Saturday, August 4th, 2018


Portland tense: Fears of violence ahead of Patriot rally.  Leftwing Antifa is vicious and often resorts to violence, which is allowed and ignored by police in Democrat cities.

Right wing Constitutionalists face off against evil Marxist Antifa in Portland.

Rogue Judge to Trump: Restart DACA.

Bailey: Marxist masses arise: ‘Tsar’ Trump must die!

Obama lawyers ‘kowtowed’ to Clinton over e-mail evidence. 

Dinesh D’Souza’s Death of a Nation.

Bin Ladin’s mother: My boy was ‘brainwashed’ in college.

Logis: Lebron misses easy activist layup.

Herring :Socialism can’t fluorish without ignorance.

Crouere: Racism is alive and well at the NY Times.

McCarthy: Trump Vs. Mueller: Bill Clinton’s Starr strategy meets Twitter

Feinstein’s driver groomed for spying by China.

Trump Friday Nite Twitter blast: Drudge, Lebron, Feinstein.

D’Souza: ‘Moral Disgrace’ That Democratic Party Has ‘Become the Champion of Illegal Immigration’

Six times the Obama Administration should have appointed a Special Counsel.

Bombshell: Parkland shooter asked for help before massacre, was denied.

Report: Abortion makes up 61% of deaths in black community.

Solway: Socialism and equality.

Lifson: Six things the NY Times didn’t think about before it hired Sarah Jeong.

Showalter: Sneaky Pete: FBI kept buying scurrilous anti-Trump documents from Chris Steele even after ‘firing’ him for lying.

Washington Compost ‘Fact check’ excuses vicious harassment of Sarah Sanders.

Donald Trump Jr. calls out New York Times racist Sarah Jeong.

Pelosi confuses millions, billions, trillions.

Hundreds line up for gushing West Texas oil jobs.

NY Slimes editorial board member: Kill all men, F*** the police. 

Adams: The selective abortion of free speech.

Erickson: What does it mean to be Conservative?

Feds face demands to give up stats on Cell Phone spying.

Christian pastor who beat Iranian death sentence, back in jail.

Sex Neuroscientist: Sex differences biological, not social construct.

Police chief OD’s on drugs taken from evidence room.

Goldberg: Why racism begets more racism.

Hobbs: The DOJ’s Religious Liberty task force is a breath of fresh air.

Watch: NAACP official urges people to ‘jack up’ senators who don’t oppose Trump.

Reporters Shocked at MAGA Hats, ‘Fake News’ T-Shirts Sold at Newseum: ‘Insult to Journalists!’

Mueller Siccing ‘Jack the Ripper-Like’ Prosecutor on Manafort to Make Him ‘Flip,’ diGenova Says

Cory Booker bemoans ‘Savage Injustice’.

Wallace: Trump and the Bannister effect.

Rasmussen: Black approval rating for Trump is now at 29%

Deluded Ana Navarro defends CNN as ‘balanced news’.

Degenerate Maher: Trump is a traitor.

Degenerate Maher again: Trump, Murdoch, and Koch are Axis of Evil.

Potential American political hell: Dems with subpoena power.

The NRA’s future rests in the hands of one court case.  Here’s why.

Lewis: Parenting in the age of fear and feelings-as-fact.

Ellis: China’s trade war over the plastic in your wallet.

6 ‘citizen’s’ of Al-Qaida hotbed smuggled into Texas.

Holy Toledo: Pro-Lifers sue city over rights.

Man dies after officer puts him in chokehold.

Man assaulted on bus for being white.

Ex GOP official says he is second coming of Christ, sacrifices mother’s dog.

Study: ‘Kardashian’ viewers cold hearted to the poor.

Bozell & Graham: CNN Pits Lebron James against Trump.

Is Senator Booker auditioning for the Presidency or a daytime drama.

Comrade Bernie smitten with Cuba’s healthcare.

Waddy: Is Trump emerging as the ‘grown up in the room’?

Walton: Trump’s EPA must stand firm in fight over fuel-economy laws.

D’Amato: Government Job-Guarantee programs guarantee nothing but fewer jobs.

Hawkins: Why am I in favor of liberal and conservative states seceding.

D’Souza: ‘Bigotry’ is ‘unifying glue’ of ‘Progressives and the Democrat party’.

Sobieski: Chicago’s blacks turn against Rahmbo.

Regan: Rajneeshpuram: A microcosm of today’s Democrat.

Kirk: Calling out the nonsense victim narrative.

Folks: Florida’s Mr. Nowhere man faces a challenge.

Showalter: ‘Socialism or death’ gets creepily literal in Canada.

Solomon: To those who say just let the Mueller investigation run it’s course.

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