Why Hakeem Brown is dead wrong and why systemic racism is a myth.


Anyone who knows basic math understands the charges of America being a hotbed of institutional and/or systemic racism are a total lie.
Of course, you cannot get money and power from the bankers, if you are a black politician, unless you support the bankers use of the Black community as muscle for their Revolution to destroy America.  Why else did the bankers CIA and political pawns push drugs, fatherlessness, and welfare in the black community?  So, if Hakeem wants to say the bankers, who are white, and who have owned his Democrat party since Wilson was elected in 1912, are guilty of systemic racism than I’d 100% agree.  But, that would mean Hakeem would have to publicly admit he is wrong, one of the greatest lessons a father can teach his son, and give up his Democrat party membership and pot business, which there appears little likelihood will happen.  Of course, Hakeems mentors should have taught him this, and Dante Quick has miserably failed to do his job as a “pastor”.  When the bankers wage their money and prestige for Mr. Quick, Jefferson, and others, like Judas, they were unable to resist selling their souls to the devil.  Then they wonder why their communities are the devils playground.
We have hundreds of books and the words of Communists themselves to this effect.
I’ve tried to politely have this conversation with Hakeem, and many others, but they want to insist their personal experience is the absolute truth, and refuse to examine dispassionate evidence.
No, Hakeem, you don’t need to be black to understand what blacks in America go through.  We have hundreds of thousands of blacks who have written about their experiences.  Any human who can read can figure it out.  Also, every race has both had slaves and been enslaved.  Blacks were slaves in Africa long before whites came along.  And, all slavery is the same.  Whites only wrote about how atrocious it was first, because Gutenberg invented the printing press in Germany over 500 years ago.
All humans have the same passions, a fact you and other Democrats simply seem to be pathologically incapable of grasping.
America has a SIN (a word you never use, since that would mean you are a big sinner, owning a pot clinic) PROBLEM, not a skin problem.
And, it’s interesting, Hakeem and those who shriek about skin issues the most, have the biggest sins they refuse to deal with, and are almost completely quiet about their real sins, but, they shriek and holler constantly about the skin fairytales.
Good and evil are in all humans and races.
Great leaders realize this, weak and corrupt leaders stigmatize entire races as good or bad, portraying theirs as victimized, to justify abusing others.
Of course, weak politicians like Hakeem, refuse to have public discussions, and instead run to Facebooks fairy tale world, where those who lie are celebrated, and those who tell the truth are banned.
Hakeem isn’t the worst Democrat politician in Vallejo, only the most vocal.
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