Friday, September 6th, 2019

Tomorrow, there will be a townhall at Vallejo High School.  The Townhall will be on police reform, legislation, and accountability.  It’s at least the 5th in the past 3 years we’ve had on the topic, and it’s kind of hard to understand why the people behind this keep on going after police and ignore the community’s problems policing themselves.  When the fatherlessness rate goes from 3% in 1947, to 40% in 2017, including from 11% in 1941 to 75% currently,  in the black community, it’s no mystery to see the root of crime and poverty, and why we have so many who find it so hard to follow orders from the police.  The police clearly are not the problem.   They aren’t targeting blacks.   What we won’t be discussing is black on black crime.

We won’t be discussing fatherlessness and functional illiteracy, which are the real problems.  We will be lectured that it is dangerous for black people and minorities, that the police are shamelessly targeting black males, never mind a black male is 7-10 times  more likely to commit a crime than a white male is.  Never mind in 2010 that white on black crime was 63,000 instances, and black on white crime was 320,000 instances, and that blacks make up 12% of the population, and whites make up 63%, meaning that black on white crime is 25 times higher than white on black crime, when adjusted for population.  Never mind that a black man is 18.5 times more likely to kill a police officer than to be killed by one.  Never mind that from 1990-2008, blacks make up 12% of America, and were responsible for 52% of all homicides committed.  That doesn’t matter.  In today’s world, if you aren’t white, you can mistreat a white person, or commit a crime against them, and it’s perfectly alright, just holler slavery and racism, and the justice system will let you off.  If a white man was accused of rape by a black woman, and was caught on camera, forcibly taking a naked black woman into a hotel room, there would be riots.    But, a black man can do that to a white woman, and get away with it.   Then, never mind that only 1.6% of white America is even directly related to slave owners, the Marxist media, tech companies, and schools, directed in some instances by China, will assure us that all white people are bad.

So, we will meet together to discuss a fairy tale and to  pretend as if police brutality is a problem, when there is no evidence suggesting that. We will hear from the anecdotes of many citizens who will complain about how the police treated them.  The vast majority of those whining about the police, have no objective moral compass themselves. So, in their world, right and wrong is based on their feelings.

Amazingly, even though black crime and poverty are worst in Democrat cities and states, our panel of experts will be all Democrats.  Why would we think a panel containing all Democrats, who are responsible for our communities dysfunction, would have the solution to the problems?  Do they invite any conservatives to have their input as panelists?  No, they don’t.  So, it’s an exercise in futility.  There is no diversity of ideas, we have the same characters repeating the same brainwashing you expect to find in the media, schools, and tech companies.  It will likely be a waste of time.

Meanwhile, I’ll attend, and when I speak, guaranteed they don’t want to hear what I have to say, because it’s embarrassing to their leaders.  So, we see, this isn’t a real townhall, this is a get along gang, for those who agree with the leaders.  It’s an ego satisfaction scheme by some very selfish people.  Also, many in the room have been carefully taught to hate white straight males, and so they don’t care what I have to say, I’ll be rejected, ignored, and criticized because in their mind, white, straight males are bad no matter what, and are responsible for all the world’s problems.  I can say all true facts and it won’t matter, it will only increase resentment, and I’ll be lectured not to be a ‘trouble maker’, and to watch what I say, so that I don’t cause ‘trouble’.  Umm, if other people can’t control their emotions or reactions, that is a personal issue they need to fix.

And no race is the problem, the problem is the Democrat party.  They have no moral compass, and constantly blame the problems from their wrong choices on others and society.  Ironically, of all races, the black community has the highest percentage who vote Democrat, and they have the worst results in Democrat run cities and states.  That is not to detract from the many great conservative blacks, like Jesse Lee Peterson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Ken Blackwell, and millions more.  However, conservative blacks don’t vote Democrat, and don’t hate America and white people.   They refuse to be manipulated by the lying media, schools, and tech companies.

Also, in Democrat townhalls, it doesn’t matter how factual, well informed, well read, or intelligent one may be.  What matters is if you are viewed as an ‘expert’, and if you can dominate conversations, yell over people, interrupt them, bully them, intimidate them, and threaten force if necessary to get your way.

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