Friday, October 4th, 2019

Leading America’s kids to destruction.

Yesterday’s Vallejo School Board meeting was a very interesting display.  The School board, taking its cue from the City Council, has a hearing on district elections.  This purports to deal with racism, but is actually quite racist in itself, for it attempts to gerrymander the community by race.  It also assumes that people need people of their own race to lead them, which is shallow and absurd thinking.  In the freest most powerful nation on earth, we still have issues with racial tribalism, where humans have a hard time judging others on character, and so lazily judge others on skin color.

When the children got up, to give reports on the state of their schools, they parroted the Marxist propaganda they hear in the media, tech companies, and schools.  Words like ‘inclusion’, ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’, ‘Lgbtq’, were all part of their reports and twenty years ago no kid would have been using these, because they are irrelevant to children’s educations.  These same students have difficulty mastering basic math, English, history, and civics, but want to lecture us on how man made climate change is going to destroy us all, like chicken little, in miniature.   Meanwhile, the union leader, Sheila Gradwohl, who is pleasant and charming enough, wears a shirt brazenly saying ‘redfored’. This means that communism is in our classrooms, which no union member will admit.  But, like Jack Bungart at the Vallejo Times Herald, you can’t judge people on what they say, you have to judge them by what they say and do and how it compares with communism.  There are many people who haven’t seriously studied communism in their lives, and are carrying out its program, and are unconscious that they are useful idiots, as Lenin termed them.  They are indignant to be termed communists, but are not indignant at their apathy, which leads to them being manipulated by globalist puppet masters.

Saw further evidence of this ruthless globalist attack on America’s kids at the Benicia City Park, with its lovely wooden castle, a delight to every child.  Spent many happy evenings there as a child, and was fascinated at the structure, which seemed to be too good to be true.  Also, there is a memorial at that park, at the entrance of first street, which commemorates the inception of a Presbyterian church, eight score and ten years ago, the first Protestant church in California.  In the place where the first Protestant church was begun in this state, down the street from where the Capital of California used to be, in a park where me and my siblings used to spend so many innocent, carefree, and happy days, the creeping evil of Marxism stepped last night.  My heart weeps for the evil that senseless, unthinking, selfish, and callous adults cause in the lives of children.

My brother and sister, both have children, who aren’t yet two years old.  We were all to meet at the park.  My sisters son was running around cheerfully, and my brothers son, having been spoiled and given whatever he wants by his indulgent mother, acted like a spoiled kid acts.  Instead of playing and enjoying life, he insisted on screaming, yelling, and throwing a tantrum.  My brother very patiently refused to give him his way, walked him around the park, until the angry and shrill screams faded away, and his son resumed his angelic disposition.

As I stood in the center of the wonderland castle, a young boy of 10 ran up, from a park bench where about three or four other children were sitting.  He innocently asked what did my hat say, because he said his sister liked my hat.  ‘This is unexpected’, thought I, since I was wearing my MAGA hat, and nearly everyone in America knows what that stands for.  Conservatives understand it’s true meaning of truth, righteousness, and a return to virtue (and Trump is a sort of Oedipus heroic figure, who is being punished for his past, while leading America to redemption from plutocrats), and Democrats have a fanciful and mythological understanding of it which is designed by their media, tech, and school overlords to manipulate their deepest fears, to ensure the globalist overlords of the left retain their power over their puppets.

So, I showed him, and headed over to the bench to show his enquiring sister.  She cheerfully said she thought it had said ‘Make America Gay Again’.  Since I am one of the last people in Solano County, you’d ever catch wearing a hat saying what she thought she saw, it was disconcerting, but we entered into a lively conversation.  The bright, exuberant, and charming young woman was in the 8th grade.  She had her younger sister, who was wise beyond her years, her aforementioned younger brother, two other young men, and her ‘partner’, also in the eighth grade.

Let us evaluate this scene by history.  70 years ago, it would have been encouraged for kids to run all over and have conversations with citizens of the town.  In the beautiful tale, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, we read of the adventures of Scout, Jem, and Dill, as they encounter the citizens of their town, for better or for worse.  But, they grew up before 1969, in an era of innocence, when joy, wonder, and love were far more a part of childhood than today.  What was significant about 1969, you ask?  That was the year ‘Stanley vs. Georgia’ was approved by a rogue Supreme Court, legalizing pornography.  We were warned that children would not be safe, after this, and the horror that has followed has been unimaginable.  The abuse and molestation of children has increased massively, and 60 million babies have been slaughtered by abortion in the past 46 years as well.

