Sunday, August 5th, 2018

Chumley: This War on the Bible must stop.

President Trump: The Fake News Media is ‘Very dangerous and very sick!’

Jacob: Their turn is a falling blade.

Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, and Antifa square off in Portland.

Ellis: How Progressive ‘Christianity’ is targeting children.

Cohen Should Be Disbarred — Davis Next — While Press Stews in Its Own Hatred

Abortion accounts for 61% of black deaths in America.

Federer: How to treat the Indians, Greed V. the Gospel.

Hunter: Double Standards are the only standards the left has.

Gutknecht: If you can’t communicate.

Venezuelan President Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt.

ANC shocks Twitter by calling all white people ‘murderers’.

South African Farms to be taken from owners without compensation.

South Africa on brink of Anarchy!

Anarchy breakout in Portland, with Mayor’s blessing.

Sally Pipes on why Single Payer Healthcare is bad for America.

Feldman: Three-card Mueller

Wisdom: the Islamic threat can be countered.

Showalter: Always a showman, Trump spots a star in Jim Jordan.

McSwain: Actually, white people have contributed quite a lot.

Donohew: CNN sucks a nice change of pace.

Words Matter: Different Definitions of Racism Create Confusion for the Masses

On taxes, eat-the-rich envy wears a mask of concern.

Morrison: Immigration will not make America great again.

Goldman: individual rights and the nation-state.

Williamson:  ‘Look upon my works, Ye Mighty, and despair’.

Transgender campaign ‘surgically mutilating’ children.

Pro-gun student subjected to gauntlet, sues school.

Court approves starving brain-injured to death.

State slaps down doctor who wants to cut patients imaging costs.

Palestinian official who pays murderers salaries now in bull’s-eye.

Charity kicked out of fair for being pro-life.

Congress may need ‘to act’ against chemical weapons.

3 Strikes: Alex Jones Takes a Hit From Another Digital Platform

Whoopi slams Jake Tapper for mocking Obama’s DNC toll.

Deval Patrick: ICE ‘sadistic’.

NBC’s Chuck Todd: Trump’s ‘Dehumanizing’ Tweet on Press Is Rationalizing Violence

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘There Is No District Too Red for Us To Flip’

Watch Delusional CNN commentator explodes, compares ICE with slave traders.

Holland: Educational choice must be truly free.

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