Covid is the Template for Tyranny

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Communism is the religion of the satanist (Cabalist) Jewish central bankers 
who control the West through the WEF.All politicians work for them. Communism is

an occult monopoly over literally everything and everyone. 

Whereas Christianity sought to release our Divine potential, Satanism (Cabalist Judaism) 

seeks to steal and destroy everything of value, especially your soul. 
For example, transgenderism and cancel culture have nothing to do with minority rights. 
They’re designed to destroy Christian civilization.Cabalist Jews & Freemasons are first & foremost destroyers.This is the real reason for antisemitism. The fact it cannot be mentioned illustrates just how far this deadly cancer has progressed.Mankind has been inducted into this satanic cult which requires total conformity.

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by Drew Hunkins(


The frenzied Russophobic groupthinkthat’s currently reverberating throughout virtually the entire Western militarist-corporate media and citizenry is staggering to witness. One can do nothing but stand back in awe at the indoctrination that’s suffocating us all.

The Russiagate nonsense and Covid Cult hysteria were the worst mob mentalities one had ever witnessed. However neither of those reaches the level of this non-stop animus against Putin and Russia.

Moreover, the cavalier way so many liberals and neo-cons are now dismissing the long-held Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine as it comes to nuclear war is astonishingly dismaying. Glibly advocating for a no-fly zone ultimately means nuclear war.

Chillingly, there no longer appear to be any sane heads left in Washington – personally sanctioning Putin and Lavrov obviously severs diplomatic relations, severed diplomatic relations historically has often been a prelude to war. The U.S. even has national politicians and apoplectic talking heads calling for the assassination of Putin. Brazen criminal violations of international law are now rationally discussed under the aegis of learned gentility on mainstream media. That this taunting could quickly devolve the world into a nuclear war does not seem to bother anyone.

Across the spectrum in the U.S. – from the humanitarian [sic] interventionist liberals to the crazy neo-con warmongers – it’s all Russophobic diatribes all day, all night. Any rational knowledgeable analysts who attempt to present the reasonable Russian position are immediately scorned and ridiculed and dismissed as Kremlin propagandists.

That (Russian Defence Minister) Shoigu is desperately trying to minimize human casualties in Ukraine despite the far-right militias bedding down in hospitals and theaters is ignored.

This extremely dangerous mass psychosis that’s washing over nearly the entire Western hemisphere (except for Latin America) must somehow be transcended before the likelihood that two nuclear armed superpowers clash increases to the point of no return. 

——First Comment by Whoopy 99
A former KGB person (Yuri Bezmenov) living in the US since 1975 was astounded by how easy citizens of the US were so easily brainwashed. He said no other country that he knew of was that easy to dumb down. There is a light in the tunnel, I’ve been getting information that more and more people are seeing the light. Light. As time goes on, I think the truth will get out.

Kill Grid: The Vaxx, 5G and Smart Phones Are Inextricably Linked By Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce 
Forbidden Knowledge TV

March 18, 2022


We’ve seen very clearly in recent days how the Biden Regime is waging war against Americans, by crashing the US economy and the US dollar with an engineered fuel- and food crisis.

This is clearly in tandem with the various genocidal initiatives that have been put in place in recent decades, like the glyphosate herbicides that have reduced human sperm counts by 90%, the forced-vaccination of school kids that has resulted in autism rates of 1 in 17, the carcinogenic 60 Hz fields from our electric grids and the weaponized millimeter waves of 5G, all of which are killing us softly.

This is to say nothing of the abiding demoralization campaign against life-affirming values that has been raging in pop culture since the 1960s.

The US was hijacked by the Globalists in 1913 and it was fully conquered in November 2020. The Globalists are intent on reducing the human population and they’re making their move now.

The more people that become aware of this, the lesser the chance that they succeed.

Rights activist attorney, Todd Callender has been defending US servicemen from being forced to take the death shot. He’s joined by Dr Pete Chambers, Special Operations Surgeon and Green Beret in the Texas National Guard, tech researcher, Nick Winters and medical researcher, Dr John Lukacs, along with Sean at the SGT Report for an in-depth discussion about the experimental jab technology, 5G and smart phones, which they believe are all linked to the eugenicists’ kill grid.

