Saturday, September 14th, 2019

We learned yesterday that Vallejo has hired a new police chief.

Shawny Williams.

While I wish him the best, and I could care less about his race, I’m very disturbed about most of the people charged with selecting him,  most of whom not only don’t represent Vallejo, but are some of the worst people in Vallejo.


Who were the seven panelists who selected the new Police Chief?


1) Dr. Adam Clark, Superintendent, Vallejo City Unified School District

Admirable in many respects, but  has not put any effort into improving the Vallejo schools woeful test scores in Civics, history, math, english, and writing, which is the entire purpose of a school.  Has spoken more publicly about social justice nonsense, than about education.


2)’Reverend’ Dawn Roginski

A complete and unadulterated fraud.  A woman was never commanded to be a leader of a church in the Bible, and this heretic proudly parades her homosexuality for the world to see, openly defying God.

The weak male Christian leaders in Vallejo silently watch this blasphemer proudly flaunt her nonsense in the city, with not a hint of reluctance, and she has the audacity to try to insert herself into local government as well.  Those who have no control over themselves are utterly unfit to judge who should have control over others.

3)Jackie Arnold, Chair, Chamber of Commerce

No real courageous convictions to speak of, at all. Excels at fitting in with corrupt types.  Happily attended the drag queen reading event in Vallejo, promoting drag queens reading the children, the height of debauchery.

4)Lynda Daniels, NAACP Vallejo Branch 1081

Favorable on some issues, but the NAACP is not favorable to the Constitution at all, and has developed into a Marxist entity.

5)Mina Diaz, Founder, Diaz and Loera Centro Latino

Appears reasonable at times, but fights for her own tribe, latinos, to the exclusion of others. Demands rights specifically because she is latino, and though the first African American member of the City Council ran 4 times before he won, she lost once, and then supported a rogue Lawyer, Kevin Shenkman, who fraudulently stole $30k from Vallejo and forced whacky and unconstitutional District elections on our city.

6)Stacey Bowman, Executive Director, New Dawn Vallejo Corporation

New Dawn is a Marxist organization, strongly linked with Marxist churches in Vallejo, which are doing quite well, and is the spawn of the Marxist President Obama, the worst President in American history.  Scary to think we have Marxists dictating our city’s police chief.  Since Obama shook down the banks to give money to his Marxist community organizations, this organization may well be one of the organizations profiting from this looting.

7)Admiral Tom Cropper, President, Cal Maritime

Alone of the panel, I know nothing of him.  That’s not saying much, because if you aren’t speaking against Democrat evils in Vallejo, you likely are part of the problem.  Trusting that a Constitutional conservative would be selected by Vallejo’s Democrats to wisely choose a good police chief, seems to be just as wise as selecting a pedophile judge to judge a rape trial.   Neither judgement promises to have a good outcome.

While we heard screeching about making sure the police chief was a certain race (i.e. not white), how he needed to work with the community (i.e. be in bed with Democrat community activists who are an immoral lot if one ever existed), how we needed to work on police response to crime (I.e. don’t be strict on crime, many criminals are Democrat voters, and the Democrats need every vote they can get), about how we have too many criminals who are black (nothing is ever said about real crime rates in Vallejo. One expects disproportionate crimes committed by race will face disproportionate police response), and the other Democrat nonsense, we did not hear common sense expectations for a police chief.

First, he must know history, the Bible, and the Constitution. Without a knowledge of either of those, he is simply play doh in the hands of the Democrat media and community activists for them to use at their will.

Second, he must uphold the law and not have any disposition to protect any one from the consequences of their crime, especially not those of his own race.

Third, He must have common sense. College degrees mean little to nothing and are far more commonly hindrances today than helps. They brainwash millions into thinking utter Marxist nonsense, and then saddle them with exorbitant debts. So, these people cannot even afford to admit their college educations were brainwashing sessions, because they owe too much money, and to admit that money was wasted will threaten future money they hope to make.

Fourth: He must be a righteous man.  That doesn’t mean perfect.  That means he has repented from past wrongdoings, and is an upstanding man today.  He must oppose drug legalization, must oppose pornography, must oppose the private moral evils that lead to the explosion of public crime. If the leader does not live a virtuous and a righteous life, the community will be full of crime and evil.  This is why Vallejo has had issues with crime for decades because the Democrats are corrupt and wicked, and as the leaders are, so are the citizens.

Yet, we not only saw no indications that the new police chief fits any of these qualifications, but we received nearly universal proofs that he is the exact opposite.  Of course, the Marxist Democrats are well trained to holler ‘Racisss’ if a conservative white disagrees with their selection of a Democrat black person, and I’m not leaving out the possibility that the new police chief may be Republican, though that’s less than a 5% chance.  One thing Democrat politicians are very good at is selecting corrupt people for public trust.  We learned that from the corrupt Bill Clinton and the even more corrupt Barack Obama.  To be honest, we can learn that from every Democrat President from Woodrow Wilson forward.  Every last one was a disaster for America.  Republicans weren’t so hot either.

Democrats view the police and military as ideological and political weapons they can use to force their dangerous ideas on society. We already saw this on April 10th, 2018.  The Mayor of Vallejo, with no dissent from anyone in the audience or on the council, actually used 2 police officers and the Vallejo police chief, to remove a military veteran from the speakers podium, when it was their turn to speak,  when the military veteran criticized the Democrat victim group of homosexuals, who had been creating havoc in the city for over a decade.  There has been no formal public apology for this to date, which means not only can we expect to see a repeat of this tyranny, we are likely going to see it get worse.  Apologizing is the mark of a man, it is how we grow.  Refusing to apologize and correct one’s errors is the mark of a person who does not grow and who remains foolish.  ‘Correction is the way of life’ was Solomon’s advise.


