News, Thursday, December 6th.

Longtime WND White House Correspondent, Les Kinsolving, passes away.

Air Force study on EMP threat.

Herland: Sneaky, controlling Facebook slides down further.

Federer: Why everyone should know story of St. Nicholas.

Moseley: Jerome Corsi challenges Robert Mueller!!

Martin Armstrong: 2020  Presidential Election will be most violent in American History.  

Cleveland: A giant list of questions the House needs to ask Comey in his Deposition.

9 transgenders complain of mutilation, botched sex change surgeries in Oregon.

College Guys trying to ban porn on campus.

Russell: 5 things we’ve learned from the Parkville shooting you won’t hear from the mass media.

Dougherty: A Tax Revolt in France

Kelly: Why the right should start taking Ocasio-Cortez seriously.  

Victor Davis Hanson: A perpetual presidency.

Huawei CFO Arrest is a ‘Declaration of War’ says Editor of Global Times.

Report: Bolton knew of arrest in advance.

White House to host Masters of the Universe.

Greenfield: Anthem kneelers and wife beaters.

Schlichter: How much blood would leftists be willing to shed to disarm patriotic Americans?

Google censors John Stossel video on Socialism.

Market sell off continues!

Old School Dad!  Watch father make daughter who bullied kids walk 5 miles to school.

Watch: DNC chair Tom Perez attacks Americans who vote based on their faith.

Megapastor offers: Take money from the church basket.

Ex-Reagan official exposes revisionist history books. 

Cashill: Apple, is killing the police the right thing to do?

Rush: The left’s narcissism, a clear and present danger.

‘Oh I’m gonna fight him’: Brenda Snipes is not leaving quietly in election spat with Rick Scott.

Tyrrell: Democrats in trouble.

Hunter: A special kind of crazy.

Fourth woman accuses Neil DeGrasse Tyson of sexual misconduct.

The rise of generation Xanax.

Thornton: Talking millennials out of socialism.

Marcus: Why George H.W. Bush is America’s greatest one term president.

FDNY chief removed from post over ‘inappropriate behavior’.

L.A.’s new sheriff vows to kick ICE out of nations largest jail system.

Watch: Don Lemon’s hate goes so low, Chris Cuomo calls him out on air for being petty and small.

Dem who repeatedly used women’s restroom to resign.

Pursue a spouse, not a career.

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