Associated Press (AP) and NY Post, both controlled by Talmudic Jews, reporting on how the Jewish overlords are using the police to viciously attack Covid 19 protesters, and are stirring up their useful idiots to riot and cause mayhem after the Rittenhouse trial verdict.

Talmudic Jewish bankers stirring up their useful idiot thugs to more violent rioting, to gain more wealth and power for the bankers.

Haha, it’s really ingenious. The NY post pretends it’s conservative and reports on this stuff, while being controlled by the architects of the mayhem.

Associated Press (AP), owned by Talmudic Jews for over 100 years ( ) reporting on how its overlords are using violence against People protesting against the Covid 19 lockdown. It’s supposed to make us Goyim afraid. But we have nothing to fear, because we outnumber them, and we not only have might, but we have right on our side.

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