Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God

Whether it was Antifa or not, Rebellion against tyranny is obedience to God.

The Democrat party is evil, wicked, corrupt, depraved, and degenerate.

The Talmudic Jewish bankers took control of our media and politics over 100 years ago.

They have been steadily lying for over 100 years.

While Trump is a million times better than every Democrat, he’s not close to being a Constitutional, Biblical leader.

The bankers control the media on both sides. To find out who they control, find the media which is sympathetic to Israel. Townhall, Breitbart, Natural News, City Journal, Drudge, NYPost, FrontPageMag, Gateway Pundit all are friendly to Israel, even more fanatically than to America. Do we really trust media which has more respect and allegiance to a foreign nation than to our own? I sure don’t.

These people behind this are the Synagogue of Satan.

For those who think what happened today was treasonous or traitorous, the Bankers have owned the Democrat party since 1912, and have been ruthlessly stealing from America and manipulating her with their media right up until right now, as their television prostitutes at Fox, CBS, CNN, ABC, and NBC are uttering propaganda as I type this.

If today was treason, make the most of it. The Democrat party, and plenty of complicit Republicans, are utterly unfit for office.

America’s Founders risked their homes, lives, businesses, and families for liberty, opposing a 1% tax increase. We are paying 30% without a peep, to the same Rothschild bankers, who got Wilson elected in 1912, leading to the income tax in 1913, who also were behind the Bank of England in 1776, which funded the British troops in America.

And it’s these Talmudic Jewish bankers who are the biggest slave owners in human history, though they try to paint America as inventing slavery with their media slaves. The bankers are behind drugs and human trafficking, right up until the modern day.

If you love God, liberty, and the Constitution, you ought to never cooperate with the tyrannical Democrats, and their evil mask mandates, designed to destroy small businesses, while making the elites the biggest fortunes of their lives, the biggest heist in human history.

Remember, the entire Democrat party definitely, and possibly Trump, are controlled by bankers who wish to enslave America and the world with their control of the media, schools, tech companies, victim groups, legal profession, and much more.

They have infiltrated the Republican Party too. Notice, the conservatives who buy into the Israel fraud, are the ones who get funding. Wonder why that is? It’s because they have sold their souls to the Synagogue of Satan. Many prominent conservatives don’t really want things to change, because they are gaining plenty of wealth and notoriety in the current dysfunctional system, and they know if true liberty is restored, their precarious position would be endangered.

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