Sean plays a clip from La Quinta Columna which shows how the radiation output of a cellphone changes, depending on the video content being played on the phone. When the content is anti-establishment, the radiation becomes much higher and more toxic.

In short, 5G is a bigger part of this picture than even the most paranoid among us may have thought.

John says that cell towers are ridiculously over-powered, saying, “To put it in perspective, a microwave oven is like a kilowatt – so it’s a thousand watts. These towers, they have cables running up them; ten, twenty different cables that carry with them 300,000 watts max, each.

“So if you have ten cables, one of these towers has a maximum of three megawatts of power and these cables are not carrying data. This is not fiber optics. This is powering the magnetron, basically.

“The FCC limits each array to 400 watts. But one watt from say, your phone can travel 25 miles. That’s 1,000 of the stuff coming out of your microwave oven.

“What is concerning here is the modulation that is possible with the upgraded technology. They can dial this up, they can dial this back. My concern, here is that the amount of raw power, you couldn’t imagine it.

“You literally could cook an entire city if you just crank the dial up to 11 for ten minutes. You could roast like a Thanksgiving turkey. And these towers are everywhere and there’s multiple redundancies on all of them.”

Based on the patents he’s read, John thinks that the graphene oxide in the vaccines, in combination with cellphone tower radiation can create graphene hydroxide and cause self-assembly of different structures, based on the various nanoparticles present in a particular batch.

John says, “This is actually a manufacturing process that was a technological breakthrough that I came across reading trade papers.”

He says that glutathione can help us to de-toxify from graphene oxide (GO) and help to eliminate it from the body. However, he says if there are large accumulations of GO in our body, the first thing that happens with a certain frequency of non-ionizing radiation from a cell tower is it that it will hit these particles, causing them to multiply in physical mass by as much as 30 times.

“And it will combine with whatever else is around and form up whatever that recipe is specifically designed to tell  it to form.

“So, if you want to take all the graphene oxide in your body and flip it into graphene hydroxide and flood your vasculature with little nano razor blades, as Andreas Noack warned us about, that’s how it’s done.

“They’re using this infrastructure to create things, using the human body as a manufacturing plant.”

John doesn’t know what the various recipes are but he has an idea.

“These are signals that are sent – and they don’t have to be terahertz frequencies, they don’t need to be anything exotic. They can be from 1 gigahertz to 2.4; the stuff that cordless phones are running on.

“But it is the pattern. It’s kinda like a Morse Code. So, you’ll have a pulse at this frequency for ten seconds, followed by a pulse for five seconds, followed by three pulses at one second. Something like that. This is what’s described in the patents I’ve been reading.

“They can dial in a disease or a death like you’re tuning in a radio station. And they can do it across a broad area. So this is the most dangerous aspect of this, because it’s so covert and it’s so science fiction, almost that hardly anyone believes it.

“But I can tell you, it is very well-grounded in science. All of the different allotropes of that graphene oxide material can be generated spontaneously, under the right EMF band. The can literally change the allotropes, from sheets to strings to bucky balls – there’s like eight different ones.”

The essential points of what Todd Callender believes are:

• The Covid-19 and “vaccine” bioweapon operation is a planned genocide and war crime against humanity that is part of a multi-decade plan of the elites.

• Both Covid-19 and the injection are man-made bioweapons that include bioengineered, synthetic, chimeric, hybrid microorganisms that are both part viral and part bacterial. They use chimeric e. coli, ebola, and Marburg in the shots.

• The injections contain lipid nano-particles that carry these pathogenic chimeric microbes that invade cells and genetically modify them to produce spike proteins. The HIV protein in the bioweapons disable the body’s autoimmune system allowing these lipid nano-particles to invade cells. The “vaccine” gives VAIDS, or “Vaccine Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome”. All those who are “vaxxed” will now test positive for HIV. People who have taken 3 shots have no immune system left. There is no other way to characterize this program other than unlawful homicide/genocide.

