Fake News Vallejo Times Herald strikes again

Dear Mayor, City Council, Superintendent, School Board, and fellow American citizens,

The Marxist Vallejo Times Herald recently took a break from it’s pro-pot, pro-homosexuality, and anti-police agenda, to attack a troublesome citizen who dares to defy the Democrat tyranny in Vallejo.
The attack did not even include my name.  Jack Bungart knows that if he included my name, I’d be given a chance to respond, and since he is a coward, he posted a letter from Nathan Cowherd (may as well be coward), full of fake news, half truths, slander, gossip, and what you would expect from an impudent Cal Berkeley brainwashed leftist, which is what Mr. Cowherd is.
You may judge for yourself from what is said.  Evidently, the Times Herald thinks if you silence ideas you don’t like, and let other people write letters attacking the people saying the ideas you find disagreeable, then you’ll get rid of ideas you don’t like.  The publication of this letter follows close on the heels to my adopting a pseudonym to go on totalitarian fakebook, join ‘Vallejo City Politics’, (since they’d never let me on under my real name, as the truth is something they have an allergy to), and comment on the Vallejo Times Herald, and Open Vallejo.  Within three days I was blocked from all three groups and organizations for the crime of wrongthink and wrongspeak.  We are indeed in Orwell’s ‘1984’.  This letter to the editor may well have been the vindictive Times Herald trying to get vengeance for having the truth uttered on it’s page.

‘Personal responsibility is often brought up during city council public forum. It’s hilarious to me that those regularly espousing the need for greater personal responsibility — coupled with a reference to our founding fathers and their opinions — are in fact more likely to be in greater debt, illegally residing in their place of business, and lying about their veteran status when in reality they skipped out as a conscientious objector after getting a “world class education,” owe tens of thousands of dollars, and cannot afford their mortgages.

I can tell you, the founding fathers believed firmly in imprisoning deserters and unscrupulous debtors both.’

— Nathan Cowherd/Benicia

Let’s first address the letter, sentence by sentence.  Let’s also understand the writers relation to me, as the Times Herald, never in the business of giving the whole story, leaves that out.  On June 14th, a Friday, there was a meeting at JFK library of the Marxist ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’.  This is an attempt to brainwash little children into accepting the filthy vice of homosexuality, and that genders are not fixed. And, many in the city stood silently by, while this crime against humanity was perpetrated by today’s modern day Pharisees.  Actually, the Pharisees in the Bible were far better than today’s homosexual advocates, because the Pharisees never dreamed of teaching this filthy and vile lifestyle to children.  Here is what Christ said to the pharisee’s, and you can be sure he’d say it 100 times worse to today’s homosexuals advocates.

‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness.

Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.’  Christ also said this about those who lead children into evil.  ‘But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.’.  One thing I know for certain, I’ll never have the blood of innocent children on my head.  The same cannot be said about those who stand up for homosexuality, and promote spreading this degeneracy among children.

The coward who goes by Mr. Cowherd, showed up, and was full of the usual craziness you’d expect from a U.C. Berkeley graduate.  He had the audacity to ask me to hug him at the end of it, which, being compassionate, I did, and then the poisonous snake goes off and stabs me in the back in the local paper.  Of course, they are trained to think they know all they need to, and so it’s a rude shock to find out they paid tens of thousands of dollars to be brainwashed. Some cannot handle the stress of this discovery, and so prefer not to ever discover it.  He began quizzing me, constantly trying to defend the evil he promotes while finding weakness in others.  Now, lets be clear.  If everyone of us were to kick the person in the rear most responsible for their own problems, none of us would be able to sit down for a month.  That said, we all aren’t even operating with the same standards.  Pericles said, paraphrased, there was no shame in poverty, only in not doing anything about it.   Another person came up, a former veteran, and thanked me for my military service.  I thanked him for his, and shook  his hand.  In Mr. Cowherd’s mind, this means that I lied.  If I knew in 2001 when I got my CO what I know today, I never would have gotten a Conscientious Objector.  As a matter of record, I submitted a request to be re-admitted into the United States Navy in January, and am awaiting their response.  I also purchased a gun, and applied to five different law enforcement organizations, including the Vallejo Police Department, in the past year.  I was not hired by any.