So, let us return to our current scene.  While children are taught deviant sexuality in schools, they are strongly discouraged from speaking to ‘strangers’ like me, because single men at age 40, with no children, are widely suspected of being major threats to children.  This is the sick and disgusting depths our society has been degraded to.  It would be almost impossible for there to be a Boo Radley, or any other male adult figure interacting with a child outside of school or family today.  Yet, we are constantly taught about what a Brave New World we live in, and gaslighted when we disagree, due to massive evidence that presents itself every day.

So, who was this ‘partner’ of the inquisitive young woman in the 8th grade?  It wouldn’t be so important, but, this ‘partner’ was constantly hugging, kissing, nuzzling, and caressing the young woman.  At first glance, it appeared to be a biological boy, and the mannerisms suggested the same.  When I queried, since gender wasn’t readily apparent, I received an impudent ‘It’s none of your business’, from the partner.  I cannot say for certain what gender her ‘partner’ was, though I’m 60% certain it was a biological male.  As expected, since we had children, alone, unsupervised, at a park, (a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame, was Solomon’s wisdom), only one of the children had a biological father in the home.  The aforementioned young woman delicately tiptoed around a painful incident as a child, suggesting she’d been molested.  And she began gaily telling me she was pansexual.

Now, my parents supervised us, and never let us go anywhere alone without their permission.  Didn’t mean we didn’t get into trouble, we did, but we were able to enjoy our childhoods.  Unfortunately, the schools, tech companies, and media are increasingly trying to rip children’s innocence away from them, every single day.  I never dreamed of discussing my sexuality with anyone as a child, except my parents.  And I’m glad I didn’t.  So, the freeness this young woman felt about celebrating her ‘homosexuality’ was from the indoctrination she received from somewhere, and she received it with most adults in positions of power standing silently by.

We found out every single child there had cell phones, WITH INTERNET ACCESS.  Now, it’s child abuse to give child a cell phone under 18, because they don’t have the capacity to resist the temptations they are ruthlessly assaulted with.  ‘But what if they need help, because some kidnapper is after them’?, well intentioned mother’s plead, to justify their sweetums getting a cell phone.  Well, if we got a spine and banned porn, the likelihood of someone coming after a child to harm them would decrease dramatically.

The ‘partner’ then indignantly, as it was clear they did not appreciate anyone interfering with the physical relationship they had with the girl, shrilly asked me if I had children. “No”, says I.  ‘Well then’, the impertinent youngster sang out, ‘people might find it odd what a grown single man might be doing in the park with kids in the evening’.  The other youngsters jumped in to remind the whippersnapper that I was there with my siblings and their young children.  This seemed to temporarily deflate the ‘partner’.  The partner appeared to be used to intimidating the others into doing whatever they wanted.  Whenever any of the other children would disagree with the ‘partner’, they would make aggressive motions, and the other child would back away.  The girl who was supposedly the girlfriend of the partner, was even put in a headlock once, when she disagreed.

The 8th grade girl then asked about dealing with depression, and being dyslexic, to which I responded these were states of mind, and psychiatry was a bunch of nonsense.  Freud was a fraud.  I told her, generally, when we do good, we feel good, and when we feel bad, we’ve done bad.  If we don’t like our output, we need to change our input.  Told her she needed to get rid of her ‘ partner’ and wait to get married to a man for a relationship.  She hurriedly took her intimidating partners hand off her neck, but, her ‘partner’ hurriedly put it back on.  A very conniving and persistent manipulator.  This is natural in children.  If left to themselves, they easily get into evil.  That is why they rely on adults for guidance, and that’s why Democrats, and any adult accepting sexual conduct in children for that matter, are guilty of gross evil for failing to provide discipline, and moral leadership.

The young ‘partner’, was pretty intransigent, and when confronted with the host of problems associated with homosexuality, they did what society teaches them to do, they blamed the problematic choices of homosexuals on society.  Told them that was bogus because the Scandinavian countries accepted homosexuality long before America and they have the exact same health issues with homosexuality as America does.

Spoke with the children for about an hour, and it was a pleasure speaking to them.  What a shame we live in a sick society where grown adults allow drag queens access to children, but when someone like me shows up to tell children the truth and to show them what truth, wisdom, and love is, Democrats, and some Republicans run around screaming bloody murder.

Bid them all well, and departed.  The ‘partner’ was sullen, and didn’t want to shake hands at the end.  How sad. Brainwashed by society to love what will harm them and bring them misery, and to distrust what will bring them joy and peace.

This is the poisonous legacy of the cultural Marxist Democrats of today.  They poison everything that they touch, while comforting themselves with the lie that their actions are improving humanity, ignoring the vast evidence of the harm their actions cause.

What we do in the bedroom, does not stay there.

So, in the same park that the first Protestant church was begun in California, where industrious and virtuous men and women built a state capital long ago, and where children once played with joy, peace, and innocence, evil had invaded, and is seeking to steal the hearts of children, to destroy the future of the greatest nation in world history, America.


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