Why yard signs, mailers, bill boards, and endorsements mean little to nothing in races

November 6th is a huge election!!  Please vote, and make sure you read this website before you do, or there is a massive chance you will be deceived and suckered, as Vallejo and California voters have been for decades.

Let’s be clear.  Vallejo and California have problems for no other reason than they are DEMOCRAT!!  There are many good people in Vallejo who are Democrats because that is the party of their parents, but the Democrat party of today is a mutant beast, and either it will be destroyed, or it will destroy America.  Let’s be honest.  For those who are Democrats, I can listen to you and strongly disagree with you.  Let’s see if you can extend the same courtesy to me.  Most of the Democrats in leadership positions respect power alone.  They have been trained to only respect money, power, degrees, and experts.  Anyone possessing the truth without those four, they have been trained to ignore and scorn.  It’s understandable that if one’s parents, who one loves, were Democrats, one might be Democrat out of sentimentality.  But, we need to understand we are in the poorest state in America, with a poverty rate of 20% and it’s because of the Democrat party. They have their identity politic organizations and their unions that they use to dominate our elections.  If we continue to let the Democrat identity politic organizations and unions control our decisions, we will get more crime, poverty, and dysfunction, because the Democrat leaders don’t care about people, they care only about their own money and power.  It is their high taxes, high regulations, and environmental nonsense that is responsible for turning Vallejo into a hellhole. The Vallejo Times Herald should be holding them accountable, but it has been asleep on the job.  It has no standards, seemingly, other than to block controversial comments and letters from the news.  When it does report on them, it uses the identity language of the left.

These yard signs, billboards, mailers, and endorsements are often from the exact same Democrat organizations who are responsible for getting us into this mess to begin with.  Let me begin by saying that I have many friends in these organizations, but I will not prostitute the truth for unity, money, or power.  I advise my friends in these organizations to follow my example.  If you are not part of the solution in Vallejo, you are part of the problem.   There are others, but it’s better to let the voters decide.  Ask yourself if this organization is endorsing a candidate, WHAT PLAN HAS THIS ORGANIZATION PRESENTED TO RESTORE VALLEJO?  99% of them have no idea how we got into this mess and no solution on how to get out. They spend their time crucifying those who have solutions, like me.  Rather than try to come up with ideas to overcome the obstacles we face, they sit there and create more obstacles by opposing nearly every reasonable solution put forward.

Do voters realize the same entities giving money for yard signs, mailers, door knockers and billboards for the candidates are the same ones that have been doing this for years?  Why aren’t we holding them accountable for Vallejo’s mess?  Are we going to listen to their siren song again, and be suckered once more?

I challenge the reader and every single citizen of Vallejo to visit the websites of every single school board candidate in Vallejo and every single City Council candidate in our city.   Find me one that details how we got into this problematic situation, and one that tells how to get out!!  I’ve been to them all, and I’ll tell you, unless they revise it after they read this, NOT ONE OF THEM HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THE PROBLEM IS OR HOW TO SOLVE IT!    So, do the voters want to be deceived again?  If so, simply listen to the mailers, the yard signs, the billboards, and endorsements.  A reasonable person learns from the past, but a foolish people is constantly suckered!!  Maybe that’s why Democrats want children to vote so badly.  They need new voters who haven’t learned to never vote for them yet.

The Democrats have five main constituencies.

1) 18-29 year olds.  These young people are easily fooled, as their brains aren’t fully developed until 25.  The Democrat media and schools easily seduce them and dupe them.  I  know, because the Democrats fooled me at age 28.  It took me two years to figure out their lies.

2) The black vote, which votes 90% for Democrats.  This is because the Democrat media and dysfunctional schools capitalize on the fatherlessness epidemic in the black community, and lead many astray.  It is a strange paradox that much of the black community is church going and Christian, yet supports the Democrats who have taken God of their platform.   There are many black Democrats who had noble Democrat parents, but they do not leave the Democrat party as it becomes increasingly wicked and radical.  The Democrat media keeps lying to them and telling them that America, Trump, and Republicans are racist.  The black community has many powerful overseers in the community to ensure that no prominent blacks oppose the Democrat party.  This goes for latinos and Asians as well.  If a black, latino, or Asian says anything publicly favoring Republicans, they will be severely dealt with in their respective communities.  Also, many are trained to viciously attack whites like me as a racist for at all disagreeing with the Democrat party.  I’d prefer to avoid this hell, but if fixing Vallejo means going through this hell, then I CAN’T WAIT TO START!    White liberals also promise the black community leaders rewards if they will sell their people out, while they murder the black community via abortion.  It’s a cruel hoax.  The same white Democrats who ran the plantations in the South in the Civil War are still running things in Vallejo.  You saw them just deny a charter school a few months back.  You also see them run schools where only 10% of black children learn math and english at the 12th grade level.  What is the difference if blacks were not allowed to read in 1861 when the Civil War broke out, and only 10% of black children in Vallejo graduate knowing reading at the 12th grade level? Then, these white liberals blame white America as a whole, Republicans, police, and everyone for the problems in the black community,  but white liberals themselves.  White liberals have come up with a term, ‘white privilege’, where they wickedly try to make the whole white race out to be bad.  They will stop at nothing to gain power.  Remember, Jim Jones and Charles Manson were white liberals who tried to pit the black race against whites, by claiming America and whites were all racists.  These wicked men’s agendas is still being carried out in Vallejo, in California, and in America.

3) Single women, who vote 70% for Democrats.  Married women vote majority Democrat too. They are emotional, naive, and gullible.  The liberal media and schools easily delude them.

