Who owns the media?

Who owns and runs the news media?

Let’s ask Adolph Hitler. Because the same people owned it in Germany in his time, before he came to power; as the ones who own it today. This is why the media in Germany then, and America now, allows zero criticism of Jewry, and starts screaming about “antisemitism” if you mention the evil that Talmudic Jews are up to.

Even double checked Mein Kampf, to make sure this quote wasn’t made up. Like so many other internet quotes.

How can anyone fight an enemy no one is allowed to name?

“Then I began to examine my beloved ‘world press’ from a different point of view. The deeper I probed, the lesser grew my respect for that press that I formerly admired… The claim that it impartially presented facts and ideas was more lie than truth. And the writers were–Jews.

… Thousands of details that I scarcely noticed before now came to deserve new attention. I began to grasp and understand things differently than I had before. I now saw the liberal press in a different light. Its dignified tone in replying to its opponents’ attacks, and its dead silence on other issues, now became clear to me as part of a cunning and despicable way of deceiving the reader. Its brilliant theatrical criticisms always praised the Jewish authors, whereas its negative criticism was reserved exclusively for the Germans.

… The entire language of this press had the accent of a foreign people. The general tone was so openly derogatory to the Germans that it must have been intentional. In whose interest was this? Was all this merely an accident? My doubts gradually increased.”

Mein Kampf, Ch.2
Years of Studying and Suffering in Vienna

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