The liberal left in our city, assumed that my purchase of a gun meant I was crazy.  But, in reality, the vast majority of serial killers are all homosexuals They are much more prone to violence and murder.  Nothing new, this has been happening since Sodom, and has continued through the Roman empire, when the four worst emperors were all homosexuals.  Nero, Commodus, Caligula, and Elagabalus.   Matter of fact, the vast amount of gun crime in America is committed by Democrats.  The cities which voted for Hillary Clinton and Obama, overwhelmingly, have the highest crime rates in America.   So while I was bothered by police being called to City Hall to keep an eye on me, as I’m falsely thought to be some kind of terrorist, I was pretty happy they would be there, because there are plenty of liberal psychos who show up, who use porn and drugs.  So, there was a definite silver lining.  Judging by how the potheads act at City Council meetings, we probably could use a few more police at City Council. Further, we need to have disruptive audience members removed. The Times herald seems to have no problems with disruptive audience members.  They love it.  And this isn’t new.  There is a fabulous article about how communists infiltrate meetings.  Their tactics appear to have been used at many of our meetings.   Their diamond tactic is uses to sway public meetings.

Why was I not hired by law enforcement agencies?

Why is that?  Is it for a legitimate reason?  Judge for yourself.

Is it because I have a drug record? No, I never used drugs.

Is it because I have a criminal record?  No, I have no criminal record.

Is it because I’m wildly irresponsible financially.  No, I am quite frugal and self denying.

Is it because I stole from anyone?  No, I never did.

Is it because I owe child support?  No, I have no children.

Is it because I have anger issues?  No, I am quite reasonable

Is it because I don’t qualify physically?  No, I passed every single physical test I was given.  I do a Navy Seals Workout every single year, and can run 3 miles.  I also do 60 pushups, 80 situps, and 9 pullups in 7 minutes.

Is it because my health is suspect?  No, I just was tested for life insurance, and my health is perfect.

Is it because I have unsightly tattoos?  No. But, there are many officers with Vallejo Police Department who do have them, and thats just fine.

Is it because I’m physically incapable of doing the job?  No, but there are many female police officers on VPD, whose endurance and strength is far less than mine.  Same goes for males.

Is it because I’m not good in English and Math, and incapable of reason?  No, I aced every single police department test for math and English.

Is it because I am a white, straight male?  That is very likely in a city where we constantly hear talk about ‘muh diversity’.

Is it because I have nothing in my background that can be used against me to control me?  Very likely.  Can’t have independent thinkers.

Is it because I have a political outlook different from the Democrat party who runs the police department, and Vallejo?  Quite likely there lies the problem.  So, I am forced not to serve my community for having ideas that law enforcement does not like.

Is it a crime to be in debt?  Our prisons would be overfilled if it were.  So a man is held back from employment, that he is rightfully qualified to do, to be able to pay his debts, because he has ideas those who run the cities, which have been run into the ground for decades, do not like.

Besides, it is is a matter of record for the entire town that I was a Conscientious Objector, as that was in the Vallejo Times Herald article back in 2012.  It seems kind of insane that the Vallejo Times Herald publishes that I was a Conscientious Objector, then publishes a letter that says I lied about my military service.  The writer, as a UC Berkeley, can be expected not to do his research, as liberals see what they believe, but conservatives believe what they see, but the Times Herald ought to know what it wrote in it’s own newspaper.

Admittedly, I was deceived by the leftist, communist Democrats, into thinking that peace and the absence of self-defense was a good thing.  It is not.  So, apparently, I am to be judged by Mr. Cowherd, a liberal Marxist from Berkeley, who preaches we need to accept teaching kids homosexuality, and who works in a marijuana dispensary.  There are serious indications his college education was paid for by Mommy and Daddy, and an investigator friend of mine showed serious evidence that he still lives with Mom and Dad.  So, this person, who has apparently never earned an honest dollar in his life, as pot ought to be illegal, is accepted by the Times Herald as a reliable source to lecture me on responsibility.  Totally insane, but par for the course for the fake news media.

Let’s continue.  He proceeds to demonstrate his gross ignorance of the Founding Fathers, which is pretty common among modern college graduates, particularly U.C. Berkeley graduates, by saying they would have approved of debtors prisons.  That is totally false, and Jefferson and Washington had substantial debt.  Some died bankrupt, happy they gave their wealth for freedom.  They were willing to give up their lives, family, homes, and businesses for freedom.  It’s shameful we don’t have that same attitude today.  The media of that day was honorable, the media of today, despicable.  They even had a money system that collapsed, known as the Continentals.

