Catherine Austin Fitts – The Sinister Agenda Behind Mandatory Injections

November 17, 2021
“The idea is you basically chip everybody, you put them on remote control through the cell tower system and instead of resonating with the divine, they resonate with a machine.”
By Greg Hunter’s

Former Assistant Secretary of Housing and publisher of “The Solari Report” Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF) says all that’s happening now can be boiled down to one simple, but evil, concept.  CAF explains, “It’s a war on God, and God is going to win.”

Because America was set up with Biblical principles, it’s also a war on America.  

Fitts says, “You see this in the founding documents that an individual’s freedom is created by divine authority.   So, in the founding documents, our governor is God.  We are created by divine authority.  Our freedom comes by divine authority, but we are individual sovereigns.  We have the power to create sovereign governments and to end them if they stop serving us.  The model is very clear, and you and I have grown up with this model our whole life.  

Now, we have a new model, and it’s called transhumanism, and the idea is you basically chip everybody, you put them on remote control through the cell tower system and instead of resonating with the divine, they resonate with a machine.”

Fitts goes on to say, “What we know is there is an enormous and powerful and forceful push to inject people with a mysterious substance or partial mysterious substance that we know, from the adverse events and deaths so far, is very dangerous.  So, we are politically trying to force people to play Russian roulette with poison, and the question is why?”

Could the reason for the deadly dangerous jabs be depopulation?  

Fitts says, “From where I sit, this has never been about health.  It’s about re-engineering.  You had a financial coup for 20 years, and now you have to have a reset because all the retirement money has been essentially stolen.  I am grossly over simplifying, and now you have to reset and you are not going to tell people why you are doing what you are doing.  

“You need a way of marketing the reset. . . . Covid is a way of marketing the reset. . . .We have a very ugly re-engineering going on, which is making inequality go through the roof.  You also have now a growing number of highly intelligent experienced people who are starting to realize that this is a coup, and the people leading the coup are not to be followed or admired.”

 “A financial system cannot operate without the rule of law, and these guys are planning on running this thing with the rule of force.  There is a lot of smart educated people looking at this and saying that we don’t believe their plan will work.  So, we are in for a real food fight with the productive people and the people who would like to centralize control that are very unproductive.  

“This is the transhumanists verses the human productive.  It’s a fight between the creepy and productive. . . .I think you are seeing a divide, and it’s terrible and tragic.  It splits families.  It splits companies.  So many people want to stay in the middle of the road, and they don’t realize the middle of the road is going away. . . . I have news for you.  It was clear they were going to liquidate the population through this process.  You need to sit down and get all the tools and information to radically strengthen your immune system and radically lower your toxicity levels.”

CAF also says, “The health care system, which is fantastic at certain things, has become almost completely untrustworthy. . . .I agree with Dr. Kory, it’s very dangerous to go to the hospital.”

On the financial front, CAF is most worried about inflation and explains, “My big concern is inflation.  You have seen the central banks print tremendous amounts of money.  They have channeled that money to insiders.  They were using it to buy up the planet, and that game is going to get much worse with the climate change operation.”

(There is much more in the nearly 40 min interview.)

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with the publisher of The Solari Report,Catherine Austin Fitts. (10.30.21)

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Catherine Austin Fitts & Del Bigtree Unravel the economic fascism behind the Covid-19 Psyop


Many believe that Susan B. Anthony was a historical hero, because she fought hard for the women’s vote. A quick search of this woman was enlightening. She was born on February 15, 1820. She grew up as a Quaker. Quakers believed that all men and women were equal in the eyes of God and should listen to their “inner light” or conscience to guide their spiritual connection with God and the Bible. Their four main tenets were simplicity, truth, equality, and community.

For many, this sounds great! But they do not regard any book as being the actual word of God. They regard the Bible as a great inspirational book, but they don’t see it as the only one. They fight for social justice, freedom of conscience, and environmental issues. They sound like they were the first social justice warriors.

Here are some famous quotes from Susan:

“I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand.”

“Independence is happiness.”

“There never will be complete equality until women themselves help to make laws and elect lawmakers.”

“I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.”

“Organize, agitate, educate, must be our war cry.”

“No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent.”

Susan B. Anthony was a radical feminists. She was raised in a false religion. Everyone is equal in the sight of God in this way: ““There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28). All who believe in Jesus Christ are one in Him. This is what this verse means. It doesn’t mean they are equal in role or in anything else.

