Monday, October 7th, 2019

It is a blessed day on Mondays, because we are spared the Vallejo Times Herald’s merciless propaganda.  Let us all be grateful for our blessings.  Tomorrow, more lies and propaganda will be on the way for the next 6 days, as the Democrat plutocrats, and their spineless RINO (Republican In Name Only) allies seek to consolidate their power, and keep the masses ignorant of what is really going on.    Let us predict what we will be indoctrinated with.  We will likely see articles from the Washington Compost by the twin clowns, Dana Millbanks and Eugene Robinson, or maybe Gene Lyons. Cokie Roberts passed away, and while I pray she may find mercy, she died deluded, which is a very sad fate.  This is common with feminist women, who fight all their lives for their delusions and have an awful surprise on the other side.  We will also likely see race-baiting articles, as the Democrats are very anxious to hide the devastation their policies have caused in minority communities.  We will likely see celebrations of Democrat idol icons, and we will see ruthless attacks on Trump, because he is a heretic to the Democrat religion of Marxism.  We will also likely see many non-issues made into big issues, while the massive problems of crime, poverty, homelessness, unions bankrupting our city, dysfunctional schools, and dysfunctional churches and marriages are severely ignored and suppressed in the news.  If the average person understood exactly what is going on, no Democrat could be in office, and that would cost the corrupt Democrat overlords, and their RINO allies a lot of power and money.

For those Democrats who wish to have a legacy that will be celebrated long after you die, you’d better leave the Democrat party, because all of those who fail to leave it, will be scorned and spurned by future generations.  You will be viewed in worse terms than the Confederacy, because at least they didn’t kill babies and teach kids sexual debauchery.  As a matter of fact, Robert E. Lee had more honor in his little pinkie than any Democrat living today.  Anyone doubting this has never read the greatest biography of him written to date, by Douglas Southall Freeman, a wonderful tome, which is one of the most treasured possessions of my library, right next to my Lincoln biographies.   Of course, to the Marxist left, they hate that we learn all details of the past, good and bad, because then we’d learn that Democrats are nothing but scoundrels and frauds. So, they are furiously using their libraries, schools, tech companies, and Antifa groups to eradicate history, so they can brainwash us into a ‘Brave New World‘.


Wandering over to our local elite Democrat page, we see the usual nonsense. This is what happens on social media, and in society, when you censor dissent.  Mediocrity explodes.  Because mediocre talents, full of jealousy and envy, ruthlessly suppress those who have real ideas, so they can attain the power and prestige they desperately desire.  It doesn’t matter who they have to silence, they revere and worship power alone, and in their mind, anything they have to do to attain and retain power, is a good thing, and to hell with anyone who disagrees.

This is an unfortunate result of our schools moving away from teaching the Bible.  100 years ago, children were taught about pride and humility in schools.  Thinking one is something one is not, when one does not possess the underlying wisdom, virtue, and knowledge, is a very dangerous thing.  Pride comes before destruction.  As for material wealth, which the left craves and worships, Solon told us that it really didn’t matter in the big scheme of things.

Humility acknowledges it does not know, understands it’s faults and defects, and yet works hard in spite of it.  The humble person ALWAYS has a better life in this world and certainly more magnificent in the next. For the proud are rarely happily remembered, while the humble are joyfully admired centuries after they die.

Humble people ask questions, and do a lot of work to prove what they believe.  Proud people are lazy thinkers, accept propaganda, and ruthlessly attack those who attack the ideas they lazily acquired.

One of the main reason why Vallejo has so many issues is because of pride, and a lot of other faults. We all will have pride until we die, but the wise see the pride in themselves and fight it, to make sure it does not harm other citizens.  The proud are blind to their own pride, and it then harms them and everyone around them.  Hubris destroys societies.

Brilliant historian Victor Davis Hanson, who will be speaking in California shortly, for those interested in attending, you may let me know and I’ll give you details, wrote about this in his phenomenal ‘A War like no other‘, detailing the Peloponnesian War, between Athens and Sparta.  It ruined Athens, and it was caused by Athens hubris.



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