The final sentences of the above article are pretty profound: 

‘The point is this: as we make our journeys through life, money can make us comfortable.  It can make some things easier.  It can be a powerful tool.  But it does not dictate the legacy we leave behind.  Today, does it matter that Washington struggled financially?  Not a bit.  In fact, if he hadn’t, he probably wouldn’t have been our first president. The fact that Paine was essentially penniless for most of his life didn’t stop him from uniting a people to revolution.

We are important.  No matter who we are.  No matter how much money we have or don’t have.  We can make positive changes in the world around us, because the most important currency doesn’t lie with dollars and cents; it lies with inspiration and ideas.’

Mr. Coward, errr..Cowherd, decides that he is going to judge where I can lay my head at night.  Good thing he wasn’t around in the days of John the Baptist, whose pillow was a stone.  As if the Democrats haven’t made the housing shortage bad enough with high taxes and regulations, they now want to criminalize those who are affected by the shortage.  That said, I have never taken one dime from the government for health care or welfare, and I will die before I do.  I am no slave.  What happened before I was 18 was no choice of mine, but after that, in our society we have the right to fail and to succeed.  The average millionaire is bankrupt twice before they succeed.  You pass failure on your way to success.  Ford was bankrupt twice.  I’ve been bankrupt not at all. Lincoln had to work 15 years to pay off all his debts, but he did, and I will pay off every dime I owe.  I won’t complain about a city where the newspaper is full of fake news, and lies about Trump and conservatives nearly every single day, while those of us who barely have a place to lay our head at night, tell the truth but have our consciences that are happy.  We don’t need drugs, because we know we are doing the right thing.

Also, the Vallejo Times Herald has not allowed me to write letters to the editor for nearly the last 3 years, but it will allow scoundrels to write letters about me.  They won’t even allow pseudonym accounts of mine to comment on their website.  Why?  It’s because they are afraid of the truth.  The letter writer, and Coward, concluded his nonsensical letter, by saying I can’t afford my mortgage.  That is total nonsense, as I sold my home in 2016.

Also, let’s explore how I got here, shall we, though my personal financial business is no one else’s business, and it’s a cowardly and degenerate trick to attack political opponents by publicizing their finances.  But, it is a common trick among Democrats.  FDR did it to his political opponents, JFK did it to his, LBJ did it to his, the Clinton’s did it to theirs, and today’s Democrats are doing it to Trump.  The liberal media, like the Vallejo Times herald makes a habit of pretending it is fair, objective, and unbiased, but it will sensationalize wrongs or weaknesses of political opponents, and it will minimize and hide the wrongs of those they prefer. So, the Vallejo Times Herald never printed, in 1992, about the rape allegations against Bill Clinton They never printed, in 2008, about the crack use of Obama, and his homosexual degeneracy that he had been engaged in since high school.

I don’t like speaking of myself, but am forced to, to respond to scurrilous comments publicly aired by a Marxist media. In 2005, I began in insurance, having left a $18/hr job, with full benefits, for a job in insurance, making $11.00 an hour, with no benefits.  In seven short years, I worked very hard, and diligently.  In 2012, I was offered to buy an insurance agency for $650k, which I did.  I received loans from friends in the amount of $50k, and repaid every single dime, as I will pay back every single dime I owe today.  In 2012 I had a credit score of 450, and in 2014, it was 750.  So, I’m used to boom and bust, and am confident that perseverance is more prevailing than violence, and many things, which cannot be taken when they are together, yield themselves up when they are taken little by little, as Plutarch said.  They let me borrow the money because they trusted me, and I repaid that trust.  However, in 2013, I became aware that our nation was threatened as it never had been before, that Obama was the most wicked President in our entire history.  This came as a shock to someone, who, in 2008, was deceived by Google, the fake news Vallejo Times Herald, the local newspapers, and television.  I had no idea about the difference between liberal and conservative, and thought they were all telling me the truth.  Well, they weren’t.  That should be pretty apparent to the entire city of Vallejo, as you watch the Vallejo Times Herald constantly attack the police, even though City Attorney Quintana is correct, in saying the media is driving an anti-police narrative.  Also, no sooner does City Manager Nyhoff admit that we had 69,000 incidents with police in 2016, and only 150 use of force incidents, when the Vallejo Times Herald blares that from the headlines, and the money-hungry lawyers for those who perished in controversial interactions with police, immediately file lawsuits.  This is all about money and power, and the Vallejo Times Herald may as well be owned by Communist China.  Remember, China hates Donald Trump, and, they are communist. Well, the Democrats, are near communists, and they hate Trump too.  So, we should be very wary of the Democrats.  But I digressed. When I discovered I’d been being lied to and distracted for decades by the Vallejo Times Herald, I was shocked.  They allowed me to publish heavily-censored letters, likely because I advertised in them, but, finally, when Trump won, they completely censored me.  So, my focus shifted in 2013 from business, to politics.  As a result, I failed to pass a test which was pretty irrelevant to my business, to sell stocks and bonds.  I’m sure 95% of Vallejoans have never been to their car insurance agent to buy some stocks and bonds.  But, I was forced to sell.  And, I’ve been recovering since then.  It didn’t matter that the agent who replaced me has terrible customer service skills, and is losing customers right and left, nope, rules are rules, even if they have nothing to do with business.   I don’t appreciate my personal business being maliciously gossiped about, Jack Bungart!!  Have you no decency!?

