10 Ways the Communist Manifesto has infiltrated the USA and other news.

  1. 10 ways the Communist Manifesto has infiltrated the USA.

America’s November Date With Destiny May Include A Military Coup If Democrats Can’t Steal The Election – The Globalists Are Setting America Up For Its Final Fall On Their Road To Tyranny


Serious food shortages on the horizon.


Obama the Jacobin

Women aren’t meant to stay quiet?

Women Aren’t Meant to Stay Quiet?

America’s (Current) Suicide Attempt


Crushing the Barbarians at the Gates.


Hold the Line. Elections are coming.

No need for a Conspiracy Theory.


Dallas Judge is forcing a man to pay for his sons “sex transition”


Rules of Engagement in the insurgency.


Democrats dance with the Devil.


Kamala has already struck out.


Another current/former drug lord is an actual candidate for the Vallejo City Council. This is in addition to current pot dispensary owner, City Council member, and Mayoral Candidate Hakeem Brown. Interesting how lying Wikipedia has a complete profile of him, but does not list the 100 million murdered by Communism. Shows you their priorities.


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