My initial letter to city of Killdeer requesting to speak at December 20th City Council meeting. Their response, and my response.

My response: 12/16/21 1420

Great, thank you, Matt.
Since the entire nation is affected by the coronavirus, it is fitting that citizens in every city, including Killdeer, get up to give their carefully researched opinions of exactly what is going on.
My five minute talk will deal with the origins of this shutdown, the causes of it, and where it is going.

People may disagree with me, and that’s perfectly alright. The point of the First Amendment is that every citizen has the right to publicly address their elected leaders. I’m pretty sure most will agree with what I say anyways, though that’s definitely not the point. Free speech is to guarantee that ideas that elected leaders hate are able to be aired. Stalin and Mao believed in free speech for ideas they liked too.

The rights given to us by God, the Founders, and the Bill of Rights, are not subject to approval from any laws period. They belong to all of us citizens, no matter who tries to deprive us of them.
If I do not have the right to speak at a city council meeting, it is a direct blow to the rights of all 330 million Americans, because if one citizen does not have the right to speak, no citizens have the right to speak.

Millions of American men fought, bled, and died so we Americans would have this right, and it is a disgrace that it is at all contested.

Also, since this plandemic is not going to end until people are informed and respond, I would request, though God gave each of us the right, that until this grave emergency is over, I be allowed to speak at every city council meeting until this travesty is over.

Also, city council meetings and school board meetings are where the people of this nation get up to express their wisdom and knowledge about where this nation should go. We are in huge trouble right now because the voices of the common citizens are being drowned out, and instead, a few men who control the media, tech companies, politicians, celebrities, and schools, are simply controlling information and leading us all to our own planned destruction.
Thank you for your understanding,

Matt, with City of Killdeer’s response, 12/16/2021 1402

Hey Ryan:  Sorry for the delay on the response to this.  Per our City Attorney, we are asking you provide a discussion point as it relates to the city of Killdeer for the Commission appearance.  We do not have public opinion section in our meeting currently and are not required to have one per our City Attorney.  However, the Commission understands if there are pressing items as they relate to Killdeer that citizens want to speak on them and rightfully so, so that why we ask for a City related topic for the Commission appearance.  If you’re able to get me the discussion topic by tomorrow I will get it added on the agenda due to the lateness on my end.  If any questions let me know. 


Matt Oase
Killdeer City Administrator/Auditor
PO Box 270
Killdeer, ND 58640-0270

My letter dated 12/4/2021 2102 in the evening

Hello Matt, 
This is Ryan Messano, and I spoke to you twice about speaking at City Council Meetings.
Here is my website,

My topic at the upcoming meeting will be free speech, and how it relates to current events.
I intend to begin speaking at every meeting from now on, as, since I am a tax paying citizen, the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantees the right of every citizen to speak at every public meeting of the people’s representatives, no matter how desirable or hateful their opinions are deemed to be.
Television, radio, newspapers, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all owned by the same small group of men and they have successfully silenced millions of us telling the truth.  (I’m currently blocked for life on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Breitbart, Daily Wire, Huffington Post, City Journal, FrontPageMag, and many more for the crime of calling out the evil bankers who own the Federal Reserve and control Republicans and Democrats). So, while they daily bombard billions of people with their lies, they simultaneously silence those of us telling the truth.  

The last forum for the truth to be proclaimed are city council meetings and school board meetings.
Further, there are thousands of us on the oil fields who feel this way, and we work 80+ hour weeks, and it’s a severe burden for us to have to write in advance to request to speak at these meetings.
In California, you simply show up at a City Council meeting, fill out a card, and you are allowed 3-5 minutes to speak when it’s your turn. If they can do that in a city of 120,000 (Vallejo), I cannot understand why it cannot be done in a city of under 1,000.
I hope this rule will be immediately changed, so that the opinions of all tax paying members of this city can be given fair consideration. Whether anyone likes or dislikes the opinions is irrelevant, the point of free speech is that all citizens are allowed to publicly give their opinions for the consideration of the public, instead of having opinions shoved down our throats by the tiny group of elites who control the media, schools, and tech companies.
Thank you!

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