Ending Debt Usury, and how JP Morgan helped give America these banking snakes as our tyrannical overlords.

  • Anthony Migchels: Ending Debt & Usury Would Save Mankind

August 3, 2020

The current COVID scam is designed to extend the central banking cartel’s fraudulent monopoly over our national credit into control over literally every aspect of our lives. They call it “the great reset.”  Cabalists want to enslave humanity in a “New World Order” 
But, as Anthony Migchels writes, “Debt-free money only solves the money creation issue, it does not end Usury. No, the way forward is simply interest-free credit-based units. That’s just too simple and rational, solving both money creation and Usury. We need both money and credit, so we might as well create money as interest-free credit.”
by Anthony Migchels
David Icke asks: “Why are Governments borrowing money from private banking systems, and the population paying interest on the borrowing? Why aren’t the Governments issuing their own currency interest-free?”
And next, he adds, really of central importance: “And lending it to the population interest-free, to go about their commerce, and go about their daily lives, creating opportunities and choices, that they would otherwise not have?”
And that is the essence that you, bizarrely, will hardly hear anywhere. No, it’s not good enough for the Government to claw back money creation from the Banks. The credit issue must be solved. Usury must be solved.
And it is solved by providing normal people with interest-free credit.
It’s really very simple, it’s hardly brain surgery. But it is completely not understood. While it is absolutely completely vital.
It’s not enough to moan about Usury, the basic demand for positive change must be formulated clearly, and that is what David has done here, and it’s as good as unique, and that’s why I’m pointing it out, it deserves attention.
Because it is Usury that is behind the debt bubble, the derivatives bubble. It is by paying our Usury that we pay for Communism and World Government, and all the other plagues that haunt us, the wars, all the evil ideologies, the destruction of our families.
And what we want is interest-free credit for the People.
And people who ignore this, are a waste of time. This is a fact. All the political constructs everywhere in the World, are dominated by Bankers, which is why people in politics will never discuss this…The same is true of most of the ‘Alternative Media’.
The issue is all-important. It’s stunning they manage so well to keep it out of the public mind. Just think of all the Gold Dealers who have been creating the popular support for the coming Gold/Crypto standard. And even large parts of the wider monetary reform movement, which is mostly too obsessed with government money creation, for instance.
Nick Griffin, cruelly maligned as some Nazi by the Communist media, but a man of at least some integrity, who led a Party that had people on board who understood quite well what war is ongoing against the working masses of the West, exposed how Zionist forces had offered him and his Party, the British Nationalist Party (BNP) millions if they would bash Islam and ignore Banking. They couldn’t care less about what he did for the rest.
Here he exposes the fake Zionist outlets that the Bankers built up to undermine the British Nationalist Party, folks like the EDL, including Tommy, just another fake ‘hero’ paid by the Bankers.
This template is universal. All the pseudo ‘populists’  in Europe show this exact focus on Islam and ignoring of Banking. In Holland (Baudet and Wilders), Germany, with the AdF and its lesbian ex Goldman Sachs Banker leader, the Austrians. France, with the Zionist Le Pen, everywhere, there is no exception.
And think of the poor Austrians. They used to have Jörg Haider, who promised the Banksters in their face to get to the bottom of the 2008 crash on live Austrian TV. These scumbags were reduced to muttering ‘You can’t say that! You can’t say that!’ A few weeks later he was car crashed.
The clip has been deleted from the Internet, if someone still has it, do paste it below in the comments?! It would be greatly appreciated, Haider deserves to be remembered for that.
It’s not about the men, it’s about the message. The message is all-important: everything revolves around Banking, and the solution is the universal provision of interest-free credit to normal people for production and consumption.
As Icke cogently argues, it’s no use trying to patch the myriad problems the fundamental issue (Usury) creates, even now, when the Money Power has kicked off their endgame with the ongoing financial collapse and this ‘corona’ tripe.
Solve Banking, and solve the New World Order. Do not solve Banking, and keep pissing in the wind.
Very, very few people will tell you the Truth, I’m happy to report David Icke is one who does.
JP Morgan connived to crash the stock market in 1907.

His ship was then used to wipe out the three most powerful opponents of the Federal Reserve in 1912, by sinking his ship, the Titanic, drowning Astor, Guggenheim, and Strauss.

Wilson was then elected by Morgan and the Bankers as President in 1912, paving the way for 1913, the worst year in American history.  We had the Federal Reserve forced on us, and the 16th (income tax) and 17th (direct election of senators) Amendments enacted.
Once this control of America’s money was in place, the bankers initiated World War 1, with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.  They then fixed the Lusitania incident, bringing America into World War 1, and they initiated their Bolshevik Revolution, beginning the horrific death toll of 100 million slaughtered by Communism in 100 years.  They are still hard at work in America, using the Democrat party to bring a Communist Revolution to America.  America was too powerful, and we have too many literate and armed people, unlike Cambodia, China, and Russia, who were overwhelmed by bloodthirsty pawns of the Communists.  So, the bankers are playing their race card and they created a virus, to weaken America for a hammer blow, to finish her off completely, and to usher in the New World Order the Talmudic Jews and Bankers have been after for centuries.
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