Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

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Walsh: The terrifying report about children and pornography that every parent needs to read.

Carbon Tax faceoff in France

George H. W. Bush: R.I.P.

FAANG stocks shed $140 billion in market rout.

Dow dives 800 points!!

Bob Dole pays emotional final tribute to George H.W. Bush.

Victor Davis Hanson: One Eyed Jack law!

Street: California’s sustainable poverty.

Wilburn: Maxine Wants revenge!

Marsolo: Return to Civility means surrender to the Democrats and their media.

10 Reasons it’s time to fire Rod Rosenstein.

Skurkiss: Is Globalism the new Feudalism.

Duke: For the West to live, Equality must die.

Nussbaum: Stan Lee’s useless Gods.

Lifson: Sebastian Gorka takes down Trump-hating DC virtue signalers.

Hakim: Could Jerome Corsi’s lawsuit destroy the Mueller investigation.

Lifson: UC Berkeley must pay $70k and change policies to guarantee speech for conservative speakers.

Showalter: Illegals scarf up welfare, with new census data showing 63% use it.

Dems lining up to get on Nadler committee, anticipating impeachment.

Boorman: Yes, it would be just to punish women aborting babies.

Meyrat: The problem with purism.

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