Thursday, September 5th, 2019

Open letter to Vallejo:

Welcome to American Canyon officials, and Solano County board of Superintendents, including the deceived Democrats.  I know who you are, and am not calling you out by name out of mercy.  Any response, and I’d be happy to unleash on your hypocrisy.
The fake news Times Herald, with the ahistorical John Glidden, badly deceived in college and by the media and tech companies, leading the charge, had another doozy of fake news today.  The  headline showed Touro University students ‘protesting’ to have better facilities on the border.  Ummm, if you aren’t here legally, you don’t have a right to make any demands.  You can go right back where you came from and get in line just like every one else.   And why is it that Democrats care so much about illegals and their chlidren, when they’ve slaughtered 60 million American babies since 1973. So, we see, the Democrats are globalist pawns, who do the bidding of America’s geopolitical enemy, China.  We also know China is the number one importer of illegal fentanyl into America, which kills tens of thousands of Americans.  And where do they send it in?  Right through the border, via the cartels.  And do the Democrats like this?  Yes, they do.
The Democrat party platform is quite the same as the Communist party platform.  China is the biggest nation, population wise, on earth, and they are also the biggest atheist nation, and the biggest Communist nation.  We have deluded Americans who constantly try to lie about America being so bad.  If you don’t like American history, take a one way to trip to China.  When you criticize their government, and they beat you  half to death, then you can appreciate America’s Christian heritage.  Democrats  haven’t learned that secular humanism has slaughtered 100 million in the last century.
Shame on Supervisor Hannigan, who doesn’t understand the Constitution at all.  Demonstrating for illegal immigrants is quite nonsensical, and no elected official should be doing this. But, the voters are waking up.  Hundreds are viewing conservative sites.  And when they do wake up, every single one of you Democrats will be voted out of office, and you will be forgotten.  So, the time to change is now.  After you are warned, the voters will hold you accountable for your sedition against the Constitution.  And they don’t care that you were following orders from your Democrat leaders, media, schools, and tech companies. Like the Nuremberg trials, you’ll be held accountable.  You are being watched, and evaluated.  Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin.
You Democrats can learn from Solomon in Proverbs 29:1 ‘He, that being often reproved, hardeneth his neck, shall be suddenly destroyed, and that without remedy.’  This is why you want red flag laws, and you want to disarm the population, because you are afraid.   You know the Constitution gave the people recourse to deal with your tyranny, as they did to King George III, and you are very afraid.  You ought to be even more afraid to know nothing man can do to you can compare with what your Creator has in store for you.   Most of you Democrats are scoffers and scorners, and that never ends up well, sadly for you.
No one in America, who knows the Bible, Constitution, and history is a Democrat. So those of you who identify as Democrats are advertising  you are not familiar with history or virtue.  You are being shown mercy because many of you honestly don’t know any better, but that window is closing.
We next go on to learn about the selection of a new police chief.  This police chief will be the worst in Vallejo history, judging from the judges.  We have 71% of the judges are women.  Now, women are overwhelmingly less familiar with the Constitution, history, and the Bible than men, and are ill fitted to be leading a family or a society.  There are brilliant exceptions, but they are not the rule.  And, the women appointed to evaluate the police chief are some of the worst women in Vallejo, the brawling women, who love to argue, are loud, and some are screaming banshees.  It is the women who are responsible for the screaming mess our City Council meetings devolve into.  It’s either the male children of single mothers, or women who are yelling, screaming, using profanity, interrupting council meetings, and are incapable of closing their mouths and opening their ears, and listening to ideas they don’t like.  Women are often fiercely territorial, and are less likely to use dispassionate reason in a disagreement.  They are often ruled by their emotions, whims, desires, and relationships, and the objective truth is rarely a factor many women use in evaluating right and wrong.
Dawn Roginski is a fake Christian.  Says she is a Christian and openly violates the Bibles command to not engage in homosexuality.  She is a heretic, and anyone who takes her seriously is foolish and uninformed, demonstrating their own folly.  While I like Mina Diaz, and she has been courteous, at times, she is still fiercely tribal for the latino community, does not understand our Constitution, and is a social justice warrior.  Much of what she stands for is what Communists stand for.  Dr. Clark has many admirable qualities, but until he renounces the Marxist indoctrination the colleges and media have deceived him with, his potential will be unrealized.  Jackie Arnold appears sensible, but she associates, unreservedly, with far too many shady characters, who she never renounces.  While she enthusiastically upholds many Marxist ideas, she has never courageously opposed any popular dangerous idea.  Of all the panelists, Admiral Tom Cropper appears to have the most grasp of the Constitution, but, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, and have never heard him give public evidence of the fact.  Stacey Bowman is with New Dawn, which is a Marxist organization, and Lynda Daniels is with the NAACP, which my personal fondness for Jimmy Jackson aside, is another leftist tool to push their Communist propaganda.  This panel shows that Vallejoan’s are not valued, but rather, their ties to globalist entities, which seek to destroy us.  The new police chief, will likely be even worse than the last one, who actually used force to remove a military veteran from City Hall, when it was his turn to talk, for the crime of criticizing homosexuals, after they commended their depravity for ten years.  The voters need to wake up, and take back their nation from the depraved Democrats.


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