In conclusion, let’s remember. The degenerate Times Herald supports:
1) Illegal immigration, which is sedition

2) Illegal drugs, as they support marijuana.  We have a council member today, who would have been in jail 20 years ago.  He attends a church that is about as racist as the KKK.  His ‘pastor’ has a Critical Race Theory Degree, which is totally Marxist.  The vast majority of the black and minority community in Vallejo were deceived about Hakeem Brown owning a pot clinic, and about John Fox being a homosexual.  And the Vallejo Times Herald promoted this deceit.

3) The Democrats endorsement of health care for free for illegal immigrants.

4) The treasonous coup attempt against President Trump.

5) Abortions for men.

6) The police brutality myth.

7) Marijuana is healthy and harmless myth.  

It never ends.

Let’s examine a few other letters surrounding the one written, slandering and gossiping about me.

1) A letter by Mary Olsen, an obvious leftist, writing to denounce Claudia Quintana, for Claudia Quintana daring to tell the truth.  By accepting letters agreeing with their narrative, and rejecting letters that do not, the Times Herald creates the illusion that the community agrees with their propaganda, which is false.  Their readership has been badly declining.  As a matter of fact, anyone who reads my website for one day, will be better informed than a person who has read the Times herald for the past fifty years.  So, while I may not have as much money as the owners of the Times Herald…..yet, I provide far more value.  A person can get the truth for free from me, while they have to pay to be lied to by the Times Herald.  Anyone who has ever read a book by a decent author on police brutality knows Ms. Olsen is barking up the wrong tree.

2) Then we hear from resident leftist/atheist/Communist Thom McCombs, a blatant liar, who has said in the Times herald he believes in lying, who believes in murdering babies, and all kinds of others evils.  The degenerate is in his 60’s, and still hasn’t figured out American history.    No respectable paper would ever publish a word that this foolish man has to say.

3) Then we hear from a newcomer.  Ashley Elliott.    She’s badly deceived about the agit-prop photo of a dead child.  Pretty common among those who pay attention to the media.  

4) Lastly, we have Benicia Marxist, atheist, leftist Harvey Rifkin, who is Thom’s Benicia brother in ideals.  His nonsense, has been smiled upon by the Vallejo Times Herald for the past 3 years.  No credible journalistic organization would give him the time of day.  But the Times Herald can’t get enough of him.  It’s sad.  Kind of like when a man loves an ugly  prostitute.  Everyone else realizes she is ugly and despicable, but the wretched and deluded man simply cannot get over her.  What the Times Herald doesn’t publish is a listing of all the attacks on Trump supporters.  They will publish calls to the local NAACP, where no one knows who called, and it could possibly be a fake hate crime, as we’ve had hundreds of those, but can’t bear to publish legitimate attacks of crazed leftists on Trump supporters.

So, in the Times Heralds book, living honestly and working hard to pay your debts, while not accepting a dime from the government, is contemptible and illegal, but, if you make plenty of money selling marijuana, which harms many, why that is wonderful and noteworthy.

What kind of insane newspaper is our city cursed with?

Further, Jack, if indeed we did have debtors prison, I’d go there and write the book I’ve been planning on writing for the last ten years, make millions, and buy your newspaper.

My first action would be to fire you, John Glidden, and every last other writer with Democrat sympathies.  That day is coming.  Your days there are numbered.



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6 Replies to “Fake News Vallejo Times Herald strikes again”

  1. I want to thank Nathan and Ryan for showcasing patent examples of poor writing, scholarship and ignorance. When folks such as the above show their colors it saves me the time and effort of having to dissect, discredit, and eviscerate their nonsensical posts. If they are poster children for working class Trumper’s then we have been infected by the “Flat Earth” culture.

    1. Dear Solano County Resident Marxist rabble-rouser,

      Kindly limit your comments to the censorious Times Herald.

