Money and the virus

The coronavirus was introduced to America in an around March 2020. It is not hard to realize, that international bankers had long planned this devastating pandemic. There is no way, there could have been a massive coordinated response to the coronavirus, unless it had been carefully planned before hand. This was a carefully concocted plot to further erode the liberties of Americans. This is no different from 9/11, when the international Bankers completely planned it, and then had tens of thousands of pages of regulations ready to roll out, to restrict the rights of Americans, just weeks after 9/11.

However, the coronavirus has exposed tens of millions of Americans, who are badly uninformed, cowards, and/or are controlled by money. “The love of money is the root of all evil”, said the apostle Paul in the book of first Timothy, and he’s absolutely right. The international bankers, who are fake Jews, control all the money in the world. They own the federal reserve, though they are invisible, and are worth trillions of dollars. They use their control of money, to try to force the entire population of earth to become their slave. Their end goal, is to control all the natural resources and manpower of humanity. There is plenty of proof that shows the international Bankers funded Communism which led to the murder of 100 million.

Tens of millions of Americans, when faced with the choice between losing their job, or following the mandates of the wicked bankers, and wearing masks and/or getting vaccines, choose to keep their jobs. Dozens of employees have told me, when I asked why they wear masks or get vaccines, that, “they do it to keep their jobs“.

It does not matter what anyone else says, and it sure doesn’t matter about a job, which will not be going with us when we die, what really matters is what God, my conscience, and nature dictates. Stand on that no matter what.

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