1966 Report from Iron Mountain planned the current coronavirus hoax.

In this report, it was said by experts, that war was the best way for a government to maintain control over its citizens, but that if there was a substitute for war, it would have to meet three criteria.

1. Economically wasteful

2. Represent a credible threat of great magnitude

3. Provide a logical excuse for compulsory service to the government

That is exactly what this coronavirus hoax is about.

It has devastated the economy. it certainly poses a threat of great magnitude, and it provides a logical excuse for compulsory service to the government.

Also in the report, the elites detail how they will have a world army. Any of us who openly disagree with the one world Goverment, will be shot or bombed, and the news media will report, it was for the cause of peace to rid the world of dangerous terrorist elements.

It is 79 pages and is included here.


Here is a short overview.


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