Erasing America

Erasing America

Paul Craig Roberts

Evanston, Illinois has cancelled the 4th of July because of Covid but held slavery independence day (Juneteenth) yesterday. This shows the extent to which our country has lost its moorings.

Next Saturday, June 26, Evanston will celebrate Pride Day described as “the deep intersectionality of the LGBTQIA+ community with other marginalized communities.” 

Who is being marginalized? Isn’t it the heterosexual white patriots? 

A country, whose founding is decried and whose Constitution is denounced as a racist document, that celebrates perversity and substitutes George Floyd for George Washington is a country that has lost its soul. How can a country that sees itself as oppressive of every person except white heterosexuals support its oppressive hegemony abroad? 

The blue state Democrats who are the architects of an erased America are the real enemy of our country. 

The statue that replaces George Washington, Thomas Jefferson . . .

Erasing America

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