4) Government: federal, state, and local officials.  20 million in America, and they overwhelmingly vote Democrat, as their job security depends on big government.

5) Those on welfare. There are 39 million, and voting Democrat allows them to vote themselves other people’s money. It’s not the governments job to help the poor and sick. That is the job of the wealthy and the churches, and the wealthy and the churches are not doing their jobs.

Notice, the candidates for the races rarely come to City Hall or school board meetings.   The only exceptions are Hakeem Brown, who owns a marijuana dispensary, and maybe comes to half the city council meetings, and John Fox, who is a homosexual activist, and attends all school board meetings.  He is counting on the ignorance and apathy of Vallejo voters for him to subtly sneak the homosexual agenda in schools under the guise of ‘equality, tolerance, and inclusion’.   He will compare parents rejection of homosexuality with America’s segregation in the 1960’s.  That is totally bogus as no one chose their skin color, but homosexuals choose their debauched sex habits.  We have silly pastors in Vallejo, along with lukewarm Christians who constantly lecture us, ‘Don’t judge’, ‘Who are we to judge’, ‘We have to love them’, ‘We have to be kind to them’.  They simply don’t have the backbone to stand up for principles like God commands.  These lukewarm Christians are a bigger threat to Vallejo and the schools than homosexuals, atheists, or Muslims are.  The lukewarm Christians are going to be punished the worst by God, because THEY OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER!    As to the silly few who will shout and scream about ‘Separation of Church and State’, our laws are from nature and nature’s God.  That is in the Declaration of Independence.   Also, the clause, Separation of Church and State is found NO WHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION AT ALL!!!   The silly people who talk about ‘Separation of Church and State’ trying to force moral ideas out of the political spectrum, obviously have no idea that we have freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion, and have clearly never read the exchange of letters between Thomas Jefferson and the Danbury Baptists where the clause is found.  This was about avoiding the religious wars in Europe between Catholic and Protestant, not getting rid of moral ideas, as it has been perverted to mean by the reprobate left.

In conclusion, please do not be fooled!!

DO NOT VOTE FOR HAKEEM BROWN OR KATIE MIESSNER FOR CITY COUNCIL!!  AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!  Hakeem is a marijuana dispensary owner, and has no business running for office until he leaves the marijuana industry.  He says he loves Vallejo so much, but why is he running a business that has tens of millions of people in America addicted to the substance of marijuana then?  That sounds like hatred to me, not love.   No one who honestly has researched marijuana supports it.  The only ones who do are those who are suckered by the media, who use it, or who make money off of it.

Katie Miessner is a radical leftist who advocates for all kinds of leftist causes.  She opposes growth, and is a big reason why economic expansion in Vallejo has stagnated and why housing prices are so high.  If the City Council would reduce permit fees and make the process more efficient, more businesses would come here, and more homes would be built.  This would give us more tax money for streets and schools.  But she has this idea that Vallejo is some bedroom community utopia.

Please do not vote for Tony Gross, Ruscal Cayangyang, Christy Gardner, or John Fox.  They are the ones who are the most well funded.  None have any ideas about why Vallejo’s schools have issues, nor do they have solutions.  Please also put pressure on Tony Ubalde and Burky Worel to oppose the bond measure, and on Allan Yeap to develop a moral backbone to go along with his financial acumen.  Please contact the candidates to let them know you oppose SB 48, which is designed to teach kids about homosexuality, and to train them to revere Harvey Milk, a full blown pedophile.  VALLEJO’S SCHOOLS DO NOT NEED TO LEARN THE HISTORY OF PEDOPHILES AND HOMOSEXUALS!!!!!!!!!

Please join the silent majority and vote for me, and either Allan Yeap, Burky Worel, and Tony Ubalde for school board, and Pippin Dew-Costa, Jess Malgapo, and Vincent May for City Council.  Please pressure these three to oppose marijuana, as Vincent already does, and to cut taxes and regulations.

Also, please speak up against tribalism in Vallejo!! We are not a city of racial tribes, we are a city where character, honor, and courage are rewarded, NO MATTER WHAT YOUR RACE IS!  Please speak up against racism that is from all races and against all races.  Any race that is continually saying they are victims and blames their problems on other races is part of the problem.   We need to start judging individual situations on their merits, and stop saying that bad educational results and bad criminal rates from any race are the result of racism, unless we can show the proof FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL CASE!    It is absurd to say high black disciplinary rates in the schools is due to systemic racism, when they are often the result of black students attacking other black students, and being suspended by black principals, and black teachers.  That has nothing to do with racism.   No student, white or black, should be being treated better or worse due to their race, at all!  There should be no breaks given to anyone due to race.  We have no time machine, so giving people passes today for their bad behavior is only making things harder for them.  A great book on that is here.

It is unfair to any kid to let them off due to their race for bad behavior, and its unfair to any kid to punish them for their wrong, and not a child of another race for the same wrong.  America recently got over segregation in the 1960’s, and so many have experienced it, but how will we make the problem better by simply mistreating those of other races for the wrongs they were never responsible for?  An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Also, each of us needs to learn that we are all men of like passions.  Just because we were born white, black, asian, latino, or any other race does not mean our experience is unique and no other race can understand us.  We have a library, and anyone can read of the experience of any race, and the wise will read of the experiences of all races, not just their own.  This ethnocentrism is ripping America apart, and if we do not learn to unite, we shall soon learn that “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

Thank you, God bless, and may justice and virtue prevail on November 6th!



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