• The military’s own numbers in their DMED database show an 1,100% increase in all causes of mortality and morbidity among 1.8 million US soldiers from 2020 to 2021. This population group is aged between 18 and 40 years. These forecasts predict a 5,000% increase in morbidity and mortality in this same group this year (2022).

• Everyone who has taken the injections is participating in a Phase 3 Clinical Trial without having given informed consent.

• This is all tied in to the widespread introduction of 5G communication system. The 5G (18-60) Gigahertz EM signal produces symptoms in humans identical with Covid-19 and the “vaccine.” Also, the materials in the injections are designed to be activated upon exposure to the 18 GHz frequencies emitted by 5G antennas. Thus, 5G transmitters (0 to 100 GHz) will be the trigger mechanism for the Zombie Apocalypse.

• The first major outbreaks of “Covid-19” occurred in Wuhan, China, Milan, Italy, and New York City just as these 5G communications systems were being activated for the first time.

• The ADE response inside vaxxed people will turn loose the chimeric microorganisms that will turn them into N protein factories, which they will shed onto others and which are designed to be contagious. In this manner, 5G will create the zombies of the Zombie Apocalypse.

• He says to look up the IP36 Gene deletion syndrome. This is the number 1 serious adverse event listed by Pfizer. It is basically the Marburg infection and the Zombie Apocalypse.

• In his litigation against the US Department of Defense for inflicting this genocidal weapon upon our soldiers, he observes that only Christians and those with a relationship with God generally have the discernment needed to understand the extent of evil now being inflicted upon us by our leaders.

• The next plandemic will be to scare the resisters (unvaxxed) into compliance by making it so horrible that they will run to the quarantine centers (FEMA camps). There will be massive outbreaks of hemorrhagic fevers, people will be falling over dead from ebola.

• People need to prepare and get in touch with their local sheriffs and representatives and the 5G towers must be taken down as fast as possible. They are the triggering mechanism for the next plandemic and a zombie apocalypse.

There’s a lot more in this information-packed panel that’s worth a listen.

Reprinted with the author’s permission.

Fox News, Ukraine and the Onset of the New World Order

I have been writing and saying in numerous essays and articles published since 2013 that Fox News (that is, the news portion of the media operation) serves as a propaganda voice for the Neoconservative globalists of the managerial Deep State.

That much should be clear simply by tuning in for just a few minutes to view Fox News’ over-the-top coverage of the Ukrainian conflict.

It’s nothing new.

Two prominent examples immediately come to mind. Both primetime announcer Bret Baier, author of a potboiler praising Ulysses Grant, and Brian Kilmeade, author of an unserious volume praising the collaboration of Abraham Lincoln and radical revolutionary Frederick Douglass, serve as a zealous “amen corner” for American intervention globally. (Both books were no doubt written with critical collaboration from “ghost writers”)

And who can forget the unbridled globalism (and anti-Trumpism) of the late Charles Krauthammer, and his boast that after the fall of Communism, “we now live in a unipolar world,” controlled essentially by American business and political elites and the US state department, and anyone who stands in our (their) way must be taught “a lesson in American democracy?”

Just as our Federal government had “saved” the Union in 1861-1865 by beating down those unprogressive racist Confederates and their traitorous leaders (e.g. Lee and Davis), so now America must go round the world to “enlighten” it about all the wonders and blessings of our form of liberal democracy.

Whether in Syria, where Fox was joined at the hip to the late John McCain’s frenzied calls for the United States to intervene against the legitimate and Christian-supported government of President Bashar Assad (as McCain stood on the ground arm-in-arm with ISIS-connected guerrillas), or its plea that American soldiers must stay in Afghanistan long after the imposed twenty-year US “experiment in democracy” had been deemed a failure, or now with its unbelievably propagandistic coverage of the conflict in Ukraine, Fox News is not adverse to employing disinformation and extreme emotionalism in the causes it advances.

As I do each morning, but only for a few disagreeable minutes, Tuesday (March 15) I switched on “Fox & Friends.” The program ended with the network offering its viewers a performance by pop singer Vladimir John Ondrasik of his new “patriotic” song: “Can One Man Save the World?” As I listened to Ondrasik and the words of his song, the motivation and object were apparent: the embattled president of Ukraine, Volodymir Zelensky, has become the new “savior of the world,” indeed a near-perfect, holy, Christ-like figure, sent from Heaven to lead the peoples of the earth into a new age, annealed in democracy, freedom, and accompanying exaltation…despite the fact that the country he leads is probably the most corrupt and undemocratic in Europe.

