Thursday, October 3rd, 2019

Today’s Times Herald includes the latest nonsense on the bogus Trump impeachment hearings.  The editor of the Times Herald, Jack Bungart, does not want to hear opposing opinions, and refuses to publish them, as Communists do, but then claims he is not on the left, when nearly every single position his paper takes is one agreed with by Communists. Gun Control? Check.  Pro- drugs?  Check.  Believes in Systemic Racism mythology?  Check.  Publishes all kinds of articles on the man made climate change myth?  Check.  Rarely criticizes Democrat policies of high taxes and high regulations? Check.  Worships Democrat media idols?  Check.  Censors letters from Christians in his  newspaper?  Check.  Constantly issues letters from Marxists, and left wing commentators?  Check.

In today’s Times Herald we are lectured, in the biggest news article of the day, about what a travesty it is that a jury did not include any black jurors.  We never hear about if a jury doesn’t include white jurors.  Why is this? Because, the Democrat elites understand how the races vote.  I’ll let fake news CNN show the voter breakdown, which is pretty accurate.

Since the Democrats have no good ideas, and their cities are a wreck, they have to keep beating the race drum, the income and gender inequality drum, and their other victimhood drums, to distract from how their policies do not work.  So, the Times Herald, most of the rest of the media, the schools, and the tech companies, are hard at work gaslighting America every single day, with their cruel and malicious lies.

For those who don’t know what gaslighting is, this is a quote from the above article.  ““Gaslighting” is a term well-known in the psychological counseling community, especially among those dealing with narcissistic personality disorders.  It refers to the technique used by a narcissist to convince his victim that what he sees with his own eyes is not true, and hence, he must be going crazy.  If the victim catches the narcissist in the act of some foul deed or betrayal, the narcissist will deny his guilt with such passion and apparent sincerity that the victim is tempted to believe him, despite the evidence of his own eyes.  The technique is especially effective as a long-term strategy — the victim or enabler is worn down by repeated assertions that what he just saw or knows to be true is actually false, to the point where he doesn’t have the strength to resist anymore. ”

America is the victim, and the Democrat media, schools, and tech companies lie to us every single day to convince us we are bad, when in reality, they are the ones who are liars and are evil.  America catches the Democrats in lying and deceit every single day, and the Democrats will constantly respond with their name calling, and furious denials. Jack Bungart is a master of this.  Constantly gets emotionally charged, then claims he is a victim when his lying newspaper has been victimizing Vallejo for the last 20 years, AT LEAST!  Been doing this since I was a little boy and didn’t know much.

The same wicked Democrats constantly lie about Trump and project their own nefarious wicked schemes on him. It’s disgraceful America tolerates it.  They believe if they lie enough, they can force America to shut up and just endure their tyranny.  Like a snake, that slowly tightens it’s coils around a rat, this is what the Democrats seek to do to America.

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