. A closer examination reveals that the two founders of PragerU, Dennis Prager and Allen Estrin are devout Israel-Firsters and fully self-identified practicing Jews. The CEO they chose to lead PragerU, Marissa Streit, is not only another Israel-Firster and devout Jew, but was trained by the Israeli Mossad’s Unit 8200, known for conducting the most malevolent surveillance, psychological operations, cyber spying and mind control propaganda in the U.S. This alone makes PragerU a key nexus in this culture war and psy-op Jews have long been inflicting on the U.S. population, both left and right.

In essence, PragerU is controlled opposition to the Jewish-controlled left-wing educational media promoting “wokeism” and Progressive views. Neither will notice Jewish power, and both will protect Jewish power from scrutiny. PragerU will participate in the incitement and provocation of right vs. left, driving the political divide deeper in the same way Communist propaganda drove a class divide between bourgeoisie and proletariat, and Neo-Communists drove and still drive a race divide in the U.S.

PragerU uses public actress and performer “Caribbean” Candace Owens as its diversity face for “the story of many Americans,” along with its “Story of PragerU” video, featuring mullato Amala Ekpunobi. This is conservatism that is safe for the Jews. Owens—and many others of the new crop conservative spokespeople—was discovered and groomed by a talent agency owned and operated by a corrupt Jewish Israeli pornographer involved in much greater organized crime, including Blackmailing and bribing police and military personnel and accused of selling drugs to minors.

Verdict: PragerU is convicted of obscuring the Jewish Issue because it is entirely Jewish in its founding and management, largely Jewish and Christian Zionist in its funding, operates from an establishment-friendly right-wing conservative perspective to promote Jewish interests and obliterate any noticing of the Jewish role as the backbone of the woke left in America. Like the Israel Lobby which actively courts support from both Democrats and Republicans, their goal is to ensure that both sides of political debate are safe for Jews.


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