I’m not sure about the personal views of retiring police chief Bidou, but it seems like his primary crime was he was a straight white male, and he didn’t tolerate crime from anyone, no matter their race.  This is a very serious offense to the Democrat leaders in the city, who really don’t want the people to find out their disastrous policies are why there are high crime rates and high poverty rates in their city. So, rather than have the people wake up and vote every last worthless Democrat out of office, they use what is known as the Cat’s paw strategy.  The chief of police is sacrificed to mollify the mob and to let the Democrat tyranny to proceed. Also, the Democrats will likely pay millions of Vallejo taxpayer’s money to ‘settle’ the case with Willie McCoy’s family.  So, they enslave the city even more when evidence of the dysfunction of their policies arises. It’s genius.  Imagine every time you make a wrong decision or have a bad public policy and you are rewarded by even more control and power.  Yet, this is what Democrats do.

Am reading Carnage and Culture by Victor Davis Hanson, arguably one of the greatest living historians in America currently.  He details what made Western Militaries so lethal and fearsome was they were independent, able to think well on their feet, and had a culture that encouraged individual initiative.  Contrast this with today’s Democrats. They hate those who don’t think like them, they encourage rewarding people for silly and stupid reasons such as skin color, and punishing them for it too.  We see the Democrats are just as racist as they were in 1861. Then they were racist towards blacks, now the Democrats encourage racism towards whites.  This is why the Democrats are wicked.  In 1861 they justified their racism towards blacks with bogus Biblical explanations and relying on junk science which stated non whites were intellectually inferior to whites.  Today, they justify their racism towards whites by making every single white in America guilty for the 1861 Democrats sins of slavery, and ignoring the millions of whites who fought against slavery, and opposed racism and segregation in the Civil Rights movement.   Whoever it serves their selfish interests to be racist to, they will do it.  They simply cannot judge people based on character, because the Democrats have no character to speak of.    Contrast the successful thinking of these courageous military warriors of the past with today’s Democrats who judge on gender, race, and if you support their Marxist political ideology.   This is why they were so successful and we are headed for a disastrous collapse.

Pornography leads to violent crime, but we never hear about that from the police in Vallejo or other Democrat cities, from Democrat leaders, from the Democrat tech companies, who make fortunes off the slavery of human beings, and from the Democrat media, which profits from human exploitation and misery as well.

Of course, Mr. Williams comes from San Jose, which just saw an uptick in violent crime.  How is he going to help Vallejo out when his own department has a shoddy record in responding to crime?

Within the past month, we had San Jose residents PLEADING for police help as violent crime spiked, and Mr. Williams gets rewarded by being chosen to be Vallejo’s police chief?  But this is what happens when you have ahistorical, uninformed, community rabble-rouser activists picking a police chief.  They don’t care about performance, they care about who will give them more power and money.  Selfish and wretched ingrates. When the people of Vallejo wake up, you Democrat leaders are going to have to answer for so much.  I tremble to think what’s in store for you.  Some of you can be tried for sedition and treason today.  And that’s not even considering what God is going to do to you.  Every Democrat leader today is worse than King George III of Britain.  Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First  had his Cromwell, George the III had his George Washington, and may you Democrats profit from their example.

I could do a far better job being police chief of Vallejo and I’ve got no experience as  a police officer.  But, why won’t Vallejo hire me as a police chief?  Well, it’s because Vallejo discriminates against conservatives who might interrupt the money hustle they are robbing the city with.  If residents have to suffer from crime, oh well, as long as the Democrat unions get their money, and the public employee Democrat unions at City Hall are able to rob Vallejo taxpayers to fund the Democrat juggernaut trying to destroy America.

Finally as a white, straight, male, and a conservative, Christian, Constitutionalist (Translation to the left when their Marxist ideologues are done propagandizing me to the masses: Ryan Messano is a racist, sexist, islamophobic, transphobic, homophobic bigot), I am very disturbed about the hiring of a man from the same San Jose Police Department which failed to protect the LAWFUL public political gathering in San Jose a few years back, and stood by while terroristic acts were perpetuated on harmless and innocent men and women for merely standing up for their political beliefs.  And for the leftists who will inevitably charge that anyone not black criticizing the hiring of a black police chief must mean they are ‘racisss’, you are full of baloney, and you are malicious and spiteful liars.  I fully approve the hiring of a conservative black police chief, and if a white liberal criticized the choice I would never call them a racist on that basis alone, though white liberals are some of the most racist people in America.

I  honestly do not trust the new Police Chief at all, and will continue to distrust him until he demonstrates that he is not in bed with the corrupt Democrat party.  Unless he proves me to be remarkably wrong, and I earnestly hope I’m wrong,  I expect him to be corrupt, and I expect crime rates in Vallejo to rise tremendously, unless the police cook the books, as Democrat police are very good at doing.

In the past, I used to give prominent hirings by Democrats the benefit of the doubt, and to think they may be good after all.  Experience has proven me to be a fool with that thinking.  If it quacks like a duck, flies like a duck, and walks like a duck, it is a duck.

Once again, in Vallejo, the unscrupulous types have yelled, screamed, and shouted and gotten what they wanted.  Like the kid who pitches a temper tantrum in the store and is rewarded with candy, this will not end well.  These types have now been shown that if you come to city hall with your mob, and terrorize the city you will get to pick the police leaders for your city.  That has never worked out well in human history.  Who knows, perhaps due to this police chiefs corruption and incompetence, decent citizens like me may have to perish and die due to unrestrained criminals.  When that happens, you can be assured the Democrats will have a story ready, and a narrative, to keep their corruption going, and their masses deceived.







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