And Brian Kilmeade, seizing the moment and deeply affected by Ondrasik’s cloying paean, almost genuflected in homage. Here was “the Abraham Lincoln of Ukraine,” leading his beleaguered nation against those awful pro-Russian secessionists in Donetsk and Lugansk provinces which have declared their independence from Kiev (the flag these states have adopted is modeled on the Confederate Battle Flag) and against the forces of the new Satan himself, Vladimir Putin, brooding and mentally-deranged, crouching in the dark recesses of the Kremlin.

But Volodymyr Zelensky—who is he really? Well, he is a comedian and former performing drag queen who was literally plucked out of nowhere to become the current president of Ukraine. Archbishop Carlo Vigano’, former Apostolic Nuncio in the United State for the Catholic Church and an highly informed observer of Eastern European cultural and political matters, offers this picture:

Zelensky’s performances as a drag queen are perfectly consistent with the LGBTQ ideology that is considered by his European sponsors as an indispensable requirement of the “reform” agenda that every country ought to embrace, along with gender equality, abortion and the green economy. No wonder Zelensky, a member of the WEF [World Economic Forum] (here), was able to benefit from the support of Klaus Schwab and his allies [including George Soros] to come to power and ensure that the Great Reset would also be carried out in Ukraine…. In his homeland, many accuse him of having taken power away from the pro-Russian oligarchs not to give it to the Ukrainian people, but rather to strengthen his own interest group and at the same time remove his political adversaries.

After his election Zelensky closed seven opposition television channels, suppressed the opposition press, and arrested and accused the leader of the major opposition party in Ukraine, Arsen Medvedcuk, of treason, while naming his friends and associates to powerful and lucrative high positions in the government.

And this is the man that Nancy Pelosi holds up as “the champion of democracy” and for whom Brian Kilmeade blubbers his unreserved admiration as another Abraham Lincoln.

Since 2014, the seceded republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have suffered approximately 14,000 civilian casualties at the hands of organized and irregular Ukrainian troops. But no Western media carry news of those outrages.

Instead, what American viewers get are graphic images of hospitals, maternity wards and civilian apartments destroyed, it is repeated incessantly, by Russian missiles and long-range artillery fire.

Yet, careful investigation of those purported “war crimes” should cause viewers to doubt what they are seeing. The first question that arises is: why would the Russian Army specifically target civilians and hospitals, for all the world to plainly see, when already they are receiving such negative press in the West? Indeed, with nearly 20% of the Ukrainian population ethnically Russian and stated Russian war aims to pacify and win over at least portions of the country, such mindless attacks would seem counter-productive.

And that brings us to the tactic of various irregular groups fighting at the behest of the Ukrainian government, such as the fanatical Azov Battalion militia group (trained by the CIA) and other violent nationalist formations which have engaged in terrorism against Russian civilians since 2014. Part of the strategy of such groups is to stage false flag operations, to occupy a hospital, for instance, and use it as a base for sniper fire against Russian regulars. Then, when the Russians fire back, to show vivid images to eager Western reporters of the “war crimes” committed by those hated Russians. Nothing gets the attention and sympathy of American viewers more than scenes of dying innocent mothers with their young babies, savagely slaughtered by those evil Orc-like demons from the cold north. And nothing makes better fodder for Ukrainian propagandists than those images spread across American HD wide-screens.

As Archbishop Vigano’ has observed (March 6):

It is dismaying to see with what hypocrisy the European Union and the United States – Brussels and Washington – are giving their unconditional support to President Zelensky, whose government for eight years now has continued to violently persecute Russian-speaking Ukrainians with impunity (here), for whom it is even forbidden to speak in their own language… And it is scandalous that they are silent about the use of civilians as human shields by the Ukrainian army, which places anti-aircraft positions inside population centers, hospitals and maternity wards, schools and kindergartens precisely so that their destruction can cause deaths among the population.