It certainly doesn’t negate the roles that God has designed specifically for men and women. Men are stronger. Women are the weaker vessel and more easily deceived. Men are to be the providers and protectors. Women are to be the bearers of children and the keepers at home. Susan B. Anthony rebelled completely against these God ordained roles.

Since Quakers didn’t believe the Bible was the Word of God but instead were guided by some “inner light,” it sounds like the inner light she was guided by was Satan. It sure wasn’t God! Women are to depend upon men for their protection. This is God’s will. Independence isn’t happiness. We are seeing clearly that this isn’t true. Women are more depressed and suicidal these days than they have ever been. Independence has made them lonely and insecure.

Susan fought for the right to vote, because she felt that women could do a better job than men. She wanted women to make laws and be lawmakers. God designed men to be the leaders of society. She was fighting God’s will in all of this. When she was fighting for suffrage, just a small percentage of women even agreed with her. They didn’t want to focus upon politics. They wanted to focus on home and family.

She’s the one who taught women to fight and be like men. She taught them to be discontent with the roles that God had given to them. All of her quotes show her foolishness apart from God’s Word and ways. She was not anyone that godly women should admire. She was against biblical womanhood. She spent her life fighting against it. She didn’t only want women to be equal with men, she wanted them to be superior to them because they “knew better” than men. No, I am not a fan of Susan at all. It’s women like her who helped cause the mess this nation is in right now.

Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.
Romans 16:17

General Of Oklahoma National Guard Refuses To Enforce Vaccine Mandate

As deadlines for vaccination mandates approach, the Pentagon has been wrestling with ways to deal with the individual resisters to President Joe Biden’s plan.

As tens of thousands of active duty troops make the potentially career ending decision to refuse the jab, the top brass are figuring out ways to take away their benefits and force them to repay bonuses.

by Matt Agorist

general of oklahoma national guard refuses to enforce vaccine mandate

While much of the resistance to the Covid-19 vaccination mandate has come in the form of individuals, that may be changing thanks to a General in Oklahoma.

Army Brig. Gen. Thomas Mancino was introduced on Wednesday as Oklahoma’s new adjutant general and commander of the Oklahoma National guard. And he’s quickly become a thorn in the side of team Forced Vax.

Over the weekend, Mancino announced that he will not be enforcing the Defense Department’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate on Oklahoma’s troops. According to the general, no negative administrative or legal action will be taken against Guardsmen who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

What’s more, the command will continue to process federal vaccine waivers in accordance with the Department of Defense policy so when troops have to deploy outside of the state, they will be in compliance with federal guidelines.

After news of the resistance began making waves in the media, Mancino clarified his stance and quickly pointed out that he is not anti-vaccination, he is pro-informed consent.

“This policy is not anti-vaccine. I and the Governor are both vaccinated,” Mancino said in a statement published on Saturday.

“I encourage all our Oklahoma Guard Members to get vaccinated if they choose to do so. We want to educate and inform our Soldiers and Airmen so that they can make an informed decision regarding the DoD Vaccine Mandate.”

It appears that Mancino has found a loophole in the law which allows this move to be made — legally.

According to FOX News, Under Title 32, Congress established a dual framework for the National Guard, Mancino explained. The states receive federal funding in return for being made available to the federal government when called to active duty by the President.

Under Title 32, the Oklahoma National Guard is a state-controlled and federally-funded entity and takes orders from the Governor and his designated chain of command. When mobilized by the President, under Title 10, the Oklahoma National Guard takes all orders from the President and his designated chain of command, Mancino said.

“Failing to follow the Governor’s lawful orders while on Title 32 would be both illegal, unethical, and against our sworn oaths. Nothing in this order prevents anyone from taking the vaccine,” Mancino said.

“Also, nothing in his order eliminates the Federal Requirement. The Governor is hoping for Federal Relief from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and in the interim has granted state relief from this requirement.”

Apparently, the governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt is in agreeance with the general and had actually requested earlier this month that the DoD not enforce the mandate on the entire state’s Army and Air National Guard members as well.

According to the Army Times, Stitt’s top spokesperson, Charlie Hannema, argued that the “only way Oklahoma would ‘forfeit’ any federal funding for failing to comply with Title 32 would be to ignore the lawful order of the dually elected civilian authority, i.e. The Governor of Oklahoma.”

That does not appear to be happening, although other top brass see this as a “legal gray area.”

