Response to Sacramento Bee reporter Teresa Clifts article detailing my arrest last night.

Dear Ms. Clift,

I received your e-mail at 10:34 AM, in which you asked for a response by your deadline of 11. I rarely check my emails, so I didn’t see it until 12:30. It was too late to respond, though perhaps you can still update your article with the relevant details that were omitted, wittingly or unwittingly.

Interestingly, you always seem to get the city’s distorted version of events but rarely get mine. Also, of interest, a reasonable person would ask if you were interested in being a journalist, why would you constantly talk about me on Twitter but block me? Is that journalism?

I want to review your latest article.

TC: A man was arrested in the Sacramento City Council chambers for the second week in a row — this time for a different reason.

Ryan Messano, who routinely makes antisemitic, racist and sexist remarks during council meetings, stepped up to the podium to give a public comment on the city budget Tuesday evening.

RM: you begin with an ad hominem, and you don’t define your terms. An “antisemite, racist, and sexist,” as you rabidly accuse me of, dislikes all Jews, all other races, and all women. This isn’t remotely close to being true of me and is a malicious lie that you insist on persistently telling.

TC: Instead of speaking about the budget, Messano criticized a city employee. Mayor Darrell Steinberg interrupted him and told him to limit his comments only to the budget.

“You can speak on the budget,” Steinberg said. “Otherwise you’re going to be ruled out of order.”

My remarks on the budget referenced the false arrest last week and were related. Leyne Milstein has time to accuse me and file a restraining order on me, but she gets a $100,000 pay raise over three years for absolutely no improvement to Sacramento whatsoever. You also ignore that my remarks have been consistently interrupted by the Sacramento City Council in a brazen attack on the First Amendment. Instead of defending citizens’ free speech, just as the Constitution guarantees the free speech of the press, you constantly defend attacks on free speech.

TC: “Messano responded, “We have a problem with Jewish supremacy. I need to address that.”

Someone in the audience screamed, “Ryan Messano is a Nazi!”

Messano turned to face the crowd and replied, “I’m not a Nazi; I’ve already addressed that.”

You didn’t include the entire conversation. And you didn’t consider at all if Sacramento has a problem with Jewish supremacism. With 22% of the council comprised of Jews, and they make up only 2% of the population, only a blind person doesn’t recognize disproportionate Jewish power. Further, Assistant City Manager Milstein is Jewish, and we have no way of tracking Jewish employment at city hall as the Jewish-dominated media never studies it.

Since you fail to attend meetings, you either deliberately don’t tell that the speaker who yells out the slander that I’m a Nazi is Keyon Bliss, who is paid by Sacramento city. Why would you print out a slanderous attack by a paid employee of Sacramento when I already stated multiple times I’m not a Nazi?

TC:” Steinberg, who is Jewish, recessed the meeting briefly and told Messano to step away from the podium. When he did not, Steinberg recessed the meeting again — this time for about 20 minutes. During that time, several officers placed Messano in handcuffs and escorted him outside. The council continued the main business of the meeting — discussing how to fill a $66 million budget deficit by June 30”

Here are all my remarks, which I had a minute and a half left to give.

“ The city of Sacramento, with their interruptions and shutting meetings down, has deprived me of at least 30 minutes to an hour of speaking time in the last year. Last meeting, in your most brazen attack on the First Amendment ever, you actually had Assistant City Manager Leyne Milstein stage a panic attack over having Psalms 37:13 quoted at her, file a restraining order, and you had me arrested when I rose to speak. So, I’d like to request six more minutes to speak since I couldn’t talk at all during the last meeting. I was busy beginning my enjoyment of the downtown jail for 16 hours. And if you deny me these six minutes, I’ll add this to the significant First Amendment lawsuit already being filed against you. Unlike your frivolous restraining order, which was rejected, the First Amendment lawsuit will prevail,

The city council is in debt of $50 million because they constantly try to expand the government. Let us remember that the current Mayor and City Council are simply puppets. They don’t serve Sacramento, and the proof of this is the dysfunction anyone with eyesight can see in Sacramento. Why is Howard Chan paid $400,000+ when the city is a wreck? Usually, when performance is poor, employees get pay cuts, not pay raises, but here in Sacramento, taxes keep increasing, and employees’ salaries keep going up—bloated, inefficient government.

Maybe the government would work better if employees like Leyni Milstein weren’t getting yearly pay raises of $100,000. Why am I pointing this out for free, and the disgusting and corrupt Sacramento Bee is quiet about this? In 2019, Leyne Milstein made $270,000; in 2022, she made $370,000. And besides participating in the scamdemic and aiding sacramento crime and unemployment increase to monumental heights what has she done?

And I feel bad for the employees of Sacramento because even if they find out the truth, if any of them tell the truth that I and a few others say, they would be put in the doghouse or fired. This city is suffering because of a failure of leadership at the top.”

TC: “Messano was booked at the Sacramento County Main Jail at 11:34 p.m., about four hours after he was removed from City Hall, and charged with disturbing a public meeting for a non-religious reason — a misdemeanor. He was released Wednesday before 8 a.m.

Messano did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.”

You sent the email a half hour before the deadline and, for whatever reason, failed to call or text when I gave you my number in the last email.

TC: A different chain of events occurred at last week when Messano was arrested for the first time during a Sacramento council meeting. During that meeting, Messano submitted a speaker slip to the city clerk to speak about city fee increases, but the clerk never called his name. He stood and walked to the podium, where he was arrested and charged with willful disobedience of a court order.

That charge stemmed from an active temporary restraining order filed against Messano by an unnamed city employee, a police spokesperson said at the time. Whether the temporary restraining order is still active is unclear. Sacramento police spokespeople did not immediately respond to emailed questions.

You fail to list the many lies by omission and commission in the restraining order and mention that it was denied. So you’ll put secret charges against me by secret employees on the newspaper’s front page, but you’ll ignore them when those charges are not granted a restraining order. This is gross partisan dishonesty on your part.

TC: “In addition to Sacramento City Council, Messano has made comments at Vallejo City Council, where he was removed from a meeting in 2018.

You have not yet learned that there is no exception for hate speech in the First Amendment, as the Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY in 2017’s “Matal vs. Tam.” You gleefully recite all the times when my First Amendment rights were attacked, blissfully unaware that you are celebrating crimes.

TC: “In May 2023, Messano told the Sacramento council: “Any white person in America is open game, but you’re not allowed to criticize non-whites and you’re not allowed to criticize other groups.”

Messano told the council May 15: “Antisemitism used to mean someone who hates all Jews, now it means someone who is hated by Jew bankers.”

These are both true statements and are not controversial to any reasonable person.

TC: “The comments prompted a large group of Sacramento Jewish leaders to denounce the comments in a news conference. It has also prompted groups of people attending the meeting with large banners to shout over Messano when he speaks, leading Steinberg to adjourn several meetings early or go into hourslong recesses.”

This is appeal to popular and expert logical fallacy. The Talmudic Jewish leaders have never been questioned publicly on criminal aspects of their Talmud legalizing child molestation, rape, and murder. You somehow never mention this. You also have a hard time understanding that it is impermissible for audience members to attack speakers’ First Amendment rights because they disagree with them. That you don’t find this questionable is extremely galling. Celebrating mob behavior is a sign of communism. Perhaps you ought to learn how communist mobs murdered 100 million so you can stop celebrating further massacres


Ryan Messano

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