Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 News

Watch: George W. Bush’s beautiful heartbreaking eulogy for his father.

DeBlasi: The News media: A hazardous product with no warning label.

Federer: Once upon a time pastors were welcomed in Government.  

Walter Williams: American socialists, miseducated, stupid, or devious.  

Rush: Media respect for Bush is phony.  Never treated him that way when he was alive.  Objective is to get rid of Trump.

Timperlake: Trump’s enemies, a book for the ages.

Meacham: Bush was a 20th century Founding Father.

Moran: Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein settles civil suit, avoiding explosive testimony by victims.

Flaherty: Trump’s first step proposal: One step forward, ten steps backwards.

Alton: The future of cyberwarfare.

Showalter: Bush funeral: Reconciliation and civility.  UPDATE!!! EXCEPT FOR HILLARY.

Warner: Flynn sentencing memo reveals the sham that is the Mueller investigation.

Showalter: After California’s Ballot Harvest, what is to be done?

Moran: Administration looking to end subsidies for electric cars.

Annie Taylor Award: Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens!

Stossel: Big tech crosses the Creepy line

Coulter: Bush’s finest 30 seconds, the Willie Horton ad.

Conservative Review Scorecard.  See how lousy California politicians are.

Russia shows off new laser weapon.

Nearly 1 in 3 doctors in America born abroad.

Hellner: My forecast: More predictions from more experts.

Jackson: Republicans best argument in the health care debate.

Sucher: The Big Flinch

Canto Jr.: Macron cracks and it’s over for him.

Goodwin: Dems really do love Republicans, when they are dead.

Secret Facebook documents published by British Parliament.

Dem Senator Hirono says Democrats are too smart to connect to voters.

World’s oldest billionaire still goes into office every day.

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