Israeli Army Draftees are Forcibly Vaccinated

November 3, 2021

(Israeli mother received phone call from daughter in the army–hit the cc for subtitles)

Teenage Israeli draftees are awakened in the middle of the night and force-vaccinated.Israeli Jews are not getting placebos. They are suffering the same adverse reactions and deaths as people worldwide. 

Israelis Complain – The Government is FascistBy Jana Bennun, Israel News Now 

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We have heard a rumor that the tyranny that is happening to people all over the world is somehow not applicable to “Jews.” 

Some channels on Bitchute and other platforms are spreading information that the death shots given to Israeli citizens are harmless since Israelis are receiving only placebos while the nations around the globe are injected with the actual poison. 

While we are aware of the fact that the different batches of the poisonous shots contain mysterious ingredients and different groups of people/nations may receive various kinds of mixtures, it is not true that the Israeli people are all given placebos only. 

According to our sources in Israel, people there are indeed dying from the shots and many are vaccine injured. 

There are politicians, doctors, scientists, and lawyers in Israel that are desperately warning the public about the vaccines being harmful and sounding the alarm about the human rights violations that the Israeli government is imposing upon the public. 

Many Israeli believers in Christ have chosen not to take this vaccine and are suffering as the result of their choice. They are banned from entering public places such as grocery stores and department stores. This is true not only for the followers of Christ in Israel but for many other citizens with various beliefs. Atheists, Jews, Arabs, and others are all united in their suffering under Israel’s ruthless COVID-19 measures.

In short, this crime against humanity is also happening in Israel. In fact, our friends in Israel have a very difficult time getting any information to us because of strict censorship. It is much easier for activists in the United States to be vocal. In Israel however, the situation greatly resembles the fascism of Nazi Germany. 

Please remember that it is not Israeli people nor rank-and-file Jewish people that are responsible for this NWO fascism; it is their LEADERSHIP. 

Israel was created by the Rothschild dynasty and is now controlled by them. 

These are the same people that were responsible for the Holocaust. The Rothschilds controlled both sides of the war with the goal of creating the Jewish State so that they could further their grip on power in the world and they gladly used Jews to achieve their purposes. I know that this information may come as a surprise to many of you, however, if you are willing to go really deep into the rabbit hole and do your research, you will sadly come to the same conclusions. Perhaps it is a good idea to start with reading a book titled Holocaust Victims Accuse written by Rabbi Moshe Shonfeld. The book is censored in Israel and out of print in the USA, however, I was able to find you a free PDF. Check it out.

Another good book written by the Jewish author, Edwin Black, is The Transfer Agreement. This book is easily found on Amazon. (See “Hitler was a Godsend to Israel”.)

Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders in Israel have sold out Israeli citizens by signing agreements with Pfizer Corporation (with its Jewish CEO) to use Israelis as a subject of medical experiment, with the goal of using Israel as an example to the world on how to handle COVID-19 and a guide on how to impose fascistic rules upon a nation’s citizens.

 Leaders of many nations follow Israel’s lead of forced vaccine mandates and medical apartheid, which is a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Follow what’s happening with the Covid mandates in Israel and expect the same to happen in your nation. 

A sourced news article below from last year reminds us of the fact that then-president Trump was responsible for the “Warp Speed” operation in our own nation. He held secret negotiations, along with Netanyahu, with the major vaccine manufacturers while failing to disclose to the public that the vaccines were EXPERIMENTAL. While many Americans view Trump as the most patriotic president of all time, the fact remains that he sold out American citizens to power-hungry, genocidal corporations.

While it’s no secret that Pfizer’s and Moderna’s manufacturers are tied to Jews, we must remember that it is not ordinary Israelis that are responsible for the crimes of these evil corporations. Israelis are victims as people of other nations are. They’ve been sold out by their leaders and living in the division, medical apartheid, censorship, and slavery.


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