Sunday June 17th, 2018

Father’s day: Bill Clinton’s “Son” calls for “Dad” to take paternity test.

Three years ago, Donald Trump announced he was running for the presidency.  Watch how media mocked him!

Rudy: Investigate Mueller.

More than a quarter of children have absentee fathers.

Today’s internet not sustainable: Expert warns.

Nunes: Hell to pay if Russia does not turn over Russia docs this week.

Church Leader: Faithful aren’t SUPPOSED to fit into society.

Stoneman Douglas security guard sexually harassed girl later killed in massacre he failed to respond to.  Recommended to be fired, and he was only suspended 3 days.

Folks: Why do they hate us?

So many kids without fathers around on Fathers day.

Conway: Has the FBI agent who called Trump supporters retarded, been fired yet?

Mom: Stop criticizing your childs father if you know what’s good for your kids.

Cruz edges out Kimmel in charity basketball game.

Shock: Less than 5% of street burglaries and robberies in London are being solved.

New  York assembly passes single payer healthcare bill. 

Feldman: Trampling out the vintage where the grapes of sour wrath are stored.

Rogers: Dumb energy

Vernon: the 800 year march of freedom.

Curtis: In search of Justice

Voth: the Jesus fallacy.

Laze: soft Jihad in America.

Broom: the conservative free speech dilemna

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