Klaus Schwab Brags About Controlling Western Governments

World Economic Forum founder and Great Reset architect Klaus Schwab admitted the NGO is able to steer the global agenda because it has successfully penetrated the cabinets of several world governments.

klaus schwab brags about controlling western governments

Speaking to political commentator and Bohemian Grove alum David Gergen in 2017 at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, Schwab described how the WEF’s modus operandi is to penetrate governments by installing its “young global leaders.”

“And I have to say, when I mention our names, like Mrs. Merkel, even Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum,” Schwab told Gergen.

“But what we are very proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, president of elsewhere, Argentina and so on…”

“So we penetrate the cabinets,” Schwab admitted.

“So yesterday, I was at the reception for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” Schwab continued, “and I would know that half of this cabinet or even more than half of this cabinet are our actually young global leaders of the world.”

“…And that’s true in Argentina too,” Gergen added.

“It’s true in Argentina,” Schwab agreed, “and it’s true in France now, I mean Mr. President [Emmanuel Macron] who is a young global leader…”

The footage shows how globalism is essentially a mafia, with “Godfather” Schwab bragging about how global leaders aren’t beholden to their people, but instead to him.

The Globalists’ Solution To Plandemic: A New Treaty That Essentially Creates A World Government (NWO).

Watch the full clip in context, with an introductory speech by Schwab and a subsequent discussion with Gergen:


Sources: InfoWars.com; Banned.video


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