Investigative journalists, Glenn Greenwald (on Substack), and Chronicles magazine assistant editor Pedro Gonzalez (March 7), have documented the incredibly large number of such instances, of horribly tragic attacks seemingly aimed at civilians, supposedly by the Russian army, only on closer inspection to have been committed by Ukrainian irregulars—who thereupon can utilize the unquestioning bias and favorability of the Western media to present their version widely:

…while the Western media shows images of the video game War Thunder (here), frames from the movie Star Wars (here), explosions in China (here), videos of military parades (here), footage from Afghanistan (here), from the Rome metro (here) or images of mobile crematoria (here), passing them off as real and recent scenes of Russian “war crimes,” the reality of the war in Ukraine is ignored because it has already been decided to employ the conflict as a weapon of mass distraction that legitimizes new restrictions of freedoms in Western nations, according to the plans of the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the United Nations’ Agenda 2030.

And then, as intended, comes the outrage of American viewers, the feverish calls in Congress “to establish a no-fly zone” over Ukraine (an insane idea embraced by Republicans Lindsey Graham and Adam Kinzinger, which would lead undoubtedly to World War III) or to assassinate President Putin of Russia.

The propaganda works its magic. Not only is American corporate enterprise terminating all its business ventures in Russia, while most of the world, led by the United States state department and its Neocon apparatchiks, does the same, but anything or anybody in any way who dissents from the dogmatic establishment viewpoint on the conflict is “cancelled” or denounced as a “traitor” (e.g., Mitt Romney’s vicious attack on former Representative Tulsi Gabbard’s quite factual words as “treasonous”).

Have we not heard this chorus before? Is our memory so short that we cannot recall the unceasing examples of Russophobia during the Trump presidency? And yet many of the same “conservatives” who strongly and rightly resisted the disinformation percolating for the past six years, now accept the words, the photo montages, and the reporting of the same media and government voices as absolute, incontrovertible gospel?

Our news media decries censorship in Russia; the Russians, they say, are only presenting one side to their population. But, let me ask, is not the American media doing exactly the same thing? Are not their strident voices—and not just that of the brain-dead Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger—demanding that any dissenter, even the mildest and most circumspect (e.g., Tucker Carlson), be censored, throttled, even imprisoned for “thought crimes”?

Even such internationally-famed artists and cultural icons as the Russian orchestra conductor Valery Gergiev and soprano Anna Netrebko are immediately fired, their contracts summarily terminated by practically all American and Western institutions they were to grace with their talent because they won’t openly and forthrightly denounce and condemn their home country and its president. And, more, the dozens of DVDs and compact discs of their performances are now disappearing from sellers, or prices for their works are now reaching astronomical figures.

Not even during the hottest moments of the Cold War was such extreme censorship exercised.

Yes, it IS censorship, perhaps less open and more subtle, but there just the same, progressively accomplishing its goal of silencing and punishing anyone who demurs.

The American pot is calling the Russian kettle black.

Far too many Americans do not comprehend the fundamental issues involved in this conflict. Of course, Ukrainians are fighting Russians, and the near-totality of the West is both condemning the Russians and aiding Ukraine. But Ukraine is only a pawn is a much larger global game. Our managerial and foreign policy elites, despite their professed anguish over the blood being shed tragically in that corner of Eastern Europe, do not actually care about the poor Ukrainians living in besieged Kiev or the poor Russians living in the war-torn Donbas. What is important to them is, above all, the major effort and push for a globalist “Great Reset” using the Ukrainian conflict to finally accomplish their objective of bringing the entire world in accord with their plans for a New World Order. And to do that, Russia, which now stands athwart their designs, must be diminished and brought into line.

As international leaders from Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, to George Soros, with his multiple international NGOs, to various government officials in Kiev have declared (in the words of Ukrainian parliamentarian Kira Rudik to Fox News): “We know that we are not only fighting for Ukraine, but also for the New World Order.”

And that new order is not that of the traditional Christian West. Nor is Volodymyr Zelensky the “one man who can save the world.” That Man suffered on a Cross for us 2,000 years ago.

(Republished from My Corner by permission of author or representative)