On how Media is leading us to destruction

In 2006, I happened to like public speaking and wanted to study the topic.  I came across a wonderful site, called American Rhetoric.   In the course of my studying the many amazing speeches on there, I began to realize most were from movies and popular entertainment.  Also, I noted that the 2004 DNC keynote address by Obama was given considerable attention.  I had listened to the speech, and was emotionally swayed by the powerful oratory, the call to unity, and the promises of healing from America’s racial divide.  When 2007 came and Obama announced his run for President, I was thrilled.  While I had a very conservative upbringing, I simply assumed all the media had my best interests at heart, and were all telling me the truth.  From television and CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, PBS, to NPR on the radio, to the New York Times, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Vallejo Times Herald, and Contra Costa Times, I never dreamed that the media would conspire to hide information from me and promote information that would be to further their own interests.  Every Google search I did seemed to proclaim that Obama was the next Messiah.  I was sick of the Iraq war, and thought we should not have gone.  So, Obama’s opposition to the war rung a chord for me.  With Google, the local newspapers and national ones of note, and most of television united behind Obama, I believed the media harangue, that it was only racist white people who opposed Obama.  I supported him enthusiastically, though I did not vote.  I bought my former boss at Allstate an Obama biography, and I myself bought both of Obama’s books and voraciously read them.  A few days before the 2008 presidential election, I attended an Obama rally in Las Vegas where he personally attended and spoke.  It was thrilling.  And then he was elected.

The first few years I was angered by the Republicans opposition to Obama.  ‘Why did America have so many racists’? I wondered.  When I had older white clients who voiced their opposition to Obama, I secretly thought they were racists.  I didn’t understand the underlying concepts of the Constitution, that our nation was designed for a moral and a religious people, and that small taxes and small regulations were what our government was designed for.  I didn’t understand anything about Roe Vs. Wade.  But, the key moment was when Obama reversed his campaign stance of saying he stood for marriage between a man and a woman.  California had voted for Prop 8, which limited marriage to a man and a woman.  I expected Obama to uphold that, as he had promised in his campaign.  I was depressed when I realized he wouldn’t.  I was then outraged when I learned he had been a proponent of homosexual marriage back in 1996, back in Chicago, and merely said he supported traditional marriage to get the support of the black church.   All of a sudden, I realized Obama was not who he said he was, that the Democrats were wicked, that the media  were corrupt liars, that the tech industry was corrupted as well, and that tens of millions of American people were deceived.  In hindsight, I realize that Obama was the most biblically hostile president in American history.   I then learned his administration was one of the most scandal ridden ones in all of American history.

So, I rapidly changed my views in a few short years.  Also, I seriously learned about the First and Second Amendment, as they had never really been emphasized in schools at all.  I learned about the lives of our Founders, in depth, as those had been neglected in public schools as well.  When 2012 rolled around, I hoped that Obama would lose, and was disappointed when he won.  When 2014 rolled around, I was very terrified that he would be replaced by Hillary.  I supported Ted Cruz, and when Trump announced his candidacy, was horrified at the thought of him winning, with his checkered past.  When Trump prevailed, I was initially indignant, but I quickly realized he was a million times better than anyone the Democrats had to offer, if we were to keep the Constitutional model of small government alive.   So I supported Trump, and was ecstatic at the biggest election upset in American history, when Trump pulled off the victory over the wicked and corrupt Hillary. Then, I endured the Democrat lies and their deceitful and lying claims about Russian collusion, inventing a myth when they themselves were responsible for planting all the fake evidence that suggested Trump colluded with Russia.  I was horrified to see that over 50% of the American public agreed with this assessment, and were mindless drones, controlled by Google searches, television, and local newspapers.  These mindless drones were programmed by their televisions to think Fox news was bad, and conservatives were all racist, homophobic, misogynist, xenophobic, sexist, islamophobic bigots.  I suddenly realized the media’s crafty wiles had resulted in nearly every white American who opposed Obama being labeled a hard core racist.  It was a shocking realization for a man who once enthusiastically supported Obama.  Now, I was very angry.  This had nothing to do with racism, it had to do with the Constitution and moral values, and Obama quite possibly might have been among the bottom 1% of black Americans in our history who would have made a good first black president.

I learned about the conservative news sources.  I realized the reason why California and New York vote overwhelmingly Democrat every election, is because they are indoctrinated by television, newspapers, Google, Facebook, and Twitter.  I was blocked 6 times by Facebook for at least 30 days each, for the crime of speaking conservatively.  I finally deleted my account in January.  Initially, the Vallejo Times Herald published my letters, but finally, the heat from the liberal left, and their own Trump Derangement Syndrome led them to no longer publish any of my letters.  When they did publish my letters, they often censored out whole sentences and paragraphs, with no notice to the readers, who thought they were reading all of my ideas. They didn’t realize they were reading what the Times Herald wanted them to see.  90% of Californians have never read five biographies of the Founders, and another 90% can’t name 9 SCOTUS justices.  This is how those in control like it.  They love uninformed voters, as they are easy to manipulate and control.  The teachers unions, which overwhelmingly monetarily support Democrats, kind of like the idea of keeping citizens uninformed and voting Democrat.  It allows them to accumulate massive power and money that they otherwise would never be able to obtain.  So, it doesn’t appear that the 70% rate of 12th graders in Vallejo who can read and do math at the 12th grade level at graduation is an accident at all.  If all students understood world, and American history,  understood the classics, and could do 12th grade math, the Democrats would not have a prayer of winning any elections.  So the Democrat machine can’t have that.  Have to keep the people uninformed. That is why they hate people like me who tell the truth.  They don’t want people to wake up.  Some of the Democrat leaders would prefer people like me shut up, and there are few methods they will not use to make that happen.  The Mayor of Vallejo already tried to use the Police chief and two police officers to remove me from City Hall, simply for expressing my disagreement with homosexuality and homosexuals.

So, Dear Reader, I am running for School board, and I ask you for your vote to help reclaim Vallejo for the average citizen, to end the corruption of the special interest groups, to ensure children are given excellent educations again, and to ensure safety and discipline are restored once more.

Also, to understand truth, we need to leave television, the newspapers, Google, Facebook, and the rest of the corrupted sources of information.  A poisoned well gives forth poisoned water.  The truth is in accord with history, and that never changes.   My experience has been that the leftist media ruthlessly slanders conservative media or ignores it. The leftist media not only lies, but they also lie about conservative media to keep people from finding the truth for themselves.  Further exacerbating the problem, the colleges are indoctrination stations, filling students minds with nonsense that America is evil and wicked and we have never been great.  Russia and China love our media and colleges, as they help erode our nation from the inside out.  When you attack the morale and morals of a nation, you can destroy them without firing a shot.  I’ve included conservative news sites for your review.  My experience is that 90% of Democrat voters in California have never read seven conservative news sites for two months of their lives.  Its scary, because I was raised conservative, and I never found these websites until 2014, and some I found even later than that.  ‘And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free’.  It’s fine if people know both sides and vote Democrat, but the overwhelming majority of Democrat voters cannot intelligently discuss both sides and pride themselves on their ignorance of conservatism.  It’s pretty shameful when we have teachers in the schools who haven’t learned critical thinking yet.  How in the world are our children going to be taught critical thinking when the teachers themselves haven’t learned it yet?  Exactly what did the colleges teach them?  There are many good teachers though.


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