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5G Towers are springing up all over Los Angeles and other cities across America.Its a nightmare!

I live in Westwood, Los Angeles.  A few years ago, I had my apartment tested, which is in an old building of 15 units. 
Turns out, I am living in a microwave!

Really the only solution is to move to the country side.  The city is over.

(Disclaimer – I have no expertise on this subject; am simply giving Jennifer, a longtime correspondent, a venue.)

By Jennifer

Since I am extremely health conscious, I have studied extensively various protocols to protect against 5-G and EMF/radiation. To survive, it must become a life style.
Luckily, my old apartment building has lead paint that helps protect against radiation. Thus, try to live in an old building with lead paint and thick wood beams.
Also, there are other non-lead paints that one can use to help reduce  5-G and EMF/radiation. And panels and fabrics that reduce  5-G and EMF/radiation. Google it.

Because I was aware, I was able to block the City of Los Angels from installing a “SMART METER” in my residence’s apartment. 

They rolled that out years ago — most people had no idea.  The power company put a notice tag on people’s meters and 
you had only so many days to object to the upgrade to SMART METER. 

smart-meters.jpgLuckily, I just happened to see the tag. Most people probably never saw it.  And then after the 30 day time period was over, the innocuous tag was removed and the Smart Meter was installed.  I immediately objected and told my landlord it was not safe and warned other tenants. My landlord did not appear to care and said I could object to the City of Los Angeles. I did. I mailed back the Notice checking the box  DO NOT “UPGRADE” to “SMART METER.” 

Only one other tenant objected.  So on the panel, only two meters are the old fashion dial meters. Everyone else has Smart Meters and is being monitored. 

I sleep without the internet plugged in. I use double layer radiation protection sheets below my bed and above. I sleep sandwiched and protected from 5-G and EMF/radiation.

What I and many have noticed is that when you reduce  5-G and EMF/radiation exposure, you will sleep better and DREAM.  
Think about it … we used to have wonder dreams.  What happened to them?  They get stolen by 5-G and EMF/radiation.

I wear nature’s EMF & radiation protection fiber clothing –Do you know what natural fiber protects best against 5-G and EMF/radiation?


Also, every day you must dump excess  5-G and EMF/radiation accumulation — like going to the restroom.

How? By earthing or grounding  See the Earthing Documentary that explains the real science behind it.   
Everyday I go to the park, kick off my shoes and walk and stretch.

Also your diet –there are certain foods that are higher in radiation –like sea shell fish.  And Bugs –they can absorb radiation and have no problem living radiated — Ugh, that’s why THEY want us to eat them. So toxic.

I do so many small things –I don’t trust ear buds or wire ear phones from cell to ear –I feel it just streams the radiation into your brain. 

Instead my cell phone has a radiation silver fabric protection backing in the case that I made. 
I hold the silver part or place that side in my pocket so the toxic radiation is not going into my body .I just set my phone down somewhere or hold my phone as far away from my head as possible and talk on speaker.  

It is important not to stay on the phone too long because THEY have a technology that entrains your brain into hive mentality and lockstep irrational vaccine fanatics.  

I wear silver infused fabric computer gloves when working on the computer to protect against 5-G and EMF/radiation, and I wear blue blocker computer glasses. 

In my home office, I use a silver fabric sheet lap cover for protection while working at my desk –and my desk area has lots of thick wood near that absorbs/blocks 5-G and EMF/radiation.

I fast regularly. I have used various natural herbs etc (like the cilantro pesto detox-Google it) to clear heavy metals from my body. 
I did that years ago including getting rid of my one silver amalgam tooth filling.  Heavy metals in the body negatively interact with 5-G and EMF/radiation. 

These are just a few of the 5-G and EMF/radiation health measures I have taken to protect my body, mind and soul.
Living healthy and vibrant into our 40s, 50, and beyond is work. 

There are so many other things I do too. It is a life style. I could write a book on it.   

But still — it is only a matter of time when we, who are aware must flee to the woods–country side –as prophesied.

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