Catherine Austin Fitts – Why Have Americans Forgotten Trump’s Treachery?


Fitts says, had she been the president, “I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.”

by Leo Hohmann


Catherine Austin Fitts shreds Trump acolyte in the most brutal 7 minutes you will find on the internetThe former president ‘put $10 billion into a military program to depopulate Americans’. 

There are truths and then there are inconvenient truths.
Why did President Donald Trump sign off on Operation Warp Speed in July 2020 and place U.S. Army General Gustave Perna in charge of it?

I have heard many reasons for this strange move. None of them ring true. It remains one of the more closely guarded secrets of U.S. presidential history. Even the corporate mainstream media, which regularly compares Trump to Adolf Hitler, seems uncurious about Operation Warp Speed and what led up to Trump’s decision on that policy matter. How was the deal made? We may never know.

There are only two options, according to Catherine Austin Fitts, a financial expert and former assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Trump either knew what he was doing would be tremendously destructive to human life and did it anyway. Or, he did not know and got rolled by smarter people in unelected positions that hold much more power than the man holding the office of the president. Watch Fitts explain in this fascinating video.

While I don’t know why Trump approved Operation Warp Speed, I do know what it accomplished. By declaring a “public health emergency” and placing the injections under “medical counter measures” overseen by the military, Trump was able to bypass a landmark component of the free world — informed consent as required by the Nuremburg Code. Whether he knew it or not, this one single move empowered the Luciferian death cult to have its way with millions of people’s lives.
Catherine Austin Fitts drops a lot of truth in the above clip, but if you take away nothing else, take away this one statement: 

There is no right versus left, there is no Trump versus Biden. There is a machine in control of a spending machine that is financed with our taxes, and debt barred in our names, that is being sold into our pension funds and into our retirement accounts. There is that machine, and that machine, to keep balancing the books, is implementing a depopulation plan. That is the reality that has to be faced. And changing the president won’t matter.”We are not up against any single man or woman in this fight for our freedom. We are up against a “machine,” or as I would call it, a system. A beast system.
And just like there is no single man or woman who personifies our enemy in this battle to live free, there is no person who alone will save us from it.


Fitts says if she had been the president, “I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.”
That’s a person who stands on principle. That’s exactly the type of person this beast system in control of Washington will never allow to be elected president of the United States. They want an individual who will cut deals and make trade-offs.
Deal making may be a virtue in business but not in politics. It’s often a cover for cowardice and the propensity to always take the path of least resistance. This is the route that politicians gravitate toward. Then they lie to us about what really happened. And the media covers for them.
If the corporate media really hated Donald Trump as much as they pretend to hate him and believed he was as evil as they say he is, all they would need to do to take him down is admit that the mass injection program placed toxic chemicals into the bodies of millions of Americans of all ages, and then blame him for setting it all in motion. The shots had known side effects up to and including death. But they won’t do this. That is the one Trump policy they won’t touch.
Fitts says:  

“In October 2019, when everybody in America was being entertained by the teenage sex life of the Supreme Court nominee, Kavanaugh, the House, the Senate, Democrat and Republican, both sides of the aisle, got together and approved Statement 56 of the Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board, which said that they could keep secret books. That was everybody, together, OK? So there is no right versus left, there is no Trump versus Biden. There is a machine …”

So we have an all-powerful machine, a system (I call it a beast system), that runs the country and the world. This system is satanic at its core and the sole reason for its existence is to kill and injure as many people as possible through multiple vectors: Vaccines, poisons in the food, air and water, and wars.
Inevitably people will chastise me for this article because it bursts their idealic imaginations of what America is. Please don’t misunderstand. If the choice is between Trump or Biden I’d take Trump any day of the week. But that’s not much of a choice. All I am suggesting is that conservatives should not attribute superhero status to Trump. He isn’t deserving of it. He gets weak-kneed like any other politician. He’s a man whose feet need to be held to the fire every day to make sure he stays true to conservative values. And if he by some miracle ends up back in office, he will be difficult to hold accountable given the fact that he will be a lame duck on day one. Trump has already softened his position on abortion and has proven he’s in favor of injections meant to cull the population. What other surprises would a Trump 2.0 have in his bag of tricks?
The American Empire is falling. Now is the time to prepare for this inevitability. Because it will not fall without a final, painful, end-game scenario of war and conflict. No human leader will be able to stop this fall.
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