Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Today, we learn that half of America’s most miserable cities are in just 3 states.  What defines a miserable state, you may ask?  Glad you asked.  Metrics like crime, drug addiction, population changes, job opportunities, commute time, household incomes, abandoned homes, and effects from other factors, like natural disasters are all considered.  The ideas that made a city miserable were, “few opportunities, devastation from natural disasters, high crime and addiction rates, and often many abandoned houses.”  Does that sound familiar to many of those reading this?  It should, because the Bay Area is full of this, and so is Vallejo.  These metrics are nearly always the highest in Democrat run cities, which are hotbeds of mediocrity, due to them singing about diversity, inclusion, and the rest of the Marxist claptrap their mindless drones ceaselessly repeat.  And why wouldn’t they repeat this?  Are not the Democrat plutocrat owned media, schools, and tech companies constantly spreading propaganda to America every single day, and ruthlessly suppressing the truth?

Many of our elites in America have been in bed with Communists for the past century, as Jack Cashill’s brilliant book, ‘Hoodwinked‘, which I’m making my way through now, reveals, and we are now at a final face-off, where the Communists are furious their candidate, Hillary Clinton, was not elected.  Sadly, and this will offend many sincerely deceived Democrats, every single Democrat in America has been hoodwinked, and may Republicans have been as well.  Communists are really good at spreading their lies, because anyone who calls them out is laughed at ridiculed, ostracized, bullied, intimidated, interrupted (like I am at nearly every single City Hall meeting, as the Marxist supporters, wittingly or unwittingly, I know not, ensure ideas they disagree with are shouted down, while Democrat leaders pay a very harsh price if they dare let speakers offending Democrat lies to continue speaking.  It’s a nasty and cutthroat game, and it only has to do with power, not about truth, virtue, and wisdom at all) and has psychological warfare ruthlessly waged upon them.

What three states are those, you might ask.  Well, unsurprisingly, California led the list with 10 cities, though Vallejo isn’t listed, it’s pretty bad as well.  Nearly every single miserable city was run by Democrats.

Meanwhile, our city media and intellectuals are celebrating Vallejo Waterfront weekend.  The Vallejo Unions, which are a Democrat piggy bank, constantly schedule ‘celebrations’ to keep the people quiet and pacified.  The corrupt Roman Emperors did this 2,000 years ago too. They called it ‘Bread and Circuses‘.   Jon Riley is one of the most likeable people in Vallejo.  A very genial, and amiable man.  With all the money the unions are stealing from the City of Vallejo, I suppose there is a lot to be smiling about and celebrating.  I’m saying this publicly, as the union publicly stiffs Vallejo as well, so I’m sure he won’t mind.  Also, these same corrupt police, fire, public employee, and teacher unions ensure that mediocrity prevails as they all chirp the Democrat plutocrats viciously enforced agenda.  It’s sad as there are good police officers, good fire fighters, good teachers, and good public employees, who are stifled by the corrupt Democrat machine, which is kind of like corrupt Tammany Hall used to be in New York, another corrupt Democrat city.   Alas, corruption rarely stays benign, it often metastasizes, as nature abhors a vacuum.

This Waterfront Weekend depicts Vallejo as a happy town, where people are content and satisfied.  It’s the Vallejo Times Herald, doing Pravda duty, to keep the proles happy as they enslave them.  Jack Bungart furiously claims he’s a conservative, while his paper daily spews Marxist propaganda.  Not sure where the disconnect is.  Anyone with half a brain can figure out the Vallejo Times Herald isn’t remotely close to being anything but a Democrat organ.  But, when the Vallejo Times Herald is full of lies and disinformation daily, no surprise they affect ignorance of their lies and the damage they do.  The collapse of the Vallejo Times Herald and it’s poisonous and wretched nonsense is coming soon, and it’s sad, as there are good employees who work there.

Reading over the story by Thomas Gase is a great overview for how Marxist propaganda works.  Ignore the big problems in the city, have people come out to ‘enjoy’ themselves, (though how you can enjoy yourself in a city full of union corruption, crime, drugs, and illegitimacy, I have no idea). The average Joe doesn’t know who is who, as the Democrats encourage the average person to stay home, and their flunkies make sure that if anyone contradicts Democrats, they are harassed in public, as a lesson to the drones.  So, the newspaper quotes a rotating carousel of Democrat bureaucrats, without identifying them.  Jon Riley is the head of the Napa and Solano unions and is associated with Jump Start.  I am all about the working man, but the working man can form his own way in life and doesn’t need the unions arranging inflated wages, and robbing workers to contribute millions to the Democrat party.  The lack of competition in construction, teachers, police, fire department, and public employee professions is a menace to society, as the unions have a nasty habit of selecting those who will get paid a lot but are controlled, while they refuse to hire those whose political ideology is not aligned with the corrupt Democrat party.

Also, the entire event had a lot of good people organize it and participate, unfortunately, they aren’t aware of the pernicious influences who pretend to be for Vallejo, while fleecing the living daylights out of her.   It would be nice if the unions and the city would stay out of events, and let citizens do this on our own, as we are perfectly capable.  With all the money the unions have scammed Vallejo out of and given to the Democrat party, they ought to be able to afford to throw this event, free of charge, for the next 10 years.

And the Unions aren’t content, and always try to curry favor, as they are now trying to unionize other industries.  I suppose the Times Herald is desperately trying to appease the Union, because it nearly knocked them into bankruptcy with the most recent union bill that threatened to unionize newspaper employees, including the carriers.  That’s how it works in Democrat cities, if you speak out against the corruption of the leadership, you are suddenly persona non grata, and you find your livelihood has suddenly become inexplicably far more difficult than before, no matter how talented you are.

Well, for the Democrat enforcers reading this, America was founded by men who didn’t put up with tyranny, and your tyranny is coming to an end soon.  Also, recommend you Democrats start buying dictionaries and start using them, because the word tyranny is rarely used at City Hall, and when it is used, it’s mostly butchered by saying ‘Orange man bad, him like tyrant Hitler’.  Your coup attempt against Trump is almost over, and when it is, there is going to be hell to pay.  You Democrats are going to lose power for at least as long as you lost it after the Civil War, but this time it’s going to be worse, because your current platform is full of the most absurd nonsense, that will either destroy America, or will result in the destruction of your party.  Prayerfully, it’s the latter.

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