Do we need showers?

The largest organ in your body is your skin,

When you shower, you are dousing the largest organ in your body with poisonous fluoride, which leads to Alzheimer’s and dementia. It’s kind of like a long-term gas chamber every time you shower.

I limit my showers to about two a week, about 4 minutes each. Baby wipes, regular exercise, and sweating are very effective.

There aren’t excellent reasons for taking daily showers when you think about it.

People didn’t stink to the high heavens 100 years ago when they didn’t have showers.

Why not?

Because they weren’t eating processed foods and having other toxins introduced into their body.

By not showering daily, you save time, water, and money and will be healthier.

Ways I save money:

Ways I save money:

I don’t go shopping just to shop. 
I don’t wear jewelry or perfume.
I rarely buy new clothes or shoes.
Our furniture is mostly hand-me-downs.
I am content being at home.
I rarely eat out.
I make most of my food from scratch.
I rarely throw food away.
I cut and color my own hair.
I don’t paint my fingernails or toenails.
I use vinegar, water, and a bit of soap to clean almost everything.
I try not to waste electricity and water.
I mostly shop perimeter of food stores.
We use everything until it can’t be fixed.
I walk daily for exercise and sunshine. 
I try natural cures for everything first!