After news of the resistance made its way to the Pentagon, officials said they will “respond appropriately,” to the incident, refusing to elaborate further.

“We are aware of the memo issued by the Oklahoma Adjutant General regarding COVID vaccination for Guardsmen and the governor’s letter requesting exemption. We will respond to the governor appropriately,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told Axios in a statement.

The idea of a single individual resisting a forced medical procedure is the epitome of courage. However, when an entire state’s National Guard force says “no” to forced jabs, this paves the way for a massive shift in policy.

If more generals and high ranking military officials follow suit, the unconstitutional employee mandates may stop dead in their tracks and logic and reason will prevail with people being able to make their own medical choices.

Indeed, as TFTP reported last week, over half of the states are suing the federal government over these tyrannical and unscientific mandates and it appears to be working. The pendulum, as they say, appears to be swinging back — at least for the time being.

Most Vaxxed Country In The World Cancels Christmas Due To HUGE COVID Spike

Gibraltar is the most vaccinated country on Earth today. The average is 2.7 doses per person. But despite its successful vaccine policies, the country is going through another huge spike in cases.

The latest spike in cases started in mid-October. The numbers continue to rise:

most vaxxed country in the world cancels christmas due to huge covid spike

Things are so bad that Gibraltar canceled its Christmas celebrations this year.
Here’s a thought — Maybe the vaccines don’t work?

Also read: Gibraltar (99% Of Population Vaccinated) and Iceland (90-98% of Population Vaccinated) See MASSIVE Covid Spike.

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Project ‘Looking Glass’ Insider: The ‘Elites’ Panicked When They Saw The Future – No Matter What They Do, Mankind Eventually Wins

‘Project Looking Glass technology saw that the Great Awakening cannot be stopped’, says military insider.

Project 'Looking Glass' Insider: The 'Elites' Panicked When They Saw the Future – No Matter What They Do, Mankind Eventually Wins

How the Looking Glass device looks like based on insider testimonies.

A message from David Icke:

“As I have been saying the outcome is written by levels of consciousness way beyond the village idiots of the Cult – the people win as they awaken to the truth. We are in the darkest days in 2021, 2022 and into 2023 before dawn breaks and a whole new reality emerges based on love and freedom. Stay strong, don’t submit to tyranny – freedom IS coming and the ‘all-powerful’ Cult is in its last desperate death throes.”

Watch below:

As whistleblowers/insiders have explained last year, the current plandemic was actually scheduled for 2050, but the “elites” are in panic mode because of the Great Awakening and they’ve rushed it. The New World Order is not even remotely perfected and it is already failing.

According to insiders, the “elites” have deployed this operation without the approval of their dark masters, hence why they used the name “Build Back Better” instead of the original “New World Order.”

freedom is coming image

Now more than ever, it is important that you remain calm and in a place of LOVE. Instead of focusing on the violent distractions that are being pushed non-stop by the MSM, you should instead focus your creative intention on Love, Oneness, and the Great Awakening.

“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion.” – David Icke



Paul Craig Roberts

As deaths and illnesses rise with vaccination across all countries, the question is: are what are called new Covid cases the adverse effects of the “vaccine” itself and a variety of disease outbreaks, such as the rise in cancer, that vaccine-degraded human immune systems can no longer protect against?

As it is clearly established that the “vaccine” does not protect but does have—as demonstrated by the adverse vaccine events reporting systems—serious side-effects, why does vaccination continue to be pushed to the point that people are fired for refusing vaccination and people are confined to home arrest who are not vaccinated? It makes no sense. There are only two possible answers: the medical establishments are completely stupid and incompetent people, or vaccination is a population reduction measure supported by the medical establishment and unified elites.

Covid is Communism in White Coat


(Husband-Carl Friedan revealed that Betty was never a real housewife but a pill-popping psychopath.)

I reprise this key 2003 essay about the mother of Feminism, Betty Friedan,

as a reminder of how Communists use deceit to subvert society. Like the covid hoax,

(re-branded flu) their appeals to “social justice” & “equality” are a con game.

They are grifters. Their real goal is to get rich by bankrupting the nation. 

Nancy Pelosi is worth $100 million.   Bernie Sanders: $2 million

Obamas — $135 million.   The Clintons — $240 Million

Communism is Cabalist Judaism which is Satanism

We have all been inducted into this satanic cult. 

