Sunday, September 15, 2019

Hunter: What will Democrats destroy first, themselves or the country.

McCullough: Sure Democrats Will Lose in 2020, But They Are Dangerous Now, And Must Be Stopped!

The only way Mass Shootings will end.

Sullivan: Why has overpopulation myth remained so persistent when it’s so easily disproven?

Murdock: Robert Francis O’Rourke pities blacks.

Federer: Pilgrim history: A mini course in self government. 

Sen. Kennedy: McCabe ‘should be prosecuted with great vengeance and furious anger’ if he lied to FBI agents (Video)

Feldman: America’s exclusive, math-challenged party.

Hellner: How to destroy a great country in a very short amount of time? Start with ignorance of fossil fuels.

Imani: Thoughts on 9/11.  American at the tipping point

Pulse shooting survivors host rally against gay ‘lifestyle’

Dempsey: Good guys with Guns are safer than leftist gun control

Gutknecht: The problem with pretending.

Thomas: The left hopes to destroy Christianity by changing it.

Muldowney: Ever had a shocking experience with a liberal friend on Facebook?

We will never ever be silent in the face of evil again.

U.S. should worry as Russia-China ties heat up

McCormack: The NY Times anti-Kavanaugh bombshell is actually a dud.

Democrats Call for Justice Brett Kavanaugh to Be ‘Impeached’

Ted Cruz: Donald Trump has broken the Democratic party.

WATCH: Omar’s Horrible Attempt At Spinning Her ‘Some People Did Something’ Comments

Crouere: Democrats are buying votes in 2020.

Hong Kong police deploy water cannons amid clashes with protesters in 15th consecutive weekend of unrest

Former NFL Player Accused of Vandalizing His Own Business with ‘MAGA’ and Racist Slurs

Kruiser: Cruz Warns GOP Not To ‘Abandon’ the Second Amendment

Moran: Will Chicago be the largest U.S. city to declare bankruptcy?

Federer: William Taft: A mixed bag as President.

VIDEO: Marine Tackles Teens During Fight at California High School

‘Squad’ Members Prove That Only Progressives Qualify As ‘Women of Color’

Lewis: Can mainstream conservatism survive the 21st century?

Imani: Sahar: The Blue Girl of Iran, struck down.

Rail: Klay Thompson, fund-raising under achiever.

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