      It’s the only place your nonsense can hope to be appreciated, though no wise and virtuous person at all will listen to you.

      And, for a man your age, who ought to know better, it’s a flat out shame you are deluded in spite of the vast experience you’ve had.

      Pitt’s retort to Walpole is fitting, and very relevant to you.

      “THE ATROCIOUS 1 crime of being a young man, which the honorable gentleman has, with such spirit and decency, charged upon me, I shall neither attempt to palliate nor deny; but content myself with wishing that I may be one of those whose follies may cease with their youth, and not of that number who are ignorant in spite of experience. Whether youth can be imputed to any man as a reproach, I will not, sir, assume the province of determining; but surely age may become justly contemptible, if the opportunities which it brings have passed away without improvement and vice appears to prevail when the passions have subsided. 1
      The wretch, who, after having seen the consequences of a thousand errors, continues still to blunder, and whose age has only added obstinacy to stupidity, is surely the object of either abhorrence or contempt, and deserves not that his gray hairs should secure him from insult. 2
      Much more, sir, is he to be abhorred, who, as he has advanced in age has receded from virtue and become more wicked with less temptation”

      Please educate yourself on basic American history, and get rid of your garbage Howard Zinn.

      And if you ever wish to debate, you scurrilous fraud, I’ll happily disabuse you of the pretense of wisdom you are fond of adopting.

      Further, try to engage with my conservative friends on Disqus; any of us can handily dispatch your folly, and, unlike Fakebook, Twitter, the NY Slimes, the SF Chronicle, the Washington Compost, Twitter, and the Vallejo Times Herald, we aren’t censored, so you’ll never stand a chance.

      Note, that the Democrat snakes in Vallejo have succeeded in backbiting, backstabbing, and gossiping like housewives, to ensure the masses hate me and are afraid of me, but, their victory is temporary.

      “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, the hearts of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil”
      Ecclesiastes 8:11

      1. Silence do good should take his own advice and go silent with his sexist know it all attitude. Nothing but a warped mind spewing verbal diarrhea.

        1. Sadly, communist schools have created tens of millions of Marxist drones like Scott.

          They understand little to nothing of history, and aren’t interested in it at all, but have no problem parroting propaganda.

      2. Matthew 5:11 “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

      3. I wonder if you will get this. All my posts are going to spam on DW & BB. I had discussions with some of your detractors, curious if they could comprehended their hypocrisy. My last conversation among them was with Twists: Many of my posts went to “waiting to be approved” so I tried mispelling until they went through. Then they started going to spam. Now a simple sentence to Evilthor (see below, beneath the —-) goes to spam.

        I wonder if I might email with you about what I’ve learned about them (you probably know). I don’t have the stomach to deal with such wicked people (and now I can’t), I went through this under a different avatar on different sites until that one only went to spam (mostly fixed it, but it’s having trouble again, there are at least five Leftist trolls who stalk me there). Maybe none of it matters; & I should just be preparing for Jesus’ return.

        So many posts under the articles, I don’t know if you’ll find the conversation with Twists, plus many of my posts went to spam: You can find it through “her” page. My account is private because I learned from my other avatar that trolls can use the page to find posts to mass flag.

        If this comment doesn’t go to spam, when I know you’ve read it, I will delete it so as to avoid an enemy finding it in the future. It’s terrible, I’ve become so paranoid since my last avatar was censored.

        WALSH: Chick-Fil-A Just Caved To The Rage Mob. They’re About To Learn The Hard Way That Surrendering Never Pays Off.
        Here are my latest comments that went to spam, such simple nothings mean I can no longer post on those sites:

        “HAMMER: Government Exists To Establish Justice, Not Promote Liberty:”

        Cynthia Claire Blood Eagle 9 hours ago
        Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.

        They are bad people who happen to be Jews. They shouldn’t be allowed to use their Jewishness as a shield to do bad things: Doing so unfairly brings enmity against all Jews. It’s criminal to allow them to do bad things by calling anyone who objects to what they’re doing “anti-Semite.”
        Cynthia Claire
        Cynthia Claire Evilthor 9 hours ago
        Detected as spam Thanks, we’ll work on getting this corrected.

        How is it a tangent to point out that kids are being indoctrinated into Islam in schools?

        This comment is the last one before all the “pendings” went to spam (so you’ll recognize the last conversation):

        EditView in discussion
        Cynthia Claire
        Cynthia Claire Silence DoGood a day ago

        Search Engel v. Vitale.

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