Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Angela Merkel out next week?

Reefer Madness: The effect on Colorado of marijuana legalization. 

Trump team predicts Mueller report soon.

Yes, there was FBI bias.

French: The strange tale of how the FBI’s anti-Trump bias helped elect Trump.

McCarthy: Problems at the FBI and DOJ are serious. 

3/4 military deaths not related to war.

Klayman: Bogus IG report, now it’s up to Freedom Watch.

9 things I saw at D.C.s gay pride parade. 

Epperson: What it means to be a father.

Victor Davis Hanson: What was the chief virtue of Athens? What self governing societies can learn from ancient Athens.

SPLC describes non existent epidemic of white on black crime. 

Gun lies, myths, half truths, and conspiracy theories.

Bottom line: Obama singlehandedly destroyed the FBI and DOJ.

Velvet glove for Hillary Clinton, Iron fist for Paul Manafort.

Skyrocketing crime rate in California called Progress after jails emptied.

Manafort in jail.

Manafort in jail for rest of life?

Taxi driver runs over soccer fans.

Putin orders media blackout.

Continetti: China remains key to N. Korea solution.

Russia, Saudi chummy, implications for OPEC.

National guard sent to border, changing tires and shoveling manure.

Reiner denounces Robert De Niro for Trump remarks.

Hitler of South Africa tells white people he won’t kill them…yet.

Local billionaire to take control of L.A. times.

Child border crossers have higher standard of life than 13 million American children.

Powell: IG Report Reveals Need for Criminal Obstruction of Justice Investigation of FBI and DOJ

FB bans Imam of Peace for mocking Hamas.

Pope: abortion is white glove equivalent to Nazi eugenics.

Lewis: Disregarding the needs for Dad’s just plain evil. 

McMillan: The hard left is all that’s left.

Hunter: There is a reason liberals are always so angry.

The seven nuttiest things Nancy Pelosi has said this year.

Alexander: the boy crisis, the father solution. 

Cecile Richards repeats pro abortion myths.

Sobieski: No Wray of sunshine.

Marcus: A case for America’s goodness.

Mike Lee: Why would Lindsey Graham block a vote to protect American’s due process rights?

World IQ going down.

How Harvard discriminates against Asians. 

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