We are under occult attack. Covid is Communism in white coat. America has been eaten alive by these satanist termites.  

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“Comrades, you will remember the ancient tale of the capture of Troy … The attacking army was unable to achieve victory until, with the aid of the famous Trojan Horse, it managed to penetrate to the very heart of the enemy camp.”

–George Dimitrov, Comintern General Secretary, August, 1935.

Betty Friedan: “Mommy” was a Commie

(Updated from Nov 19, 2019)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Betty Friedan, the “founder of modern feminism” pretended to be a typical 1950’s American housewife who had a “revelation” that women like her were exploited and should seek independence and self-fulfillment in a career.

Friedan (nee: Betty Naomi Goldstein) didn’t mention that she had been a Communist propagandist since her student days at Smith College (1938-1942) and that the destruction of the family has always been central to the Communist Jewish plan for world tyranny. Nor did the Communist Jewish-controlled mass media point this out.

Friedan dropped out of grad school to become a reporter for a Communist news service. From 1946 -1952 she worked for the newspaper of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America, (UE) “the largest Communist-led institution of any kind in the United States.” In 1947, Congress targeted the UE as a Communist front and its membership began a steady decline.horowitz.jpg

Daniel Horowitz, a History Professor at Smith with impeccable Liberal and Feminist credentials documents all this in his book, Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminine Mystique: The American Left, the Cold War and Modern Feminism (University of Massachusetts Press 1999). Horowitz cites a union member who described how a Communist minority “seized control of the UE national office, the executive board, the paid-staff, the union newspaper and some district councils and locals.” 

Betty Frieden doesn’t want anyone to know her radical antecedents. Throughout her career, she said she had no interest in the condition of women before her “revelation.” She refused to cooperate with Professor Horowitz and accused him of “Red-baiting.” 

Why? Because her book “The Feminist Mystique” (1963) would not have sold over five million copies if her subversive background were known. 

Communists operate by subterfuge — pretending to be just like us. This is the “Popular Front” strategy that consisted of starting idealistic movements in order to ensnare well-meaning people, usually students, workers, women, artists or intellectuals. The membership was ignorant that their organization was funded and controlled by people with a totally different agenda. This is also the principle behind Freemasonry, Zionism and Communism itself. Essentially the adherents are dupes.

Willi Munzenberg, an early confidante of Lenin, organized the Popular Fronts in the 1920’s and 1930’s and referred to them as “my innocents’ clubs”. He pioneered the protest march, the demonstration, the radical bookstore and publication, the arts festival, and the recruitment of celebrities (“fellow travellers,” “useful idiots”)Screen-shot-2012-05-07-at-1.35.22-PM.png

In the words of historian Stephen Koch, Munzenberg, left, “was amazingly successful at mobilizing the intelligentsia of the West on behalf of a moralistic set of political attitudes responsive to Soviet needs. In the process, he organized and defined the ‘enlightened’ moral agenda of his era.” (Double Lives: Spies and Writers in the Secret Soviet War of Ideas Against the West, New York, 1994, p.14.)

In a 1989 interview, Babette Gross, the wife of Willy Munstenberg, described the Popular Front modus operandi:

“You do not endorse Stalin. You do not call yourself a Communist. You do not call upon people to support the Soviets. Never. You claim to be an independent-minded idealist. You don’t really understand politics but you claim the little guy is getting a lousy break.” (Koch, p. 220)

Friedan observed this principle when she helped start second-wave Feminism, which is a classic “Popular Front.” The very name, “the woman’s movement” and claim to be for “equality” are but a smokescreen for a diabolical crusade to destroy the institution of the family. For example, feminist professor Alison Jagger calls the nuclear family “a cornerstone of women’s oppression: it enforces women’s dependence on men, it enforces heterosexuality and it imposes the prevailing masculine and feminine character structures on the next generation.” (“Feminist Politics and Human Nature,” 1988)

The “Congress of American Women,” a Popular Front organization founded in 1946 reached a membership of 250,000. It was disbanded in 1950 after being required to register as a “foreign agent” by the U.S. Government. Feminist historian Ruth Rosen writes that the “CAW’s agenda prefigured much of the modern women’s movement that emerged in the sixties.” (Ruth Rosen, The World Split Open: How the Modern Women’s Movement Changed America,New York, 2000, p.28.)

