News Saturday 12/1/2018

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Thank you for reading.  Truth is not often easy to hear, but there are many who want to hear it no matter what the consequences are, like Oedipus.  Indeed, though many prize love, love is only possible where truth and courage are cherished.  I stopped doing this briefly to focus on the school board election.  While I lost, by 15,000 votes to 3,200, all is not lost at all.  The Democrats are vote harvesting.   Also, it’s pretty fishy that the last school board election that took place in a year without the Presidential election, in 2014, saw the leader in the Vallejo School Board election get 8,000 votes, and this past election saw the leader get 15,000 votes, nearly double.  This isn’t because the Democrats have good ideas or policies, it’s because, like termites, they are very industrious at destroying the house of America, and they will do nearly anything to get power and money, as this is the entire purpose of life to them.  It’s like oxygen.  They live for the good opinions of others, and the one entity in the world that really matters, their own conscience, is  their enemy.  A very sad existence.  So, dear reader, please join with me in this information battle.  To prevail, we must consistently spread this information to EVERYONE.   Not all will want to hear it, however, there are many who will.  Matt Drudge started his website in 1997, by breaking the Lewinsky scandal, and I welcome hearing from you about any information the media won’t publish.  Drudge now has 30 million viewers daily.  His viewpoint is fiscally conservative, but socially liberal, and he is accepting of homosexuality and other gross vices which destroy societies.  It’s pretty bad when the liberal media loves evil, and the conservative media largely fawns over it too.  But, right makes might.  And, so dear reader, let us start this adventure.  However, be assured, we will  not be the same again, and this will change us from all we have been before.  Please share with friends, family, and anyone else.  The stranger on the street needs to hear about this.  Where is biblical truth in the news, similar to what we had in 1776, minus all the lies and disinformation the media feeds us, to be found?  Those who watch television, or read local newspapers, or go to google for news are sadly propagandized.  Most, never being taught absolute standards for right and wrong, are deceived.  Thank you kindly for continuing this journey with me, it’s a pleasure to have you along, and may God bless, comfort, strengthen, empower, and enlighten us all for the great task that lies ahead.  Duty over desire, may that inspire.

Bush passes away at 94!!

RIP, President George H. W. Bush.

A world bids farewell to H.W. Bush

A life in photos.

Family mourns his passing.

Walter Williams: Black education, what makes sense?

Google Employees debated burying conservative news in search results.

Debated changing algorithms to try to ensure Trump does not win in 2020

Google suppression of conservatives much more dangerous than China threat.

Deblasi: Modern intellectuals affinity for nonsense.

Trump hints at the scandal to blow!!!

Judicial Watch seeks documents on Clinton’s pay to play.

Lawyer: Corsi poised to end Mueller’s reign of terror.

Lawyer: Big mistake for Mueller to target Corsi.

Military claims EMP attack would decimate America.

Bush 41’s passing reveals the truth about the media, the only conservative the media likes is a dead one.  

Payton: Paul Ryan is right, California’s election laws are vulnerable to fraud.

FBI raids Clinton Foundation whistleblowers home.

Prager: A message to young women from a career woman.

David Limbaugh: Racism, racism, it’s everywhere.

Laws mandating same sex accommodations threaten First Amendment rights, lawsuit.

Warning issued over corporate control of medical care!

Brent Smith: What is real conservatism?

McCarthy: Robert Mueller’s plan.

Davidson: Dividers, not uniters.

Malkin: Silicon Valley Sharia.

Signs of an ahistorical America: Michelle Obama’s book is 2018’s best selling book.

NFL leading rusher of last year suspended after attacking woman.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to join Maxine Waters on house finance committee?

K-12: Meet Sue Dickson a literary hero.

Sobieski: Palin was right, Drill, Baby, Drill.

Flaherty: Democrats find the secret sauce, no more pandering to white folks.

Trump attacking them as fake news is big business for NY Slimes, CNN

CNN fires Mark Lamont Hill for anti-Israel comments.


Bonus: Book of the week recommendation.  Published in 1879, this book by the Founder of Kellogg’s cereal describes the serious consequences of all sex outside of marriage including masturbation and porn, which are actually worse than fornication and adultery. In a world where they can’t study porn because they can’t find a control group of men who have never used it, this is extremely enlightening.

Also, please visit The Transformed Wife.  This is an excellent blog on the role of women in marriage, that is a very good study for men and women alike.  Until both sexes agree on the woman’s role in society, we will continue to have a war that destroys marriages and leaves children with dysfunctional homes. 



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