The FBI kept tabs on the “Women’s movement” but found no direct connection with Soviet subversion. Ruth Rosen, herself a veteran, finds this ironic.carl.jpeg

“Ironically, the FBI searched for signs of subversion in the Women’s movement but couldn’t recognize what was truly dangerous. While they looked for Communists and bombs, the women’s movement was shattering traditional ideas about work, customs, education, sexuality, and the family. Ultimately the movement would prove far more revolutionary than the FBI could ever imagine. Feminism would leave a legacy of disorientation, debate and disagreement, create cultural chaos and social change for millions of men and women, and, in the process, help ignite the culture wars that would polarize American society. But at the time these ideas were not what the FBI considered subversive.” (260)

By attacking the social fabric, feminists inflicted more damage to Western society than Communists ever dreamed. Domestic violence hysteria has driven a wedge between men and women. Women have been psychologically neutered. They are encouraged to pursue sex and career, not family. The US birth rate has plummeted from 3.9 children per woman in 1960 to 1.9 today, the lowest level in history. [Replacement is 2.1] The marriage rate has declined by 1/3 while the divorce rate has doubled since 1960. Forty per cent of all first-born US children are conceived or born out of wedlock. 

The feminist Trojan Horse has proven extremely effective. The question is why? How could a sick subversive philosophy that openly pits women against men have been able to succeed?

The disconcerting answer is that monopoly capitalists are behind both Communism and Feminism and use them to undermine the political and cultural institutions of Western Civilization.

Rockefeller-Rothschild cartels own most of the world and naturally assume they should control it too. They own most of our politicians, media and educators. Their goal is a “new world order” (a.k.a. “globalization”) in which they remake mankind to fit their nefarious ends.

Betty Friedan, take a bow.


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Makow- Betty Friedan- How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal

Betty Friedan: How Jewish Dysfunction Became Universal

Betty Friedan (1921-2006)

The truth stares us in the face but we are blinded by mental conditioning.

Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cultwhich subverts its members by 

promoting promiscuity and gender confusion. First, it made some Jews sick 

and through them (and Freemasons) it has subverted the planet. 

They “corrupt in order to rule.” They control us by making us sick, physically or psychologically. This is satanic possession.Sin is their MO.  Illuminati Jews and top Freemasons (Hollywood, etc.) are Satan’s missionaries. The goyim have been trained like Pavlov’s Dogs to eschew anything that smacks of “anti Semitism.” But to identify a pernicious influence is not the same as condemning all Jews. 

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———Lena Dunham – Another example of How Illuminati Jews Normalize Dysfunction

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———– Hollywood Jews Preach Sex and Degeneration to Goyim

———– Liberal Jews,Sex & the New Satanic Order 

(Slightly revised from April 21, 2007 and June 16, 2017) 

By Henry Makow PhD 


In the 1950’s, the founder of modern feminism had a serious inferiority complex. At parties she would introduce herself: “I’m Betty Friedan — and I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Smith.” 

Friedan’s mother had made her feel inadequate as a female. In her candid autobiography, “My Life So Far” (2000) Friedan (born, Betty Naomi Goldstein) says that no matter what she did, her mother made her feel “messy, clumsy, inadequate, bad, naughty, ugly.” (26) 

Friedan spent years in psychoanalysis “talking endlessly about how I hated my mother and how she had killed my father.” (121) 

“All mothers should be drowned at birth,” she used to say in her 20’s. (131) 


Isn’t this a precursor of feminism? 

Her mother, Miriam Horowitz Goldstein was the spoiled daughter of a doctor who at 20 made a loveless marriage to “an older Jewish businessman” a jeweller almost twice her age. She was ashamed he had “no formal American education and a heavy Jewish accent.” He could do nothing right either. (17) 

But instead of seeing that her parent’s marriage was the problem, Betty Friedan attributed her mother’s unloving behavior to her lack of a satisfying career. She compensated for a weak father figure by becoming masculine herself and pursuing male glory. 

Ostracized by her classmates for being inept and ugly, Friedan vowed that “they may not like me” but one day “they are going to have to look up to me.” (25) 

In other words, Friedan was a classic Jewish social misfit, the kind that the elite use to undermine society. 

Fame and fortune came her way with her book “The Feminine Mystique,” (1963) which devalued the traditional feminine role and stripped femininity of its “mystique.” 

Husband and children need the love of a gracious young wife or mother. This nurturing feminine charm was a woman’s “mystique.” In her book, Friedan said family-oriented women were parasites  who had no identity of their own. She compared a housewife to an inmate in “a comfortable concentration camp.” A psychological stormtroopers, She devalued the countless priceless things a real woman does for her children and husband. 

With the help of the elite media, Friedan convinced women to deny their natural identity as wife and mother and seek it from jobs and employers. 
Rather than recognize that she was bent, Friedan made other women conform to her, at incalculable cost to society. 


In her autobiography, Friedan portrays herself as a devoted housewife who wanted to avoid her own mother’s mistakes. But in fact she emulated her mother and threatened to castrate her husband.

When she claimed to be “a battered wife,” her ex, Carl Friedan, started a web site (now discontinued) to give his side of the story. He was convinced to take it down. 


He said Friedan was unstable and often attacked him. Her bruises were due to his self-defense. His injuries were worse. He even cites a police report as proof. In another case, he writes: [WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE] 

” Quite vivid in my mind is a midnight in about 1967 – a year or so 
before Betty and I separated for good. We were living at our Dakota 
apartment then – Betty disagreed with something I said (that’s all it 
took), went into one of her raging uncontrollable fits, screaming, her 
face twisted in hate and insane anger, “You fucking no good prick you, 
you no-good bastard, you fucking bastard, ” meanwhile sprinting into the 
kitchen. Back she came straight at me brandishing two large kitchen 
knives. “You fucking Goddamn sonuvabitch, I’m going to cut your fucking 
cock off – your big cock it doesn’t mean a thing to me.” At this, I 
calmly picked up a kitchen chair, nailed her to the wall like a 


lion-tamer and took the knives away. And that was just a minor incident during that period when her explosive personality was further inflamed  by amphetamines she was taking for weight loss, reinforced by alcohol.” 

Carl Friedan, who had an advertising agency told a newspaper that Betty’s image as a typical housewife was a ruse: 

“She didn’t know what I was doing,” he claimed. “I won prizes and had full-page ads in all the New York papers. She didn’t care.” 

According to Carl, Betty was no stay-at-home mom. 

(left, Carl, Betty and oldest son)

“We had a full-time maid during our entire [19-year] marriage. That’s who took care of the [three] kids, cooked – everything,” he said. “I would say as a housewife, on a scale of 0 to 10, she was a 2.” 

Carl Friedan’s memories are not motivated by politics. He is proud of his ex-wife’s accomplishments: “She changed the course of history almost single-handedly. It took a driven, super-aggressive, egocentric, almost lunatic dynamo to rock the world the way she did. Unfortunately, she was that same person at home, where that kind of conduct doesn’t work. She simply never understood this.” 


When Betty was preparing for her “Bat Mitzvah” (like a Confirmation) at age 13, she confessed to her Reform rabbi that she did not believe in God. 

Instead of giving his young ward a sense of what God is, this impostor said: “All right, but keep it to yourself until after confirmation.” (22) 

Friedan’s Judaism amounts to a sense that “I have to use my life to make the world better, have to protest, step off the sidewalk and march against injustice.” 

Because she was rejected as a Jew by the rich country club set in her hometown of Peoria, she “now identified with the working class, also oppressed by the masters of the universe…”(71) 

People like Friedan prefer to “change the world” than heal themselves. Do they realize that “change the world” is code for Luciferian world government tyranny? 

They tend to do very well by “doing good.” While writing this book, she received a one-million-dollar grant from the Illuminati Ford Foundation. Aren’t they the “masters of the universe?” The Friedans of this world are members of this club. 

Doesn’t it occur to these socialists, feminists and communists that if they were really a threat to the establishment, they wouldn’t be hauling in $150,000 salaries as full professors? Don’t they realize they are brainwashing the young, destabilizing society and setting the stage for a totalitarian state? 

Friedan was a lifelong Communist. In the book, she tries to distance herself from Communism, describing it in terms of youthful idealism. In fact she was a conscious agent.  She knew Kurt Lewin who had been in charge of social engineering at Tavistock. (45)  

Friedan became famous because the Lucifer-loving bankers wanted women to have jobs instead of families. Jewish misfits become role models in a satanic dispensation. Friedan destroyed for everyone what she didn’t have, the “Feminine Mystique.” She poisoned the well of femininity and sent the family into a death spiral. 

In an occult-controlled society, perverts, failures and crazies become prophets. 


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————– Lena Dunham – Another example of How Illuminati Jews Normalize Dysfunction